5 Best Dual Shower Head Reviews: 2-In-1 Shower Heads (2020)

best dual shower head reviews

Here is the deal about the dual shower head: you’re probably already using one even though you only have a single shower head.

This is how most of us use a showerhead:

  • Firstly, leave the showerhead mounted on the wall. Enjoy the big focused water splash on our bodies.
  • Seconds, take the showerhead (it’s effectively a handheld showerhead) and clean all the ‘nooks and crannies’ where the wall-mounted head can’t reach.

How to use 2-in-1 shower heads? The whole purpose of a double shower head is that you can do both at the same time.

The basic setup of a dual shower head in 2018 is that you have:

  • 1st shower nozzle is stationary.
  • 2nd shower nozzle is handheld.
handheld and wall mounted shower head duo
Double-headed shower head means wall-mounted + handheld shower head.

We’ll go through all 5 the best twin shower head reviews and all of them have a stationery + handheld showerhead combo (the #4 pick has a wall-mounted nozzle). The 2-in-1 shower head with a handheld head is pretty much the industry’s standard. You don’t really have a double shower head where both of them would be handheld or both would be wall-mounted.

If, of course, you need just a single shower head, go ahead to the best rainfall shower head reviews.

5 Best Dual Shower Heads (2020 Comparison)

Shower Head:Hydroluxe Full-ChromeAquaStorm by HotelSpaAquaDance 7"DreamSpa 9"HotelSpa ON/OFF
Hydroluxe dual shower headAquaStorm double showerhead AquaDance double shower head DreamSpa dual shower headdouble shower head by HotelSpa
Size: 4" + 4"4" + 4"7" + 4"9" + 5"6" + 4"
Top5er status:Best SellerBest BudgetBest PremiumThe Big OneSimplest Design
Availability: Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

No. 1 Dual Shower Head Pick

1. Hydroluxe Full-Chrome Double Head Review: Classic Best Seller

When it comes to the dual shower heads, the most popular and well-known one is the HydroLuxe full-chrome head.

Why is Hydroluxe an instant bestseller? It’s the only shower head to have more than 6000 reviews on Amazon.

It’s the standard and no-nonsense double showerhead. If you’re looking for a basic model, the Hydroluxe is the epiphany of basic.

It comes with two separate shower heads – one is stationary and the other is handheld. How do the dual shower nozzles work? Easy, you can install them like a regular showerhead – just attach them to the pipe and that’s it.

Both shower heads are 4 inches; this is pretty much the standard size. Where the Hydroluxe double shower excels? Two words – shower settings.

hydroluxe dual shower head review

Each showerhead has 5 different shower settings. The names here are pretty self-explanatory:

  • Wide rain
  • Power massage
  • Stay-warm mist
  • Eco rain
  • Pause mode

The design of both showerheads is the same – that’s why you get the same 5 settings with the stationary head as with the handheld one. It also makes fixing a double shower head a bit easier.

The Hydroluxe handheld showerhead also comes with a 5 feet stainless steel hose. This is more than enough to maneuver even if you have a large shower. On the other hand, however, the stationary head has limited maneuverability.

Pros And Cons Of Hydroluxe Double Shower Head

  • Instant best seller (6000+ reviews)
  • No-nonsense shower head
  • Stationary and handheld heads are the same
  • 5 ft hose for handheld showerhead
  • Great settings
  • Very affordable (app. $25)
  • Standard (no extra design features)
  • Can break easily than others
  • Doesn’t increase water pressure
Positive vs. Negative Review Score

  • 82%

No. 2 Dual Shower Head Pick

2. AquaStorm by HotelSpa Double Shower Head: Budget-Friendly Choice

AquaStorm double head is very comparable to the #1 Hydroluxe. In fact, they both have two 4 inch shower heads; one is stationary while the other is handheld with 5 ft shower hose.

What they also have in common is the price. While it’s very difficult to find a double shower head under $20, the interval between $20 and $30 is actually the sweet spot for the most popular 2-in-1 shower heads.

The AquaStorm paired shower head is under $30 as is the Hydroluxe one but with Hydroluxe you get 5 different settings. With AquaStorm you get an extra setting for the same price:

aquastorm shower settings
AquaStorm has 1 extra shower setting (compared to #1 Hydroluxe).

The Rain/Mist and Rain/Massage shower settings can only be achieved with 2 shower heads. 1st one is ‘Rain’ and the 2nd one is ‘Mist’. Not only does this give you unparallel showering experience, it also provides a way better water coverage than an ordinary shower head.

While other shower heads come in chrome (industry standard), the AquaStorm comes with a silver finish. That’s great for a budget shower head under $30.

With twice the water hitting your body, you can at least theoretically take a shower in half the time. Nonetheless, people do prefer to be in the shower for longer if they enjoy the shower and even if you’re buying on a budget, you can afford the AquaStorm shower head.

How to install the double shower head? It’s as easy as with #1 pick. You won’t need any tools at all and it can be done in minutes. First, you screw on the whole stationary shower head with a holder for the second shower head. Second, you attach the 5ft stainless steel hose that comes along with the shower heads, and you finish with attaching the handheld AquaStorm head to the hose. That’s it!

AquaStowm Head Pros And Cons

  • Best budget pick
  • 6 shower settings with each shower head
  • Very easy to install (3 steps, no tools)
  • Works great with low water pressure
  • Standard size, nothing extravagant
  • Uses budget materials
  • Switching between settings is awkward
Positive vs. Negative Review Score

  • 82%

No. 3 Dual Shower Head Pick

3. AquaDance 7” Double Shower Head Review – Best Premium Head

There are not many showerheads that have the ‘Official American Standard’ title but AquaDance is one of them. What the standard means? Simply that the showerhead was tested over and over again by US showerhead experts and performed as it should. In short, it is a proof that AquaDance dual shower head a solid and reliable head.

The two shower heads are both made out of stainless steel. This does bump it in the next price range but you know what you pay for – stainless steel with a chrome finish gives makes the AquaDance our premium showerhead choice.

Now, about the sizes of both shower heads:

aquadance size of dual shower heads
AquaDance stationary head is big (7”) and the handheld head is small (4”).

With the #1 and #2 best dual shower head review, we had 4” showerheads. The AquaDance is the first head on the list that has a big stationary shower nozzle – full 7 inches.

This just gives you an extra water coverage – imagine being blasted with a 7-inch shower head in the face. Just be careful not to buy the AquaDance shower head (or any other bigger nozzle) if you have a low water pressure. Big shower head and low water pressure don’t really work – you won’t get the pressure you want.

You’ll get a lot of shower settings to choose from: namely, 6 different settings both on the big stationary shower head and 6 on the smaller handheld showerhead.

The price of the AquaDance 2-in-1 shower head is a bit higher than a standard dual head but you shouldn’t pay more than $50 for it.

Pros And Cons of AquaDance twin nozzles

  • Big stationary shower head (7”) provides much more water coverage
  • Easy installation (tool free!)
  • Stainless steel + chrome finish look amazing
  • Not appropriate for low water pressure
  • Premium price range
Positive vs. Negative Review Score

  • 81%

No. 4 Dual Shower Head Pick

4. DreamSpa 9” Wall Mounted Dual Shower Head Review – The Big One

DreamSpa head are one of the kind. In our best double-headed shower head review you’ve seen that most heads are 4” and you have a stationary-handheld combination.

What separates DreamSpa is the wall-mounted showerhead. You’ve read that right – it is not a stationary head that you mount on your shower installation. The big 9” DreamSpa shower head is mounted on the wall, like this:

wall mounted dual shower head
DreamSpa is the only dual shower head with a wall-mounted head in Top5er picks.

Of course, mounting a shower head on the wall will require some tools and it’s not as easy as with other shower heads. But is it worth it?

If you enjoy a rainfall shower head, the DreamSpa is well worth it. It also provides you with a completely different experience; most dual showerhead systems have a stationary shower nozzle that sprinkles the water upward. In the case of DreamSpa, the water just falls down because of the wall-mounted showerhead design.

This will help with the low water pressure as well. It is usually advised that if you have a shower head bigger than 4 inches, you should really have a good water pressure. The combination of poor water pressure and a 9-inch shower head is a no-no, but the DreamSpa nozzle is facing down instead of up. That helps a bit. Not a lot, mind you, if you’re struggling with bad water pressure, this is not the right pick but if you have a standard pressure, the 9” head actually won’t be a problem.

You’ve probably noticed the ‘PUSH BUTTON CONTROL FLOW’ on the DreamSpa photo. This is also something that is unique to the DreamSpa dual handheld showerhead – you can easily just press the button and turn the head on or off. HotelSpa, our #5 pick, has this functionality as well.

Overall, the DreamSpa is the most complex and luxurious dual shower head.

DreamSpa Pros And Cons

  • Most luxurious twin shower head
  • Only one with wall-mounted shower head
  • The biggest (9”) head
  • ON/OFF setting on handheld head
  • You need at least a normal water pressure
  • Installation will require some tools and time
Positive vs. Negative Review Score

  • 74%

No. 5 Dual Shower Head Pick

5. HotelSpa Dual Shower Head Review – No-Nonsense Simple Head

This might be the #5 pick but for someone who likes simplicity, this is the best dual shower head to buy. Why?

Because the HotelSpa duo heads are just so simple. To install and to use, it’s a tool-free installation and you really get what you see with it. Check it out:

simple dual shower head hotelspa
HotelSpa no-nonsense dual shower head with ON/OFF switch.

You get the big 6” stationary head and the ON/OFF 4” handheld head to complete the showerhead duo.

The ON/OFF switch is especially useful if you want to conserve water or if you just need a single shower head. You don’t always have to use both shower heads if you have a 2-in-1 shower head.

Pros And Cons Of Sauder North Avenue Desk

  • Simplest dual shower head
  • Big 6” stationary head
  • ON/OFF switch on handheld nozzle
  • Very affordable
  • Tool-free installation
  • Not out of stainless steel
  • Can break down more easily than others
Positive vs. Negative Review Score

  • 76%

Why Have Two Shower Heads (Big 2 Advantages)

Some people think that ‘dual’ means a ‘2 person shower head’. Not really.

This kind of shower head was designed for a single person use. And what’s so great about it?

Two things:

  1. Incredible water coverage (2x water).
  2. Great if you have low water pressure.

The best-paired showerhead with a handheld head obviously delivers 2x the water. Usually, one shower head is for your face and the other is a handheld for everything else.

Double shower heads are also ideal for low water pressure. If you have a low water pressure in your piping, you know that it’s hard to shower with that amount of water coming out of a single showerhead.

Two shower heads deliver twice the water amount, regardless of low pressure. Important to note here is that the dual shower head doesn’t increase water pressure but it does double the water flow.

The bad thing about the shower head duo is that you use 2 times as much water.

How To Pick The Best 2 In 1 Shower Heads?

We picked the best 5 double shower heads in the list below. Here are some important features we based our picks on:

  • Size – How big is the twin shower head? The standard size of a showerhead is between 4 and 5 inches. With the 2-in-1 shower head, we have two shower heads. Usually, they are the same size but with some dual settings, the mounted head can be bigger (even up to 9”).
  • Number Of Settings – How many settings does a double shower head have? Every showerhead can have a number of settings like ‘Power Rain’, ‘Massage’, ‘Stay-Warm Mist’ and so on. A bigger variety of settings is usually better but, let’s face it, we only use up to 3 settings. Anything above that is great.
  • Low Flow Adapter – Does the dual shower head come with a low flow adapter? A low flow adapter (or aerator) is useful if you want to conserve water. It will simply reduce the water flow if you so wish. Of course, if you have bad water pressure, you might want to remove the aerator to improve the pressure.
  • Price – How much does a double-headed shower head cost? Some of the expensive shower heads can cost more than $100. However, in the best 2-in-1 shower head reviews of 2020, you’ll see that $50 is more than enough to get a great showering experience. Usual prices range from $20 to $40.

Back To You – Which Dual Head Do You Recommend?

If you own or had an experience with a certain model of a double-headed shower head, please do share your experience in the comments.

Try to mention the best and worst aspects of the dual shower head you used.

5 Best Writing Desks Strong Enough To Break Writers Block

Whenever you need to write something, you need at least a few things. A desk and laptop, maybe a comfortable chair (or even a rigid one pushing our mind to penetrate the writer’s block). Here I’m going to focus on a desk for writing. A small writing desk is something that I as a writer need all the time.

A writing desk is a very useful thing. Example? I’m using one right now.

I have a coffee to my left – this is merely strategic (I’m a righthand guy who attacks coffee – it’s harder to attack with your left, hence the arrangement). A laptop mouse is to the right as well as a glass of water. I need to put a mobile somewhere because I check it every 5 minutes or so (modern times…).

Thus my writing desk is completely set. I don’t need much that’s why I use small desks for writing. As far as space, well, my laptop has everything I need and it is small and of finite size. Past are the days where you needed tons of papers, documents, books, articles, and pencils. So it’s only normal I settle for a small writing desk.

Oh, and you’ll need a desk with the correct height. Lifehacker has a great article about how to find ideal desk height. High tables for tall people and so on.

This is as far as desk functionality is concerned. But for writing, and I’m not talking a novel or anything like that; even for an email, we need a bit of inspiration.

We come to function vs. style dilemma with a writing desk. A word of advice – always go for style. Every table can have functionality – it is by definition something you can put stuff on. But style! Inspiration can and should grow style, and inspiration is a writer’s blood-line.

To catch the inspiration, we’re going to review Top 5 writing desks. Small ones and ones with the heart – and for the very modern ones, you have to check them on Pinterest.

Top 5 Best Writing Desk Comparison (Our Picks)

Here is a quick side-by-side look at our editorial picks for the best 5 writing desks under $300.

If you check the table area size, you can see that we picked the small writing desks that don’t exceed 1500 sq. inches of table space. Basically, you can put the table anywhere.

Top 5 Best Small And Stylish Writing Tables

Writing Table:Sauder North Avenue DeskAshley Furniture Signature DesignSauder County Line DeskCrown Mark Fairfax Office TableBuena Vista Writing Desk
Color:BlackBlack, Brown, WhiteSalt OakBrown CherryMadison Ch.
Weight:41 pounds51 pounds71 pounds86 pounds70 pounds
Quality:4.9 out of 5 stars4.7 out of 5 stars4.5 out of 5 stars4.8 out of 5 stars4.1 out of 5 stars
Wood:Charter OakSolid WoodSolid WoodUnspecifiedUnspecified
Sur. Area:770 sq. inches1008 sq. inches1160 sq. inches1100 sq. inches1100 sq. inches
Rating:4.7 out of 5 stars4.6 out of 5 stars4.4 out of 5 stars4.1 out of 5 stars3.8 out of 5 stars
Top5er status:Best Overall,
Best Rated AND Best Budget!
Designer Small Desk'Golden Standard'For GentlemenBest Value
Availability: Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

No. 1 Writing Desk Pick

1. Sauder North Avenue Writing Desk Review – My Personal Pick (Best Overall)

I’m going to be a bit subjective about this small writing table because, well, it’s the one I’m using.

Of course, I love how the Sauder North Avenue writing desk looks. Not only is it sleek and solidly built, but it is also the smallest writing table on our list. And it gives me a boost of creativity, but maybe that’s just me.

I love how spacious it is given its size. It’s basically Hermione’s bag of writing desks. What makes that effect?

The table for writing being very narrow. It’s more than 40 inches long but less than 20 inches wide. For comparison, most laptops are about 12 inches wide. Here is how this smallest writing desk looks like:

Sauder North Avenue is the best overall writing table. Small and sleek with a minimalistic design.

This is also the lightest desk for writing. In no regard does that make the Sauder North Avenue a lightweight. It weighs a bit over 40 pounds. Translation?

Sauder North Avenue desk is easy to move around. It’ll fit in any space and sitting behind it you’ll have a feeling that’s it’s much more spacious than you thought is going to be.

The design is new as well. In fact, as you’ll see in this Sauder North Avenue review of the writing desk, there were no reviews at the beginning of 2020. Why? Well, it’s a completely new desk – and not only the best writing desk of 2020 – but in general.

So, if you have to write on a laptop, and need a simple and sleek design desk, this is a good choice.

Despite being the smallest and lightest (and looks great), the best thing about it is the price. Do you know of any writing desk that would cost under $100 and look like this?

I don’t. That’s why I bought it in mid-2017 and it has served me pretty well. Even the coffee spills go off nicely.

Pros And Cons Of Sauder North Avenue Desk

  • Best-rated and best-overall writing table
  • Smallest (770 sq. inch.) but spacious (for laptop users)
  • Lightest (41 pounds) – easy to move around
  • Best-budget – the only writing desk under $100
  • Minimalistic design is awesome
  • In short, a perfect writing desk for laptop
  • No fancy high-end wood
  • If you need a non-laptop desk, is will be to narrow
  • Not as much shelves for storage as other desks
Positive vs. Negative Review Score

  • 100%

No. 2 Writing Desk Pick

2. Signature Design Writing Desk Review – The Slick Black One

The solid wood structure of Signature Design table amounts to about 50 pounds of weight. If you have a strong guy in the office, he will be glad to move it around for you. Otherwise, this is not a piece of cake table to move around so be sure to find a perfect spot for Ashley Baybrin’s design desk the first time.

It will give plenty of space, though. Almost 1008 sq. inches in total and if you look at Signature Design vs Sauder North Avenue desk, the Signature is wider by more than 5 inches. Here’s a look:

black writing desk by Signature Design
The Signature Design writing desk has a slick designer’s look.

It is almost twice the price of the Sauder North Avenue table. However, if you need a lot of storage space around your desk, the Signature Design desk will do great.

What I love about it is the style and the authority it gives. This is not a lightweight table and the person sitting behind it is not considered a lightweight as well. On the other hand, it is not ‘too big’. You don’t want people to the thing you’re compensating for something with a huge writing desk.

Setting up this desk is quite a task – it’s not about the putting-it-together or bolts – it’s just that it’s heavy. It’s a good idea to have someone – a husband, secretary, coworker – help you bring it to the office because, you know, it’s 50 pounds.

The style of the table is amazing. Just one look at it and you know it’s been designed by someone like Ashley Baybrin. But as always, you’re the ultimate judge when it comes to design.

  • Very stylish (designed by Ashley Baybrin)
  • Lots of storage space
  • Aura of authority (and taste)
  • Easy to set up
  • Comes in one color – brown
  • 1 reviewer talks about awful coating smell
  • Small space for keyboard and mouse (laptop prefered)
Positive vs. Negative Review Score

  • 89%

No. 3 Writing Desk Pick

3. Sauder County Line Writing Desk Review – Best-Value Pick

In short, Sauder Country desk is the best standard writing desk. Our No. 1 pick can be a bit narrow for some, the No. 2 pick can be too heavy.

If you’re looking for a solid and standard writing desk, with some (but not too much storage space), have a look at Sauder Country solid wood desk:

sauder country writing desk
Standard and solid writing table – Sauder Country Line in Salt Oak.

Pretty much everything about this desk is standard:

  • Weighs 70 pounds
  • About 1100 sq. inches of desk space
  • 2 drawers – big and small one
  • The design itself is standard

This is the no-nonsense writing table. Of course, it’s an older model and might not have as modern design as other desks for writing. Luckily, this is reflected in the price – it’s not much over $100.

Oh, and it does come in 2 colors – Rum Walnut and Salt Oak.

While other tables can be installed in 10-20 minutes, the Sauder Country desk is a bit more complex. That doesn’t mean you’ll need more skill than putting together an Ikea cupboard but it does take time. How much time to set up this writing table?

It takes 2 people more than an hour to put it together. 

Well, but you only have to do it once, and after that, you have the best value writing table in your office.

Here are the pros and cons of Sauder Country Line desk:

  • ‘Golden Standard’ of writing tables
  • Decent amount of desk space
  • Light enough to move around
  • Big and small drawer provide plenty of storage space
  • Standard design (if you like standard)
  • Best value (a but over $100)
  • Older model (bit retro though)
  • Lengthy installment (more than 1h)
  • Difficult to put together
Positive vs. Negative Review Score

  • 89%

No. 4 Writing Desk Pick

4. Crown Mark Fairfax Review – Desk For A Gentleman

This is for people who are willing to spend more on writing desk style.

Crown Mark Fairfax table is the crown jewel of the office. The way it looks, people will immediately pinpoint it as the center of the office. So, if you want to impress people entering your office, you are sitting behind this desk:

crown mark table for writing
The first thing people notice when entering an office – The Crown Mark Fairfax table.

The Crown Mark table has an old-school look. If you imagine a table from the 18th or 19th century, this is how it should look like.

Do you really want to put a laptop on this writing table though?

I would recommend the Crown Mark table for people from nobler old-school professions. In essence, this a lawyer’s desk. 

Those two drawers you see on the left and right contain real documents. Not the ‘files’ we have on laptops but real paper ones for serious business.

Modern tech guys would hate this. Don’t expect start-up guys or modern IT companies to have such refined tables. This is for stylish people. The look here is very important.

And yeah, it does look expensive. If you have a look at the Crown Mark table again, how much do you think it costs?

If you said $500, you would be quite right – it does look way more expensive if you compare it with other writing desks. But is it?

Not really. True, it is a more expensive writing desk than the others but it’s not $500.

If you’re looking for some gentlemen’s style, here is the Crown Mark writing table for your office.

  • Desk for gentlemens
  • Expensive look and quality design
  • More affordable than it looks
  • Brown Cherry finish looks marvellous
  • For serious professions (lawyer, CEO, etc.)
  • Old-School is the best school
  • Problems with shipping (some tables damaged)
  • Chair is less comfortable 
  • Sometimes the drawers are wobbly
Positive vs. Negative Review Score

  • 84%

No. 5 Writing Desk Pick

5. Buena Vista Writing Desk Review – Standard And Cheap (If You Know How To Put It Together)

The last one on our Top5er list is the Buena Vista writing desk.

My first impression was – “Hm, Buena Vista, sounds Cuban, this is a table that Ernest Hemingway would like” – but sadly I was wrong.

It is a solid writing table but it has a too standard design. Unlike the Crown Mark desk with its 86 pounds of high-quality wood, the Buena Vista has only 70 pounds (the dimensions are practically the same). That means the quality of the wood is not as high as with Crown Mark.

That’s why it should be cheaper. And, fortunately, it is.

Have a look at the Buena Vista design:

Buena Vista desk has a standard design. Nothing special.

The reviews are mixed as well. The good ones talk about Buena Vista table being a good-value desk. And it is, it costs less than $150. Oh, and it sure is sturdy.

The negative reviews? It’s a pain to put it together. You’ll need some skill with the tools or to call an expert which will cost you quite a bit. The drawers don’t fit as well as they should.

If you’re good with tools and prefer standard tables, this is a good option – because it’s very affordable. In most cases, however, calling an expert to install it is just not reasonable for a table and the bill is going to be about $100.

  • Best Value (if you know how to install it)
  • Sturdy and solid
  • Difficult to install (usually need an expert)
  • Drawers sometimes don’t fit
  • Too standard design
Positive vs. Negative Review Score

  • 59%

Best Writing Desk Reviews – What Are We Looking At?

Usually, at Top5er we have some metric as a common denominator when comparing the Top 5 things we use. For example, when we compared the best leather office chairs we focused on what kind of leather the chair is made out of. Seems pretty to the point, doesn’t it?

With the writing desks, style is the biggest factor here and what is the most stylish desk for writing? Well, everybody has his or her’s own opinion on that. That’s why we decided to find a common metrics and compare best writing desks side to side by:

  • Style – which writing desk is the most stylish? Well, this is all up to you. Personally, I prefer a minimalistic style with clean table surfaces and not many selves for storing documents, inspirational books and so on. This is the most important factor when buying a writing desk and it’s all up to you!
  • Weight – how much does the desk weight? The heavier writing desks are usually made out of better-quality wood. Simply because high-quality wood is heavier. Of course, we aware (and we’ll point out in individual writing desk reviews) that the size of the table also matters as well as some heavy metal parts.
  • Table Surface Area – how much space does the writing-table offer? In the past, we had everything on the desk and having a big desk was useful. Today I’m using a small (yet very stylish) desk because I only need a laptop, a computer mouse and somewhere to place my coffee.
  • Color – what color is the writing desk? Everybody has their own preference about the color their writing desk as well but if you already know how your office (or the room you want to put the writing-table in) looks like, you can match it to that style. In the writing-table reviews, you’ll also see that many desk models come in different colors or with different finishes. Here is a neat guide for wood colors.
  • Price – how much does the writing desk cost? It’s hard to get a table under $100 (but we found it, and I actually like it the best!). Almost all tables are under $300 or so.

More About Desks For Writing

  1. Apartment Therapy – they did a great Top 10 desk review that has twice as many desks as the Top5er list. And the pictures and style of the chairs are at least twice as awesome, check them out!
  2. If you’re looking for the very modern desks (especially for home office), be sure to scroll through the Top 25 list at man of many (it’s a great site for style in general).
  3. Also if you’re a bit confused (I know some desk jargon can be tricky), you should check out the difference between computer and writing desks. Both can be used for writing and to put on a computer, hence the difficult distinction. ComputerDeskz has a great article about that.

What’s Your Best Writing Desk?

Don’t agree with our picks? That’s great. Suggest your pick in the comments and explain in a few words why do you think the writing desk your proposed is the best.

5 Best Waffle Makers Your Family Will Absolutely Love

waffle makers

What kind of waffle maker should you use to impress even a world-class food critic like Anthony Bourdain?

Waffles are pretty much the most delicious thing in the world. Here’s a recipe for a perfect Belgian waffle (cause, of course, we’re making thick and fluffy Belgian waffles, they are the best):

  • Right waffle batter
  • Best waffle maker
  • … lot’s of love!
  • (and the No. 1 and No. 2 secret only the best waffle machines have – we’ll reveal that in buyer’s guide)

When it comes down to making waffles, we find plenty of love (who doesn’t love waffles?) and the batter is a no-brainer. Just go ahead to our beloved Martha Steward for an easy waffle batter recipe.

The tricky part is how to pick the best waffle maker. If you are into yummy and fluffy waffles, you should be getting some flip-waffle action and browning with your waffle machine.


Well, making a consistent and well-browned Belgian waffle mostly depends on what kind of waffle iron you’re using.

A waffle is like a pancake with a syrup trap. (Mitch Hedberg)

If you pick a wrong waffle machine, your waffles might be unevenly baked and the last thing you want to offer your kids is a raw waffle batter on one side and a churned piece of waffle on the other.

bad-vs-good-waffle maker
Bad vs Great Waffle. Let’s learn how to make the one on the right, shall we?

What makes the best waffle maker is the ability to make consistently fluffy and delicious. That does require a waffle iron having a browning program, a flip-waffle mode and so on – there is one waffle iron which has both the browning and flip mode, and it’s not a wonder that is the best overall rated waffle maker.

Of course, in the end, the best waffle iron should not be difficult to clean and shouldn’t cost as much as a new Ferrari. On top of that, when cleaning a waffle maker it should just fall apart – look for high-quality materials like stainless steel waffle machines.

We’re going to make the Top 5 Belgian waffle iron review but first, let’s have a look at features that actually make the best waffle machines the best.

Best Waffle Maker Reviews – Top 5 List

As it a standard at Top5er, we use the buyer’s guide outlines and pick the best 5 waffle makers. Here’s the list:

Waffle maker:Cuisinart WAF-F20 Double Belgian Waffle MakerPresto 03510 FlipSide Belgian Waffle MakerHamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle MakerOster CKSTWF2000 Belgian Waffle MakerHamilton Beach 4-Piece Belgian Waffle Maker
Waffle Size:7-inch7-inch6.5-inch7.5-inch4'' x 5''
Browning: Yes  No  Yes  No  No 
Flip: Yes  Yes  Yes  No  No 
Power:1400 W1100 WN/AN/AN/A
Easy To Clean:★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
Avg. Rating:★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
Top5er status:Best-Overall (By Far!)For Fluffiest Waffles Easiest To CleanBest BudgetThe Big One
Availability: Check Price
Check Price
Check Price
Check Price
Check Price

Let’s look at each one individually, shall we?

#1 Cuisinart WAF-F20 Double Belgian Waffle Maker Review – Best Waffle Maker Overall (By Far!)

Now, usually, when we make the Top 5 reviews (like for example for best crepe pans) you have one that is best-selling and another that is great for experts, one that is the best quality and so on.

With Cuisinart WAF-F20 double waffle maker we have all of those great titles rolled into one (plus it’s a Cuisinart machine, they have a great reputation with the kitchen appliances).

Even before we look at the browning control, flip-mode, easiness to clean and sheer power we know that Cuisinart WAF-F20 double waffle maker is by far the best waffle iron out there.
Cuisinart WAF-F20 is the best-overall waffle maker. By far! (think browning, flipping, double waffles, easy clean and 1400W of power for quick waffles)

No. 1 Secret – Browning Control (And Not Just The 1)

Let’s start with the No. 1 secret to great waffles – browning control. Do you remember how that sugary light crust tastes like? Everybody would be lucky if their waffle irons would have a browning option. That is 1 browning option.

Cuisinart WAF-F20 double waffle maker has 6 browning options.

It goes from a really light crust to a crispy sugary crust. It’s as easy as turning a browning control button with Cuisinart WAF-F20 model.

No. 2 Secret – Flip-Mode (Double Flip Mode, To Be Exact)

The flip-mode is all about making waffles fluffy. Baked from both sides will make the air bubbles in the waffles grown, turning them extra fluffy.

I don’t know about you, but when I want waffles I want them fluffy as a cloud!

Flip-mode is an advanced option that will make even a bad waffle batter taste amazing. Couple that with browning, and you already have everything you needed.

But there’s more…

How To Make 2 Waffles At One Really Fast With Cuisinart WAF-F20?

Well, easy.

Cuisinart WAF-F20 double waffle maker doesn’t have ‘double’ in the name for no reason. It has 2 set of stainless steel plates that makes two 1-inch thick and fluffy waffles at the same time.

It also makes them really fast thanks to 1400W of power. The next best waffle maker has 1100W and majority of waffle irons are powered by less than 1000W. The better then engine, the quicker it’ll go – it’s the same when it comes to making waffles. 

High-quality stainless still waffle maker plates also ensures that Cuisinart WAF-F20 is easy to clean. To top that, you have those plates coated with a non-stick coating. The batter, if there is any left at all, just slides off.

Perfectly golden brown waffles every time. Sounds yummy.

Ok, so what are the shortcoming? Honestly, it’s really hard to find any with the best waffle maker but some reviewers did talk about being harder to clean and some can come with a glitch and stop working (of course you get that refunded).

Another thing is the price of Cuisinart WAF-F20 double waffle. As you know, the better the waffle maker, the higher the price – and this is, of course, true here as well. You’ll get a standard waffle maker for less than $100 easily ($30 for example). However, with the quality and great waffles that Cuisinart deliver, they are not shy about the price. This is a waffle maker under $100 but not by much.

  • Best waffle maker overall (by far)
  • Has browning control (in fact, 6! programs)
  • Does flip waffles (for fluffiest waffles)
  • Makes 2 waffles at the same time
  • Makes waffles fast because of 1400W of power
  • Made out of high-quality stainless steel
  • Has a non-stick coating for easy cleaning
  • In short, a perfect waffle maker
  • High-end price (for a great value though)
  • Can be harder to clean than other waffle makers
  • Some were sent out with a glitch
Positive vs. Negative Review Score

  • 91%

Check Price Here

#2 Presto 03510 FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker – For The Fluffiest Waffles

Presto 03510 FlipSide did a really neat thing and put their best quality in the name. Yes, it is flipside.

As we’ve learned thus far, if you want to capture those air bubbles inside a waffle and make it the fluffiest in the world, you need to flip the waffle. And you bet Presto 03510 FlipSide Belgian waffle maker can make that very well (otherwise they wouldn’t put it in the name).

One special thing about the Presto waffle maker is that is has a ceramic finish on top of stainless steel plates. This gives it an edge when it comes to cleaning the waffle maker but if the cleaning your main concern, wait for the #3 on our list.

Here is how the Presto 03510 FlipSide Belgian waffle maker looks like:

Presto 03510 FlipSide makes the fluffiest waffles. Comes with a timer and ceramic non-stick finish for easy cleaning.

The timer is useful. It takes about 4-5 minutes to heat up a waffle maker and from there on about 2-3 minutes for every waffle to be made. With a timer, you don’t have to stand by the waffle maker all the time or look if it’s finished or not. Just time how much time it takes to make waffles once and after that set that on a timer. Easy peasy!

Presto 03510 FlipSide waffle iron is powered by 1100W which is less than the Cuisinart model. That being said, we should acknowledge that Cuisinart waffle maker is a class for itself and that no waffle machine will come close. 1100W is, however, higher power than a standard sub-1000W waffle maker power.

In short, it Presto waffle maker waffles pretty quickly (but not as quickly as Cuisinart model).


You can see from Phillip’s review that he can add less batter for lighter waffles. This is exactly how flipside works – when you flip the waffle, air bubbles inside are enlarged. This means you’ll need less waffle batter and the fluffiest waffles.

On the other hand, some reviewers complained about the heat being unadjustable. This is, unfortunately, a property that all best waffle makers share. On top of that, most importantly, there is no browning control – this is why Presto waffle maker is priced below $50.

Some Presto waffle makers also stopped working or the battery in the timer went out and needed to be replaced. Yeah, that will happen if you use waffle maker timer for a long time – it’s the same with any battery – just the nature of batteries, really.

Most of the guys use used it are happy with the non-stickiness but some reviews of Presto 03510 FlipSide waffle maker point out that the ceramic non-stick finish doesn’t do the business as it should.

  • Makes fluffiest (or lightest) wafflest because…
  • …flipping the waffle works great
  • Timer is useful
  • Quick waffles with 1100W maker
  • Has a non-stick coating for easy cleaning
  • Great value 
  • Best waffle maker under $50
  • Some Presto makers stopped working
  • Easy clean but not super-easy 
  • Can only make 1 waffle
  • Doesn’t have browning control
Positive vs. Negative Review Score

  • 89%

Check Price Here

#3 Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker Review – Easy Clean Waffle Maker

In fact, the dishwasher safe grids and drip tray are the least of the phenomenal things the Hamilton Beach 26030 flip waffle maker offer. Yes, the removable plates are great addition, especially when it comes to cleaning.

Hamilton Beach 26030 has browning control. Admittedly, only 1 program, but it is the only other waffle maker in the top 5 list that offers browning. Cuisinart has 6 programs for browning, but hey, we all know that is the single greatest waffle maker on the market (with a high-end price, of course).

It flips! Just look at how easy it is to flip a waffle in the 26030 model:

Hamilton Beach 26030 isn’t only the easiest to clean (dishwasher ready). It flips and it browns!

That handle right there is also quite interesting. It’s a cool-touch handle (obviously it shouldn’t be hot) and it also folds back when you’re finished with waffle maker. Why? Simply to save space and can fit in pretty much any kitchen cabinet. Without a fold-back handle, it is actually quite big.

The Hamilton Beach waffle maker is the only one besides the Cuisinart model that has both browning control and flip-waffle action.

Oh yeah, Hamilton Beach 26030 waffle maker is one bulky waffle iron. It is heavy and bigger than the others. This translates in it being durable but the designers had to solve some problem of it being bigger – the fold-back handle is an example of that.

If we look at Cuisinart vs Presto vs Hamilton Beach waffle makers, the Hamilton is a bit slow. This comes largely from its size – it harder to heat up a big waffle machine. This means you’ll have to wait for 2-3 minutes longer for your waffles.

  • Easiest waffle maker to clean (dishwasher ready)
  • Browning control (only waffle maker under $50 with that)
  • Does flip waffles easily
  • Cool-touch and fold-back handle is great
  • Is bulky and durable
  • Perfect for people who hate cleaning (and love great waffles)
  • Needs more space than other waffle machines
  • Takes longer to heat up
  • Can only make 1 waffle at a time
Positive vs. Negative Review Score

  • 85%

Check Price Here

#4 Oster CKSTWF2000 Belgian Waffle Maker Review – Best Budget Waffle Maker

Do you know about those cheap kitchen appliances you buy for a few bucks just to try it out? Like that cheap toaster you bought once. Well, Oster CKSTWF2000 Belgian waffle maker is kind of like that for waffles.

First of all, it costs less than $20 and is the best-selling waffle maker. Despite being the low-price option, most of the folks that bought the maker for waffles are actually satisfied with it.

This just in for low-price kitchen applianced: they make satisfactory dishes, sometimes. Oster CKSTWF2000 Belgian waffle maker is one of those ‘sometimes’ but, mostly because of its low price, it shouldn’t be underestimated:

cheap waffle maker
Oster waffle maker price (under $20) is the reason it is actually the best-selling waffle maker.

Of course, it doesn’t have any browning control or flipside option. The best Oster waffle maker can offer is adjustable heat control – if you master it, you can make decent fluffy or crispy waffles. It’s not as easy as with an in-built browning control program.

There is a green-red light that tells you when waffles are finished. Honestly, it works so-so. You have to check for yourself if they’re really finished.

There have been some complaints, however.

The power cord of the Oster waffle maker is a bit short. Well, low-budget means shorter cord.

On the other hand, it seems that the waffle maker does a well-enough job in the center of the waffle but edges are a problem. They can remain a bit raw, according to few reviews.

Is the Oster waffle maker easy to clean? Not really. You can’t put it in a dishwasher and the batter does stick quite a bit. If you’re looking to make waffles regularly, this is definitely something you should consider before buying.

In short, it not the best but hey it’s only 20 bucks.

  • Best-budget waffle maker
  • Very simple to use (just press the button)
  • Adjustable heat control is at least decent
  • Is smallest of them all (portable even)
  • Green-red light is a good idea but bad execution
  • Best for college students
  • Short cord is, well, short
  • Makes decent waffles at best
  • No browning or flipping or any of that
  • Not durable
  • Uneven waffles
Positive vs. Negative Review Score

  • 82%

Check Price Here

#5 Hamilton Beach 26020 4-Piece Belgian Waffle Maker Review – The Big Waffle Maker For Whole Family

If you and your family you just can’t get enough waffles, the 4-piece Belgian waffle maker by Hamilton Beach might just be the thing you need.

I would advise people who already have some experiences with waffle machines to look at the 4-piece maker. This is definitely not for a beginner at making waffles. Why?

Well, you can make square waffles here. First, do the easy round ones with one of the conventional ones, and if you and the love waffles, decide for this 26020 4-piece model:

hamilton beach waffle maker
4-piece waffle iron for 4 pieces of thick fluffy iron. Best for families.

Each waffle is 4×5 inches big. That’s quite a mouthful. You can even exchange maple syrup or Nutella with honey. It’s an easy switch and a healthier choice for the kids.

The point of 4-piece Hamilton Beach waffle maker is that everybody gets a piece. Don’t wait for a second batch (but I’m sure you will, very eagerly). It’s a bit easier with some waffle already in your stomach. 

It’s actually quite easy to handle – square waffles are easier than round ones. It does heat up a bit slower than the quickest waffle irons but when it does, it is a waffle powerhouse.

Yeah, you can freeze waffles as well. With the 4-piece waffle machine, you’ll be able to make tons of them in record time and if the kids don’t eat them all, you can just throw them in the fridge.

Some reviewers, on the other hand, pointed out that it can break down in as little as 6 months. It also doesn’t have browning control or flip-waffle action.

But all in all, if your family likes some square waffles, this is the best tool for you.

  • ‘The Big One’
  • Makes 4 waffles at the same time
  • Compact structure is great
  • ‘A waffle powerhouse’
  • You can freeze extra waffles 
  • Best for families
  • Can break down in 6 months 
  • Not that easy to clean
  • No browning or flipping or any of that
  • Makes square waffles 
Positive vs. Negative Review Score

  • 77%

Check Price Here

Buyer’s Guide To Waffle Makers (Top Features The Review Is Based On)

Quite recently the famous chef and food critic Anthony Bourdain visited the Waffle House. Now, if you know anything about chef Bourdain, it is that his standard even for waffles is high. Really high.

What did he say about those waffles he tasted? “Indeed marvelous.”

Waffles chefs would kill for such a review but if you ask Bourdain, he’ll probably say that ‘hey, a regular Joe with the best waffle iron can make the best waffles, it’s as simple as that’.

Here are the top waffle maker features we’ll be looking into:

  • Waffle Maker Size – what size of waffles does a waffle iron make? In short, 7 inches. This is the standard Belgian waffle size. The waffle thickness is about 1 inch (that’s because they’re Belgian). The Cuisinart waffle maker (best overall waffle iron, look for #1) is especially great at making those big fluffy waffles. You see the 6-inch to 8-inch sizes but this is pretty much it. However, if you’re looking to make really small (and funny shaped) waffles for the kids, you should check out a mini waffle maker – here is one by, you’ll never guess, Disney for Mickey Mouse waffles.
  • Waffle Browning – does a waffle maker have an option for browning? If it has, you’ll always be using that, I assure you. Browning adds the nice sugary crust at the end at the top and the bottom of a waffle. There are few secrets of how to make great waffles and having a waffle iron with waffle browning is probably the No. 1 secret.
  • How Many Waffles Can You Prepare In One Setting? If you enjoy lengthy breakfast, this is not an issue. You can just make one after another. However, if you want to save some time (or are just a fast waffle eater) you might want to make more than one waffle per set. With the best waffle machine you can make 2 waffles at the same time and if that is not enough, check out the big waffle maker (takes the #5 spot in this waffle iron review).
  • Flip-Mode – does waffle maker flip waffles? This is the No. 2 secret to a great waffle. Standard waffle makers don’t turn the waffle. The best waffle makers do offer that option, which makes waffles much more fluffy. How? It’s a gravity thing, actually. Gravity pulls the batter down to the lower waffle iron but if you flip the waffle, the gravity pulls the batter back to the previously upper waffle iron. This expands the air bubbles inside the waffle maker creating the fluffiest possible effect.
  • How Easy Is It To Clean A Waffle Maker? If you’re planning to make waffles every other day, you should worry a bit about how to clean a waffle maker. If you have a plastic waffle maker with lots of sticky surfaces, you’re in for a lot of cleaning. On the other hand, stainless steel waffles machines are the easiest to clean – the leftover waffle batter comes right of. The #3 pick in our waffle maker review even has a removable dishwasher ready grid and tray (that’s pretty much the easiest waffle maker to clean).
  • Quality And Price Of A Waffle Maker. Well, nothing new here, with a higher price of a waffle maker you get better quality. Just avoid plastic parts because they’re difficult to clean in favor of stainless steel. Here we’re talking a price range of $20-$100. If you just want to try a waffle maker out, go for low-budget version but if you like waffles, do yourself a favor and get the high-end one for best waffles you’ve ever tasted.

Back To Waffle Enthusiasts

Do you love waffles?

Tell us. Tell us how you like them, how you make them. We need both recipes and waffle machines you’re using.

And if you have any secret waffle recipe to share, that would be perfect.

Happy waffling!

5 Best Crepe Pan Reviews: Of Course Le Creuset Takes #1 Place


Is there anything better than waking up to the smell of fresh crepes and coffee from the kitchen? We provided you with the best cappuccino maker reviews, now it’s time we try to fry something with the best crepe pan comparison.

The best plate of breakfast pancakes with maple syrup simply needs the best crepe pan. I’m talking cast-iron here, the non-stick Teflon and even that French Le Creuset pan which makes making crepes a pure delight.

One thing to remember here is that making a great pancake is not the first step to making the best breakfast – it’s the most vital one.

Everybody can put some strawberries or blueberries on a crepe or smudge it with Nutella and cream (by the way, here are some ideas what to fill crepes with) but the crepe itself is the essential – the soft yummy delight if you will – is the basis.

If you can master how to make a good crepe, you can make someone smile even at 6 AM in the morning.

A master chef can make great crepes pretty much with any pan. I even once saw a chef made one of the best pancakes I ever tasted in a wokOf course, every chef’s dream is the Le Creuset crepe pan.

To become a master chef will take years of error-and-failure pancake making and nobody has time for that. But this is certain:

You don’t need to be a master crepe chef to make a great crepe. You just need the right equipment.

We’ll go into what the ‘right equipment’ for making pancakes means – albeit you’ve probably figured it out – its the crepe batter and the crepe pan.

We’ll cover the top crepe pans but if you need some solid pancake batter recipes, you can go right ahead and read how Martha Stewart does it.

By the way, she uses butter and non-stick crepe skillet to make those yummy things.

Top 5 Best Crepe Pan Reviews – What Do We Want? Non-Stick And Cast Iron!

Crepe Pan:Le Creuset Cast-Iron PanCuisinart 623-24 Crepe PanLodge L9OG3 Cast-Iron GriddleFutura Non-Stick GriddleMNK Crepe Pan
Size:10 and 2/3 inches10 inches10 inches11 inches10 inches
Material:Enameled Cast IronAnodized AluminumCast IronHard Anodized AluminumHard-Anodized Aluminum
Quality:4.9 out of 5 stars4.5 out of 5 stars4.2 out of 5 stars4 out of 5 stars3.7 out of 5 stars
Feature:Specialists Crepe PanHard-Anodized and Non-StickFor Crepes AND Pretty Much EverythingNon-Stick and Ultra-ThinCrepes, Omlettes, Tacos, etc.
Avg. Rating:4.8 out of 5 stars4.4 out of 5 stars4.2 out of 5 stars3.9 out of 5 stars3.9 out of 5 stars
Top5er status:For Crêpe ExpertsBest SellerBest Budget Makes Fastest PancakesBest For Whole Family
Availability: Check Price
Check Price
Check Price
Check Price
Check Price

Here are the individual best crepe pan reviews. We start with the pancakes pans that have the highest score on Amazon reviews – that kind of means that people bought and used the crepe pan are most happy with it.

No. 1 Crepe Pan Pick

1. Le Creuset Crepe Pan Review – French Pan For Crepe Experts

Le Creuset fantastique crepe pan is so French it comes in a cherry red color. Italians make the best coffee and the French make the best crepes, and for a very good reason:

They both cook with heart and, even more importantly, they have the best equipment on the planet.

When it comes to crepes, Le Creuset is the to-go pan if you want to really make those tasty crepes. It is hands down the best crepe pan in the world.

I’m not even kidding with this review of Le Creuset. Just look at it – this is no ordinary pancake pan:

Le Creuset crepe pan is used by the French crepe experts.

Where to start? It’s pretty much every chef’s dream to get one of these cast-iron Le Creuset pans in his kitchen. This is not really something you use to make your kid’s breakfast pancakes, to say the least.

The secret behind the fantastic pancakes made with Le Creuset pan is the enameled iron-cast surface. That’s iron-cast pan, with an added enameled surface. You can be pretty sure that nothing will stick to it.

If you think the French will let you stick this crepe pan in a dishwasher, you have another thing coming. Best way to clean this crepe pan is with soap and water – by hand. It is a delicate piece of kitchen art and should be treated as such.

It does make art-worthy pancakes if you know how to use it. Newsflash: you’ll need to master the wooden spreader that comes along with Le Creuset crepe pan.

This is not just another pan in your kitchen. It has tradition.

Now, you’ll rarely see a piece of kitchen dishware that people would ‘collect’.

Le Creuset is, hands-down, the finest crepe pan there is. Of course, it does cost a considerable amount more than ordinary crepe pans.

But you’re not buying an ordinary crepe pan if you go for Le Creuset. You’re buying an extraordinary experience and, possibly, a life-long or 4-or-more generation long passion for making crepes.

  • Finest crepe pan money can buy
  • ‘So French’ – in crepe-world, this is great
  • Cast-Iron + Enameled layer is the whole secret here
  • Ergonomic handle in ‘Cherry Red’ or ‘Marseille’ color (told you: tres french)
  • Includes wooden spreader
  • Perfect for expert crepe masters with passion
  • Not for standard workday breakfasts
  • Very expensive
  • Has to be clean by hand (soap and water)
  • Almost needs worship if you’re French
  • Thin but heavy (cast-iron story)
Positive vs. Negative Review Score

  • 87%

No. 2 Crepe Pan Pick

2. Cuisinart 623-24 Crepe Pan Review – Best Selling Crepe Pan This Moment

Most of us are not that demanding when it comes to making pancakes. Cuisinart classic pan is a solid and standard crepe pan that we can all use and make great pancakes with.

It’s not for a ‘best crepe in the world’ competition kind of frying pan. It’s more for people use just need to make quick and tasty pancakes for their family in the morning. How do we want them?

  • Simple to make.
  • Fluffy as angel hair.
  • Homemade with lots of love.

This is everything the Cuisinart standard crepe pan has to do, and it does it very well. No wonder it is by far the best selling pancake-making pan – who doesn’t want simple, fluffy and easy to make crepes for their breakfast?

The best-selling Cuisinart 623-24 standard crepe pan. A ‘must’ for every kitchen.

With this pancake pan, you get some very great perks as well. One of the most important things when using a crepe pan is that the crepes we’re making don’t stick. You don’t want to peel the pancake off the pan, it has to slide out of it when it’s just right.

Crepe pan makers coat the aluminum pans with a hard-anodized layer. This does a very good job making them not stick to the surface or the pan’s walls.

Mind you, it’s not as good and reliable as iron-cast crepe pans, but if you read through some of Cuisinart 623-24 crepe pan reviews you notice that people have rarely problems with pancakes sticking to the anodized surface layer.

In fact, most of Cuisinart crepe pan reviews are very upbeat and positive. It’s obvious that the majority of reviewers made some great pancakes before writing a review.

This one is interesting. Now, I use Cuisinart for crepes quite frequently and never had such a bad experience. I would think that the problem here is either too much milk in the pancake batter or too little butter on the surface.

In either case, however, we at Top5er find it important to point out the negative reviews of something like a crepe pan as well. We need to look at the good and the bad before really knowing which crepe pan is the best, right?

Let’s look at the pros and cons of the Cuisinart pancake griddle:

  • ‘Golden Standard’ crepe pan
  • Best-selling pan for crepes
  • Non-stick surface is pretty great
  • You can put it in 500F over
  • Great value for price (below $30)
  • Perfect for simple breakfast crepes
  • Nothing extraordinary about Cuisianart crepe pan
  • Not induction ready
  • Some people found problem with ‘non-stick’ surface
  • Can be easily scratched with metal (only use plastic or wood)
Positive vs. Negative Review Score

  • 90%

No. 3 Crepe Pan Pick

3. Lodge L9OG3 Crepe Griddle Review – Best Budget Pan For Pancakes (And Everything Else)

The majority of crepe pans are specially made to fry some crepes. However, Lodge L9OG3 goes in another direction entirely.

Made out of tough cast-iron, it was designed to be one of the most versatile (and cheap) pans out there. Yes, you can make tortillas and omelets, even grill some vegetables and beans with it. As a great extra – Lodge L9OG3 can also be used to make great pancakes.

Because you can use Lodge L9OG3 to fry such a variety of dishes, you don’t really need all those specialized pans. This saves you both kitchen space and, above all, money.

Lodge’s crepe griddle is the best-budget pan. You can use it not only for crepes – think omelets, tortillas and some fried veggies as well.

It comes with a lifetime warranty (no wonder since its cast-iron – you should never have problems with that).

The Lodge L9OG3 crepe pan can be cleaned in a dishwasher. This is quite neat since the cleaning of crepe pans can be challenging – Teflon coating, for example, must never be scraped with metal objects.

I don’t know about you but I think that a bossy Italian wife would have something very harsh to say in her review of Lodge crepe pan if anything were out of the ordinary.

Nonetheless, we have some negative reviews as well, but overall the positive vs. negative reviews on Amazon is 88%. So, in short, almost 9 people out of 10 who used Lodge crepe pan to actually make crepes were very satisfied with it.

  • Most Versatile Crepe Pan (Omelettes, Tortillas, Veggies)
  • Best-budget pan (probably best $12 you ever spend)
  • Cast-Iron is non-stick and tough
  • Lifetime warrantly
  • Dishwasher ready
  • Perfect for reasonable budgets
  • Handly is iron-cast as well (can heat up after 20th crepe)
  • It can rust over time (this is a problem)
  • Some non-even heating
  • It is heavier than aluminum (cause, you know, cast iron is heavy)
  • Some of Lodge’s pans were delivered cracked
Positive vs. Negative Review Score

  • 88%

No. 4 Crepe Pan Pick

4. Futura Q28 Crepe Tawa – Makes Fastest Pancakes (And Looks Cool)

If you like good crepes and want to look cool while doing it, Future Q28 crepe tava is the right choice.

It’s lightning-fast in making pancakes because it is so very cool.

Mind you, this is not a pan, it’s tawa (is this spelled with a ‘v’ or ‘w’?). Is there some difference between crepe pan and tawa? Sure there is but a very small one. However, people who like to use Futura Q28 are very into ‘tawa’ – because it sounds, um, well, hipster I guess.

Futura Q28 makes pancakes in record time. Why? Look how thin it is.

One thing about Futura Q28 is actually phenomenal – just look how very thin it is.

4.88mm thickness. That’s 1/6 of an inch. So cool, right?

Well, to be honest, Futura Q28 crepe pan is very cool. Like, cold, you know? Because it’s so very thin it dissipates heat very efficiently and will become hot and cool down in record time.

It’s actually quite impressive to see – iron-cast crepe pan will need minutes to heat up mainly because you’re heating up, well, a pound of iron.

Futura Q28 will heat up in under 1 minute. 

Because it’s so thin, it requires a considerably smaller amount of energy to heat up to pancake-making temperature. 

A downside is that, well, there are no edges to it – literally.

You’ll need some skills handling this crepe pan but if you can manage it, you’ll have pancakes made in under 5 minutes.

  • Heats up in under 1 minute (thinnest crepe pan)
  • Breakfast ready in 5 minutes
  • Looks (somewhat) cool
  • Absorbs and dissipates heat with lightning speed
  • Stay-cool handle
  • Perfect for people who want to be out of the door quickly
  • No edges – some skill needed to make a pancake with this
  • More expensive that ordinary crepe pans 
  • Too non-stick (a crepe may slip off – no edges, remember?)
  • Thin but heavy (cast-iron story)
Positive vs. Negative Review Score

  • 80%

No. 5 Crepe Pan Pick

5. MNK Crepe Pan Review – Best Crepe Pan For The Whole Family

This one is as simple as a piece of crepe.

MNK (just short for Maxi Nature Kitchenware) crepe pan is a homely pan that makes decent pancakes as well as everything else you can think about.

It is a large crepe pan that kids will lovebecause the bigger the pancakes, the better, right? You can fill it all with veggies as well from time to time to make a healthy and hearty meal.

Large MNK crepe pan for the whole family. Hint: switch maple syrup for honey – a healthier choice for the kids.

All in all, if you need a reliable and not out of the extraordinary crepe pan, this is a good choice. Your kids will love crepes and you’ll love how easy it is to clean it – and how cheap it is.

  • Standard and reliable crepe pan
  • Very easy to clean (dishwasher-friendly)
  • Try with honey instead of maple syrup and veggies for healther meals
  • Nice price for value crepe pan
  • Perfect for the whole family
  • Not really special crepe pan
  • Non-stick surface is somewhat sticky
  • Bad heat dissipation
  • Difficult to make thinner pancakes
Positive vs. Negative Review Score

  • 75%

How To Choose The Best Crepe Pan?

When picking the best crepe pan, we have to look out for several factors – this should work as the best crepe pan’s buyer’s guide. In this best crepe pan reviews, we focus on the following factors:

  • Material (determines quality) – out of which material is a crepe pan made out of? This is the main thing that separates crepe pans – lower quality ones are made out of aluminum (very light material). Aluminum is usually anodized which in simple terms just means that it a non-stick design. The higher quality crepe pans are made out of cast iron – they are heavy and hard, and when you pick it up, you can feel the quality. Cast iron is notoriously non-stick (no need to anodize it or anything).
  • Size – what is the size of the best crepe pan? 10 inches. Yeah, this one is pretty much simple. Standard pancakes are made with 10-inch crepe pans. If you want some sort of micro-pancakes or giant ones, you’ll need another set of tools. Giant ones – which can have more than 2000 kcal (look at the size of this crepe!) – are usually made with rice cookers. Don’t worry, all five best crepe pans in our review are 10-inches or very close to that.
  • Price – how much does a crepe pan cost? The best ones can cost anything between $14 and $140. The high-end crepe pans are the ones used by master crepe chefs.
  • For crepes only – can you make an omelet or tortillas in a crepe pan? With every crepe pan, you can make crepes, that makes sense, right? But with some, you can also make other things that are great for breakfast like omelets. That’s great if you want to keep the cost of pans down or if you don’t have anywhere to put them (better use 2-in-1 crepe pan for crepes AND omelets).

Back To You Guys – Which Is The Best Crepe Pan For You?

You’re welcome to share some experiences with your favorite crepe pans.

If you have an interesting story about that one time that you ate so many crepes you almost ‘creped’ all over yourself, share it in the comments as well.


5 Cheap Gaming Chairs Under $100 (Or Even Much Less)


When buying a sick gaming rig, the last thing on my mind is a gaming chair. I mean, who cares about what you sit on when playing Call of Duty? That’s why I always choose a dirt cheap gaming chair (saving for my next RAM upgrade)!

I’ve been called a n00b for as long as I can remember and there are things about my mom that 12-year old players told that I didn’t even know. Is my father even my father? Slim chance of that, according to those guys.

But thus far no one insulted my cheap gaming chair for less than $100. It seems like people don’t actually care even if you have the best gaming chair in the world.

I could be sitting on the Iron Throne of Westeros and people would still prefer to ask about which graphics card I’m using and how much RAM I’ve got in the junk. So in short:

“Nobody cares about your gaming chair.” (Me, a n00b)

That’s why I decided I’m going to get the cheapest gaming chair (that’s at least fairly decent – below are the Top 5 money-saving gaming chairs) for my computer. Why?

I could be getting $1000 gaming chair with a racing bucket and ergonomic pillows and all that. But you know what? I would much rather upgrade my computer setting with a Geforce GTX 11GB Waterforce graphics card for the same price.

That’s why we’ve decided to make a Top 5 list (as it is Top5er’s tradition) of gaming chairs for cheap.

Top 5 Best Cheap Gaming Chair Reviews (For Less Than $100)

The common denominator here is the price. Every gaming chair for PC costs less than $100 but, honestly, it’s everything between $50 and $100. Why?

For less than $50 can get squat. Quite literally. It would actually be easier to squat than to sit in one of those.

Here is a quick review of the best cheap gaming chairs for playing computer games (and console and other stuff, of course):

Gaming Chair:BestOffice Gaming ChairHomall Bucket Gaming ChairRacing White Gaming ChairCoavas Leather Gaming ChairMerax Devil's Eye Gaming Chair
chair-for-gaming-on-the-cheaphomall budget gaming chairbestoffice-high-back-gaming-chair-for-cheapwhite-cheap-gaming-chaircheap-merax-gaming-chair-for-sale
AKA:"Captain Kirk""Brienne The Beauty""Littlefinger""The Mountain""Meraxes"
Color:6 colorsWhite, Grey, BlackWhite, Red or BlueWhole Bunch of ColorsSame here, but Orange rocks
Quality:4.9 out of 5 stars4.5 out of 5 stars4.4 out of 5 stars4.2 out of 5 stars4.7 out of 5 stars
Avg. Rating:4.7 out of 5 stars4.5 out of 5 stars4.2 out of 5 stars4 out of 5 stars3.9 out of 5 stars
Top5er status:Best-Rated and Best-OverallBest Budget (but one ugly mo******)Best For Sleeping InFor Tall And Big GuysMost Stylish And Dragon-Like
Availability: Check Price
Check Price
Check Price
Check Price
Check Price

Alright, let’s start with some reviews:

No. 1 Cheap Gaming Chair Pick

1. BestOffice Black And White Review – Best-Overall Cheap Gaming Chair For Less Than $70

The BestOffice chair is the best among the cheapest gaming chairs on the planet. If literally has everything the more expensive chairs can offer, such as:

  • Double back support (high-back and lumbar support)
  • Adjustable armrests.
  • Sturdy and durable design.
  • Easy installation.
  • Above all else, comfort! 

The BestOffice chair for gaming is the best rated and best overall cheap gaming chair. And, what’s more, it even looks a bit like Captain Kirk’s chair on Enterprise:

best cheapest gaming chair to buy when you're on budget
BestOffice gaming chair is the #1 cheap gaming chair under $100. Feels like the Star Trek chair on Enterprise.

With this chair for gaming, you can’t go wrong. We’ll go into a bit of detail about the characteristics of the gaming chair but the three most important things here are:

  • Looks great.
  • Is under $100 (even under $70!).
  • …will leave you some money to spend on a new processor, RAM or graphics card.

Ok, a bit of detail – with any chair, gaming or not, we’re talking about ergonomics of it. People usually sit on chairs quite often and for hours on end.

Do you know how long does a single game of Civilization V lasts? Yeah, I would be worried about my back as much as Attila or Shaka backstabbing me.

I would say that chair ergonomics is as important in gaming chairs as much as with the office chairs (if you like office chairs (and a bit of leather), you should check out the Best Leather Office Chair reviews).

The difference? Office people care more about their backs – because they sit for 8 hours per day, etc.. Well, guess what, I’ve been known to play games for more than 8 hours and for now, I don’t concern myself with the posture and back but…

there will come a time when I’ll want to have a LAN party in a retirement home. And I know that my spine will be working better if I’ll be gaming on one of the ergonomic gaming chairs.

To cut to the chase, BestOffice cheap gaming chair has a really well developed ergonomic profile. High-back support and the bucket seat style is something that office people dream of, and Racing Car chair has both.


If you’re spending $30,000+ on student loans, you are quite happy to get a good gaming station and getting an extra expensive chair with it is a bit redundant. Who knows what will happen to your gaming chair? It’s college, things get puked upon all over the time.

Having a cheap gaming chair that’s also easy to assemble and appropriate for guys over 6 feet is great as well (I bet all those tall guys play ‘dwarfs’ in World of Warcraft).

Here is a quick summary of pros and cons of buying this cheapest chair for gaming:

  • Best-Overall gaming chair 
  • Way cheaper than a decent graphics card
  • Looks like Kirk’s chair on Enterprise
  • Great ergonomic support with high-back and bucket style seat
  • Best price performance
  • Built from high-quality durable materials
  • Easy to assemble
  • Even appropriate for tall people (‘The Mountain loves this chair’)
  • No racing pedals for racing games
  • No real leather (but hey, is less than 100 bucks)
  • If you sweat, you’ll stick to it
  • Can take a stain (maybe important for college guys?)
Positive vs. Negative Review Score

  • 86%

No. 2 Cheap Gaming Chair Pick

2. Homall Swivel Gaming Chair Review – Best Budget Overall (Closest To $50)

The Homall chair has this problem of not knowing if it’s a chair for gaming or for office.

However, one thing about this chair is for sure:

Homall gaming chair has the lowest price. And it’s pretty decent (especially for that price).

If you’re looking for the best budget gaming chair, you’ve found it. Nonetheless, you should know that making so cheap gaming chairs does involve some cutting-corners.

The Homall is overall a fine chair, but it is built from lower-quality materials (that’s not genuine leather if you’re wondering that). The cushioning and the back support are pretty basic as well.

This is a prime example of a chair a guy who doesn’t care about how his or hers (we have female gamers as well) gaming chair looks like.

Think curtains shut and leftover pizza boxes in the corner – feels like home. Nobody will question you on the aesthetics of the chair, because honestly, it doesn’t look like the most beautiful gaming chair out there:

the cheapest gaming chair homall has ever produced in black pu leather
The cheapest Homall chair is the ‘Brienne The Beauty’ of cheap gaming chairs. Save some of your sapphires on this one.

Just like Brienne, however, the Homall chair has some positive qualities. It won’t help you find and defend Sansa Stark, mind you, but it will partly look after your back when you’re gaming.

For how cheap the Homall chair for gaming is, it does roll quite nicely around the office. That’s very useful when rage-quitting. You don’t want to get stuck in your place behind the computer desk when a camper! quick-scopes your ass.

It even has the 360-degree swivel wheels, enabling you to roll to the fridge and back if you feel able (and unable to stand up).

The price and the looks of it are ok, but what Mr. Heem points out is true – for a guy over 6 feet, this is not the best cheap chair.

The Mountain would hate this chair. Too small for a man who can squeeze Red Viper’s soul out of his eyes.

If you’re not like The Mountain, however, and are looking for short-term cheap gaming chairs, the Homall is the cheapest choice.

  • Best Budget chair (almost as low as $50)
  • Nice and functional wheels
  • Some back support and cushioning
  • Easy to assemble
  • Perfect for college guys with slim budget
  • Lower-quality materials (needless to say, leather is not genuine)
  • Is ugly
  • No real leather (but hey, is less than 100 bucks)
  • Not appropriate for tall people (over 6 feet)
Positive vs. Negative Review Score

  • 77%

No. 3 Cheap Gaming Chair Pick

3. Racing White Gaming Chair Review – Best Cheap Chair For Sleeping In

I’m going to call this one ‘Bran Stark’. BestOffice white gaming chair is great for gaming but you can also lie in it.

It’s actually difficult to find a branded name for all these cheap gaming chairs, so let’s call this one the ‘Racing car style gaming chair’.

The name is ‘racing’, yes, but that doesn’t mean you can only play Need For Speed: Most Wanted on it. Far from it. Almost every gaming chair, especially the cheap ones, can be used to play any kind of game (you get the racing pedals and other nonsense with the expensive gaming chairs anyway).

On the other thought… let’s call it ‘Littlefinger‘. Because you can lie in it. Get it? So, if you want to lie like Littlefinger, this would be the Iron Throne of your choosing.

What am I talking about? Let me show you:

The racing white chair is the “Littlefinger” gaming chair. Just set it up and lie in it as comfortably as Littlefinger lies.

Other than taking a nap it in, you can also do some hardcore gaming.

The racing chair may be cheap but it’s not cheaply built. The cushioning is especially well designed and durable. This is a chair you buy once and don’t have to think about getting another for the next 5 years.

Above all, the racing gaming chair was designed for stability. You can have it at a 90-degree position (unholding pose like Ned Stark), the 180-degree position (lying position or ‘The Littlefinger) and anything in between.

Because sometimes there is a bit of movement when things don’t go your way in Call of Duty or GTA, the chair, albeit being cheap, has to take care of all the movements. And even though you are between 90 and 180 degrees, it does that stability test well enough.

Sturdy is the name of the game here. The high-quality makes this cheap gaming chair durable for years on end. This is obviously great because the computer components are evolving very quickly and if you’re a serious gamer you have to get some new gear every year.

It’s great that the ergonomic chair technology doesn’t evolve that quickly. If you get one like the ‘Littlefinger’ here, you can be assured that in 5 years’ time, you will still be able to use it without a problem. Imagine using a 5-year-old graphics card – lag would literally kill you.

Here is a summary of pros and cons for buying the racing’s cheap gaming chair:

  • High-quality materials
  • It’s actually quite stylish gaming chair for this price
  • You can lie in it like Littlefinger
  • Great ergonomic support with high-back and bucket style seat
  • Apropriate for tall people 
  • Gaming chair does cost $99.99 – below $100 but barely
  • The chair is not very wide
  • Some reviewers report low-quality materials (especially arm rests)
  • Not designed to be as comfortable as other cheap gaming chairs
Positive vs. Negative Review Score

  • 72%

No. 4 Cheap Gaming Chair Pick

4. Coavas Leather Gaming Chair Review – Best Cheap Gaming Chair For Tall And Big People

The Coava chair is similar to the one by BestOffice. It even has a white and black leather look. There is one big difference:

It is bigger.

Most of the gaming chairs for cheap have a capacity of 250 pounds. With all the flexible adjustments, you can be a bit taller than 6 feet and you’ll have no problem setting up a comfortable gaming position.

Nonetheless, what if you’re 8 feet tall like The Mountain? Well, and 7 feet tall as well. And what if 250-pound gaming chair weight capacity isn’t enough? But you still want to pay no more than $100 for a gaming chair.

Well, this ergonomic gaming chair for cheap is for you. I call it ‘The Mountain’:

“The Mountain” chair is for taller and bigger guys who like defending Queen Cersei (First of Her Name, yada yada yada…).

The Coavas leather gaming chair has a weight capacity of 280lbs. Now, mind you, that is not significantly higher than 250lbs other chairs have but it was built to accommodate bigger men.

This means that no matter how cheap the gaming chair is, it still will be able to hold quite a lot of weight. The high back support is great as well.

If you ever wanted to buy a leather gaming chair, this might be the one.

The important thing to notice is that get the neck support with the Coavas chair. In fact, there are several reviews that tell the same story – this gaming chair is not really for the tallest of people.

I do hope this is because they don’t use the extended neck support. On the other hand, I’m rethinking about renaming it from ‘The Mountain‘ to ‘Sandor Clegane‘.

What is more, the armrests are not adjustable as well. If you’re a little fellow and want to flex the chair to your liking, you’ll find problems with that.

All in all, I have to say that Coavas gaming chair is cheap and ergonomic but for very tall people? I think you should go look for another chair, with an already built-in neck support.

  • A 280lbs weight capacity
  • A bit taller than other cheap computer chairs
  • Great ergonomics support with high-back
  • White and black leather are quite stylish
  • Not as tall that we would have hoped for
  • Arm rests are not adjustable
  • Can start wobbling over time
  • Not exactly comfortable
Positive vs. Negative Review Score

  • 78%

No. 5 Cheap Gaming Chair Pick

5. Merax Devil’s Eye Gaming Chair Review – Most awesome Of Cheap Gaming Chairs For Dragon-minded Gamers

I want to say ‘the best for last’ because, honestly, Merax gaming chair looks pretty much the best out of all 5 cheap gaming chairs.

It is named “Meraxes”. Meraxes was one of the biggest Targaryen’s dragons. The Merax Devil’s Eye gaming chair does look like something a dragonlord gamer would sit on:

“Meraxes” gamers chair is the best looking one of the bunch.

And style is not the end of the story with this cheap gaming chair.

Do you see the extra padded armrests? That’s a great feature that none of the previously reviewed cheap gaming chairs had. If you’re gaming all night long, some padded armrests might do your hand good.

The seat height is also fully adjustable – full 4 inches up or down- so it’s appropriate for tall as well as short gamers. The base is sturdy, to say the least. This is one compact and a well-looking gaming chair for cheaps.

The cover is PU leather – this is basically a standard with all low-priced gaming chairs – and if you don’t like the orange color, you can check out other colors as well (here’s one in pink for the gaming ladies).

Yeah, this is my opinion exactly.

If I had to buy a cheap gaming chair right now, I would choose the Merax’s chair in violet color (Made Windu fan right here!) because it just looks so good!

But in the end, the choice is yours.

  • Looks damn good!
  • Fully adjustable with 4 inches up and down 
  • Extra padded arm rests for longer gaming
  • Several colors to choose from
  • Great price for performance
  • Perfect for people who are really into cool cheap gaming chairs
  • Not the best quality
  • Difficult to install the chair
  • Missing screws here and there
  • Some reviews report a bit weird smell
Positive vs. Negative Review Score

  • 77%

Why $100 Cheap Gaming Chairs?

An affordable gaming chair for $100 will have as much effect on my Call of Duty lag as a gaming chair with a $1,000 price tag. Absolutely none!

How much should you spend on a gaming chair if you’re looking for a cheap version?

I decided I’m not going to spend $1.000 on a gaming chair. Even $500 is too much money for something I just sit on while gaming. $200 sounded about right, but hey, if I’m buying a gaming chair for cheap, I’m not spending more than $100.

The budget for a reasonably priced gaming chair should be $100. And you should STILL keep $20 or more bucks from that (and spend it to upgrade your station cause lag sucks).

A friend once bought GeForce GTX 1060 3GB graphics card (the one with double fans) for $100 from Craigslist. Haggled it from $150. So I decided $100 should be the line.

If a cheap gaming chair costs more than a 3GB GTC card, it is not one of the cheap gaming chairs at all and it’s not worth buying.

I like my computer to purr, I don’t care much about my ass. I only care about handling the asses of those 12-year olds who talk sh*t about my mother (gosh, that sounded weird, I meant in a game, you know, flash those campers and show them what’s what).

Any Other Ideas About Which Gaming Chairs To Buy On The Cheap?

Here’s where you gamers come in. Share some experiences in the comments.

If you’re a college student and you have a ‘someone puked on my gaming chair’ story, go right ahead.

Just don’t brag about your graphics cards or Call of Duty streaks.

I hope you enjoyed the review. Oh, if you would want something else reviewed, let us know!

Top 5 Best Leather Office Chairs In 2020

a row of leather chairs behind an office desk

What an office can’t do without is a nice and comfortable office chair. If you can get a leather one, get a leather one. Genuine leather office chairs might be a bit more expensive than standard ones but we took the time to bring you the Top 5 best leather office chairs.

When setting up an office, we usually neglect the importance of having a solid and ergonomic office chair. Why?

Well, simply because there are so many other things to be concerned about. Buying a printer, setting up documentation, picking a secretary and so forth.

However, when we have an office for some time, we do realize that, yes, the printer did cost upwards of $1,000 but you only use it for 10 minutes per day. What do we do most of the time in the office? Sit on our office chairs. 

A glitch in a printer is much easier to repair than a pinch in your spine, and you can be sure that in 10 years, your printer will have to be fixed and, if you’re using an office chair without appropriate support, you’ll also have to fix your spine. Talk about painkillers and medical costs.

Choosing the right chair for the office is very important but we should not neglect how we sit on it – did you know there is a proper sitting posture of an office chair for typing away emails? Good posture is everything about combining a good office chair and the way we sit on it.

This is why when making the best genuine leather office chair reviews, we focus on more ergonomic ones. If you’re interested in chairs that inspire us and our business partners with credibility and power, you should check out Top 5 Best Executive Chairs.

After all, this is clear. The boss should be the boss and worry about business. Best office chairs are here so that a boss or an employee can worry about the task at hand and not about the back-pain because of having a non-ergonomic chair.

Best Leather Office Chair Reviews (Comparison)

Leather Office Chair:Serta Office ChairGates Executive ChairFlash Armless ChairAmazonBasics High-Back ChairAlera Neratoli Chair
Leather Quality:Bonded LeatherGenuine LeatherLeatherSoftBonded Leather Faux Leather
Back Support:Mid-Back High-Back Mid-BackHigh-BackMid-Back
Sort:Comfortable Office ChairExecutive ChairConference ChairExecutive ChairHigh-End Office Chair
Quality:5 out of 5 stars4.8 out of 5 stars4.7 out of 5 stars4.2 out of 5 stars4 out of 5 stars
Feature:BIM Active Lumbar SupportWaterfall Design (For Leg Fatigue)Armless (Core Training)2- To 3-times Cheaper Than Luxury BrandsWaterfall Design (For Leg Fatigue)
Avg. Rating:4.9 out of 5 stars4.8 out of 5 stars4.5 out of 5 stars4.1 out of 5 stars3.8 out of 5 stars
Top5er status:Best Overall Ergonomic ChairBest LuxuryOnly For Stylish And Active PeopleBest BudgetBest Style-For-Price
Availability: Check Price
Check Price
Check Price
Check Price
Check Price

No. 1 Leather Office Chair Pick

1. Serta Office Chair Review – Best Overall Office Leather Chair For Comfortable Sitting

Serta is the best full grain leather desk chair and if you came here for some comfort, be comforted. Serta leather office chair is the most comfortable chair to have in the office.

Just look at that deep and layered padding:

serta black leather office chair review
Imagine sliding in in one of these Serta chairs.

Can you already feel how the leather embraces you from all sides? The downside is that it’s really hard to stay awake in this chair. It’s just so comfortable!

The added bonus with Serta leather office chair is the BIM active lumbar support. This is just a fancy working for saying superb lumbar support – wherever or however you move, the chair aligns perfectly with your spine and body. Be sure to check out this video about the dangers of having an ergonomically not sufficient chair. 

This leather home office chair is more about relaxing than work. It would be perfect for a home office, where nobody can see you sleep, actually.

Pretty much all Serta office chair reviews talk about how comfortable it is (by the way, you should check out our post about the comfiest gaming chairs if you’re a gamer). The negative scrutiny of Serta chair, however, speaks about being too comfortable. I’m not sure if that is a pro or con of Serta office seat.

Another bad thing about is that small people have problems with adjusting it to their size. If you’re under 5 feet, you should choose another chair.

  • Most Comfortable Office Chair
  • BIM Active Lumbar Support
  • Super ergonomic for health and wellness
  • Perfect for people who want a own a relaxing office chair
  • Maybe too comfortable?
  • Doesn’t move around well
  • Not for small people (under 5 feet)

No. 2 Leather Office Chair Pick

2. Gates Executive Chair Review – Top Genuine Leather Chair For Active CEO (Or For People Who Want To Become CEO)

Do you know how hard it is to find a leather computer chair that would actually be made out of genuine white leather for $600? Well, it turns out it’s impossible.

However, if you’re prepared to spend a bit more, you can buy a genuine leather office chair. It’s called ‘Gates executive chair’ and this is how it looks like in white leather (you can also pick black, dark brown or cream version):

white leather office chair
The best $600 or so chair for the boss. You can even pick your color.

In addition to being made out of real white leather, the Gates chair (it’s made by Zuri Furniture) has distinct high-back support. You can also see that this white leather chair with a high back is sheltered from the right and the left, and there are even the arms there to rest your arms.

With back and arms covered, let’s go-to legs. A special feature of Gates leather office seat is the so-called ‘Waterfall design’ of the seating place. It is a bit of a cushion under your knees designed to elevate leg pain. Mind you, this will not help if you have some serious leg pain but if you are a morning runner or have a morning workout routine, the waterfall design will help soothe the leg muscles.

And what he says it’s true – you will hardly find a better value high-end office chair with a high back like this. There is a problem with leaning back a bit, but a CEO should always be on his or her toes, right?

  • Geniuene Italian leather (For $600!)
  • Excellent fine stiching
  • High-back and arms support
  • Even for very tall people
  • Relieves leg muscles (should matter if you do 5k before work)
  • Perfect for an executive or a CEO
  • It’s hard to lean back
  • Takes about 5 minutes to put it together

No. 3 Leather Office Chair Pick

3. Flash Furniture Armless Leather Office Chair Audit – For Stylish People Who Want To Get Noticed

This is a leather desk chair that your stylist would recommend. Flash Furniture chairs have a bit of design edge over convention chairs and their Flash Furniture leather office chair is a perfect example of this.

Do you like the minimalistic design? You can view the Flash Furniture armless chair for yourself:

Minimalistic design with black ribbed leather. A chair for the stylish person in the office.

Apart from the design, you’ll also notice that this is an armless black leather office chair. No arm support is quite a big deal -,, especially for your core.

Armless means that you will have to strengthen your core from time to time and train your abs. If you’re not an active person, better steer clear of the Flash Furniture office chair.

Nonetheless, you will get a little help with the mid-back support. But, mind you, only a little. There is a reason why they call mid-back support office chairs the “task chairs”. You will do your work while at the same time work on your core.

Looking good in the office is a vital part of this chair.

In short, it is very chic but you have to be able to handle it. Your whole posture should grow from this chair but you will have to put some work into it and people will notice!

However, what is better than everybody knowing how well-defined your core is and looking effortlessly chic at the same time?

  • Très chic!
  • Armless for core strength
  • Mid-back support for work efficiency
  • Very affordable price
  • No squeaking sound
  • Perfect for stylish people in the office
  • Not for passive people
  • Not appropriate for people who should be locked by ‘Fashion Police’
  • Not for very tall people

No. 4 Leather Office Chair Pick

4. AmazonBasics Executive Office Chair Review – Terrific Budget Choice

AmazonBasics has a line of office chairs that you don’t need the hustle over. The AmazonBasics high-back executive chair in black leather is a basic office chair made for a very reasonable price – you’re not paying for a luxury brand such as Zuri Furniture or Flash Furniture.

This leather work chair is all about the functionality and it actually is very comfortable to sit in, even for 1o hours or more. Here is how it looks like – it’s a black bonded leather office chair:

best leather office chair reviews
A standard and reasonably priced AmazonBasics office chair.

The AmazonBasics black office chair has all that you need to rotate or move around. 360-degree swivel? Check. Large no-nonsense rolling casters? Check. High-back support? Check. What else do you need?

It’s basically for someone who needs a new reliable chair. Period.

If you want to stay on the budget, the AmazonBasics leather office chair is a smart choice. If you want to show off big time, look at some luxury brand instead but be prepared to pay two- or threefold more for exactly the same kind of leather work chair.

  • Decent and reliable chair
  • All the basics covered (no hustle)
  • “What you see is what you get”
  • High-back support
  • 2x to 3x cheaper than luxury brands
  • Tools for setting it up included
  • Perfect for people who just need a new chair
  • Not for very stylish people
  • Not super-ergonomic
  • Not super-comfortable
  • Plastic wheels

No. 5 Leather Office Chair Pick

5. Alera Neratoli White Faux Leather Office Chair Review – Best Style-For-Price Office Chair

Alera Neratoli leather chair for office is the new chair on the block with a play on standard chair design. Translation: It is a standard leather computer chair. It looks modern. And it has the waterfall design for knee and legs relief.

What distinguished Alera chair from other outstanding leather office chairs is the combination of great style and low price tag. Why?

Well, style is expensive. Luxury brands invest heavily in a neat style which can bump a chair for $200 or more. Alera, on the other hand, just copies the style and creates a great piece of modern chair design for under $200. Total. Here is how Alera Neratoli white leather chair for office looks like:

alera white office leather chair
Luxury brands will charge you for the style. Not Alera – this is the best style-per-dollar office chair.

There are some issues with quality, however. The chrome on the arms is not a durable as we would like it to be.

  • ‘Drop dead gorgeous’
  • Low price for great style
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Mid-back support
  • Perfect for stylish people searching for a great deal
  • Creaking sound when moving on a chair
  • Doesn’t recline well
  • Not the most comfortable of chairs

What We Based Our Leather Task Chair Analysis On

There are several things that distinguish good office chairs from great office chairs. In this best real leather office armchair review selection, the focus was primarily on:

  • Back Support – what can of back support does an office chair offer? There is a story between mid-back vs high-back support chairs. Mid-back support office chairs are known as “task chairs” and most appropriate for younger people in the office. High-back support chairs offer more relaxed sitting and give an essence of power. A CEO will always sit on a high-back support executive chair.
  • Leather Quality – what kind of leather does leather job armchair have? Genuine leather would the best. Durability, credibility and the sense of power are all intertwined is what kind of leather is used to make the chair. Note: Genuine leather computer chairs cost upwards of at least $600. In this best genuine leather office chair reviews, we focused on chairs that cost below $600 – but still, we found one that is out of genuine leather (check the table below).
  • Sort Of Chair – is the chair best suited for executives, for a conference room or for standard office needs? You know what you’ll use the leather desk chair you’re buying. We try to give you some variety and, more importantly, make sure you don’t buy a standard office chair for your boss!
  • Price – how much does a leather office chair cost? The prices of leather job chairs start at $100 for the best budget office chairs but can also range up to $10,000 or more. We focused on budget-friendly and best value leather chairs for the office.

Price Comparison Of Best Leather Office Chairs

We wanted to stay within the $600 budget for a leather office chair. One chair we reviewed was above that price range but, in general, leather office chairs are not that expensive if you don’t go for genuine leather. If you have a limited budget, you might look at our article about office chair vs gaming chair. If you have a home office or a cool start-up office, you might consider buying a gaming chair which is both ergonomically designed and moderately priced.

What Office Chair Do You Currently Sit On?

If you have a favorite office chair (maybe the one you’re sitting on just this moment) and would like to share some insight about it, you’re welcome to do so in the comments.

You can talk a bit about why do you think your chair is the best leather office chair, about the features and price.

Oh, and if you have an opinion to share about an office chair from Top5er editorial selection, go right ahead as well!

5 Best Manual Coffee Grinder Reviews: Italian Bialetti Takes #1 Place


Let me just start by saying that we decided to do the Top 5 best manual coffee grinder reviews just because I fell in love with my own grinder.

It’s not an ordinary hand coffee grinder mind you; it is an art piece of the kitchen. Even the hand crank is made out of cast iron and forged steel.

This is the whole point of best manual coffee grinders – we don’t get them because they grind the coffee more efficiently or are easier to clean (electric grinder is both of those things) – we get them because we like the experience of having a ‘hands-on’ approach of grinding our own coffee like a true gentleman.

With an electric grinder, you pretty much just get some coffee beans and push the button. But using the manual coffee grinder is a new experience entirely.

You get to pick the best coffee beans and grind them bean by bean. Have you ever smelled the aroma of fresh hand ground coffee? You should.

Top 5 Best Manual Coffee Grinder Reviews

In the spirit of Top5er, here are the best manual coffee grinder side-by-side so you can compare them for yourself.

Manual Coffee Grinder:Bialetti Italian GrinderJavaPresse Manual GrinderPeugeot Bresil Manual GrinderHario Skerton Coffee MillHandground Precision Grinder

Bialetti italian coffee grinder
Size:Big (4-6 cups)Extra Small (1 cup)Small (1-2 cups)Small (1-2 cups)Medium (2-4 cups)
Weight:7 pounds9.4 ounces2 pounds19.2 ounces1.7 pounds
Quality:4.9 out of 5 stars4.1 out of 5 stars4.7 out of 5 stars3.8 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars
Material:Ceramic, Stainless SteelStainless SteelStainless Steel And Walnut WoodCeramicGlass And Brushed Nickel
Avg. Rating:4.7 out of 5 stars4.5 out of 5 stars4.5 out of 5 stars4.2 out of 5 stars4.2 out of 5 stars
Top5er status:Best Italian Manual GrinderBest Seller And Best BudgetBest For French PressMini Grinder For TravelingBest For Espresso
Availability: Check Price
Check Price
Check Price
Check Price
Check Price

No. 1 Manual Coffee Grinder Pick

1. Bialetti – The Best Italian Manual Coffee Grinder Review

There is absolutely no surprise that the best manual coffee grinder comes from Italy. Italy is well-known to be that one place in the world where you can get the best coffee in pretty much every coffee shop.

It is also very unsurprising that the Bialetti Italian manual coffee grinder takes the No. 1 place. Bialetti is a synonym for good coffee in Italy and most of the Italians can’t live without having a Bialetti in their kitchen:

best italian manual coffee grinder with ceramic burr and italian grind of turkish coffee
No authentic Italian kitchen is perfect without the Bialetti – the most popular Italian hand crank coffee grinder.

As every Italian will tell you, the Bialetti is completely manually operated. It has no cord or batteries; all that it really needs is a coffee-loving heart.

The grinding burr that actually grinds the coffee beans is made out of ceramic; the finest choice of material for a burr.

The Bialetti is quite a big coffee grinder. Of course, it’s because of the Italian families being big and everybody loves coffee. Nonetheless, operating the grinding wheel is simple and doesn’t need a lot of force; remember, Italians know that the hand holds the wheel, but the heart grinds the beans.

The authentic Bialetti Italian manual coffee grinder is moderately priced so that every Italian household can afford one. You can check it out here:

No. 2 Manual Coffee Grinder Pick

2. JavaPresse Burr Manual Coffee Grinder Review – Best-Seller And Best-Budget Choice

JavaPresse is the most well known modern American hand coffee grinder. It’s a neat and small piece that can do pretty much anything.

Do you need a manual grinder for camping? Do you need your coffee ground for espresso or Turkish coffee?

Javapresse is the easy and quick everyday grinder for espresso, Turkish coffee, Aeropress and basically every imaginable way of brewing coffee. It’s small enough to take it with you on travel (weights less than 10 ounces!) and convenient enough to use it on workdays (especially useful if you have a small kitchen – it doesn’t take much space).

It’s actually quite of fun playing around with it. You don’t need to think too much with JavaPresse; after all, it has 18 different grinding settings that can be switched between with just a click.

javapresse bur grinder
The best-selling JavaPresse manual hand grinder.

Above all, JavaPresse is versatile and affordable. There are pretty much the main two reasons why JavaPresse is the best-selling manual hand coffee grinders.

Where it lacks compares with other hand coffee grinders is the quality. It is made out of stainless steel which is not as tough as brushed nickel or cast iron for example. But don’t worry about the burr – the JavaPresse burr is made out of high-quality ceramic. This is a new standard for all modern manual grinders because it is way sharper and durable than the classic stainless steel burr.

It also takes more time to ground coffee than other grinders. Why? Well, because it’s a small hand grinder, that’s why. And you have to be a bit more gentle with the crank not to break the whole thing apart.

A bit crumbly, maybe, but there is not a handheld coffee grinder that even comes close to the coffee grinding functionally for such an affordable price.

This best-selling manual coffee grinder might not be a piece of art but it does the job of making a rough or fine coffee powder from coffee beans and does it well. If you are lucky enough to buy JavaPresse manual hand grinder on a sale, you’ll likely spend less than $50 for it:

No. 3 Manual Coffee Grinder Pick

3. Peugeot Coffe Grinder Review – Best For French Press (Coarse Grind)

This is not about French cars. It is about French coffee.

The French are known to make everything with style, and yes, they like to grind their own coffee with style as well. Just one look at the Peugeot manual coffee grinder and you’ll see that they used a bit of what they knew about building cars into the design of this grinder.

The beautifully furnished exterior is made out of luxury woods. The prime examples are the Peugeot hand grinder constructed out of walnut wood, and even more the one from beech wood.

It is a timeless piece on the kitchen counter. It also grinds some good coffee too boost.

classic manual coffee grinder
“J’aime boire le café” or “I love coffee”. This grinder is so French it even wants to surrender to you.

It’s only natural that the French would make a hand grinder that makes the best coffee powder for the French press. The trouble is that the French press usually needs quite a lot of coffee to brew. For example, the best-selling French press made 34 oz of coffee per single brew.

If you like French press coffee, this is an excellent gift. The grinding definitely has a way of connecting the family together on Sunday mornings. But, as stated by Dan, it is a bit of hard work to grind 10-cups worth of coffee. But then again, no one buys a manual coffee grinder instead of electric coffee grinder if he or she’s looking to make less effort at making coffee.

The Peugeot manual coffee mill is not so moderately priced; mostly because it is a beautiful piece of kitchen interior (in addition to grinding coffee, of course). It does, however, come with a lifelong warranty for the exterior wood and a 5-year warranty for the burr. I’m pretty sure this is the French boasting how long their grinders last, but fortunately this is actually not an empty boast at all.

No. 4 Manual Coffee Grinder Pick

4. Hario Skerton Manual Coffee Grinder Review – The Mini Grinder

コーヒー‘ is the Japanese word for coffee and ‘Hario Skerton‘ is a Japanese word (actually two of them) for a coffee grinder.

Hario Skerton is a Japanese producer of coffee grinders and it’s best selling one is actually the smallest of the bunch.

Everything about Hario manual coffee grinder is easy. Want to clean it? It’s easy. Want to pack it in a suitcase? A piece of cake, you can put right next to a travel kettle. Never used a manual coffee grinder before and don’t know how to use it? Don’t worry, Hario’s mini grinder makes it easy for you.

Hario grinder is barely larger than an iPhone. Perfect for travel.

It is made out of durable plastic (making it extra-light) but doesn’t worry about the performance. The single most important piece is the burr and the Japanese put a state-of-the-art ceramic burr into the Hario hand grinder. The burr would be the very last thing to break, actually.

Just be careful about one this – we all know that great Japanese products are many cloned by companies that use lower-quality materials.

The price of this hand grinder is very affordable but please do make sure you are buying the grinder from a reputable source like Amazon or Hairo company. Below you can check the price on Amazon (just make sure you buy a new one, not one by a reseller cause reseller might have a fake Hairo grinder):

No. 5 Manual Coffee Grinder Pick

5. Handground Precision Coffee Grinder Review – Best For Espresso

Italians make the best espresso, right? Well, yeah, but Americans make the best manual coffee grinder for espresso.

The Handground Precision grinder is loved above all by espresso lovers. They are the ones who understand the importance of fine grind for espresso.

Espresso makers all operate with 15 or so bars of pressure. This means that you can (and should!) grind the beans into a fine powder through which espresso machines push the hot water and extract the flavor. By the way, espresso machines are actually the same as cappuccino makers and you can check out the list of Top 5 cappuccino makers here to get some insight.

Where does Handground Precision manual grinder come in in all of this? Well, it is made out of brushed nickel for a reason. There is not a grinder that would make a better fine grind than Handground Precision hand grinder.

Its burr is designed to completely crush and fine grind the coffee beans.

handground precision hand crank grinder
Stylish Handground Precision grinder for the best espresso grind you will ever grind by your hand.

What I really like about it is the modern design with the old-school aroma. The glass and nickel are a perfect combination and the fact that you can see in the manual coffee grinder is amazing. You can literally observe the fruits of your grinding efforts in real-time!

Of course, when you look at electric grinder vs hand grinder, the electric is a more efficient one. Nothing beats the ‘hands-on’ approach of grinding your own coffee, however.

The price of Handground Precision is a bit high but you get some extras like the Brew Magnet which makes the cleaning of manual coffee grinder a pleasure. Either way, if you like to grind your own beans and drink a handmade espresso, this is the best hand coffee grinder choice:

Some Features Of Best Manual Coffee Grinders

What is the makeup of the best hand coffee grinder? Well, it really depends on what kind you’re looking for. As for myself, for example, I love to hold the gritty cast iron crank of MoMa Exclusive grinder (that’s the air piece I was talking about).

Here are some features we used as the basis for Top5er best hand coffee grinder reviews:

  • Size – how much coffee would a coffee grinder ground if a coffee grinder could ground coffee? (hopefully, you sang that one). Most of the hand coffee grinders grind up to 2-cups worth of coffee per set. That is more than enough on a Saturday morning for you as your lady but grinding coffee on a workday can take away some minutes from your morning. If you want to have ground coffee prepared, you can use a small grinder several times and make a coffee stock or use a bigger one once. Note: There is nothing quite like fresh ground coffee – choosing the smaller-sized manual coffee grinder is usually the smart choice here.
  • Weight – how much does a manual coffee grinder weight? If you want to take a coffee grinder on the plane, choose a lighter one. If, however, you are going to use it at home, pick the heavier one. Heavier ones are more reliable and robust, and you feel like a real man operating the crank of a heavy hand coffee grinder.
  • Nationality – Italians make the best coffee, right? Or is it the French? There is a whole philosophy about how coffee should be ground, depending on which country you’re in. Italians have their own way as well as the French (think espresso vs. French press here). The US is known for its superior production techniques and the Japanese are detail-oriented when it comes to design. This is also reflected in the design of manual coffee grinders.
  • Price – how much does a manual coffee grinder cost? The price range is anywhere between $20 and $300. It all comes down to the materials and quality of hand coffee grinder design – obviously cast iron or nickel brushing costs more than stainless steel or plastics. However, the pricier coffee grinders don’t only serve the function of grinding the coffee beans, they can also be used as vital pieces of interior design.

Is manual coffee grinder old-school? Sure. Is it also a very very cool thing to have in your kitchen? For people with style, absolutely.

classic manual coffee grinder
A classic manual coffee grinder for men with exquisite style.

Do You Need A Manual Coffee Grinder (Alternatives)

Ok, let’s ask ourselves ‘Do I really need a manual coffee grinder?’.

If the answer is ‘yes’, you know what to do. If it’s a ‘no’, you know what not to do. If you’re somewhere in between, here are some manual coffee grinder alternatives to ponder upon:

  • Use pre-grinded coffee. Every store sells it and, in fact, it is the most mainstream way of buying coffee. Grinding your coffee is a luxury but, damn, it does feel nice!
  • Use an electric coffee grinder. The electric is definitely more efficient and faster. It will give you the same aroma of freshly ground coffee but will it give you the same satisfaction as cranking one off yourself in the morning? I doubt it.
  • Drink tea instead. No grinding there. Less satisfaction almost guaranteed as well.

What Manual Coffee Grinder Do You Guys Use?

Everybody is bound to have a preference as far as coffee grinders go. Give us some insight into what you think is the best hand coffee grinder, what kind of coffee do you enjoy and what kind of grind do you make for yourself.

5 Best Cappuccino Maker Reviews That’ll Wake You Up Now!

best cappuccino makers

“One cappuccino, please.”

This is what I would order the moment when I wake up. Unfortunately, without a cappuccino maker, most of us have to drink a regular black coffee upon waking up. It does taste awful but it also takes us some time to make. And it’s followed by a lengthy commute to work.

Mornings are not the best of times for most people, but with some small thing like a cappuccino maker, the whole morning experience can be a bit more cheerful. This prompted us to make a collection of best cappuccino machines. Why?

Well, cappuccino maker is very useful. Not only does it make a tasty cappuccino in a record time, it can also make your morning – and saves you $100/month in coffee shop bills. Every cappuccino maker can make espresso as well (this goes without saying).

morning-coffee and cappuccino
No morning is perfect without a good cup of coffee.

A cappuccino will give you a bit more focus on your commute (please do drink (coffee) and drive in the morning for your sake and the sake of other people). It will make you more upbeat and successful in the workplace.

We make a first impression to our coworkers and a boss every day. A good cappuccino is just a shortcut to a morning smile and smile is the best tool to make a good impression.

Top 5 Best Cappuccino Maker Reviews

We made a quick comparison of Top 5 cappuccino maker reviews so that you can see them side by side and compare for yourself. Below you’ll find reviews of each cappuccino maker as well.

Note: We limited our reviews on a single boiler cappuccino makers because, honestly, dual boiler cappuccino system tend to be very expensive are more used as a commercial cappuccino machine (the ones for big coffee shops (think Starbucks).

Cappuccino Maker:Breville BES870XL Mr. Coffee ECMP1000 Mr. Coffee ECMP50 Dual Shot DeLonghi EC155 The Keurig Rivo
No. Of Cups:1 Cup1 Cup2 Cups1 Cup1 Cup
Time needed:★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
Boiler Type:Single With Heat ExchangeSingleSingleSingleSingle
Feature:Built-in Coffee GrinderAutomatic Milk FrotherDual-Shot BrewingSupports PodsBrews Under 1 Minute
Avg. Rating:★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
Top5er status:Cappuccino ExpertsBest SellerBest For TwoBest BudgetThe Fastest
Availability:Check PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Everybody should choose a cappuccino machine that best suits their needs. Need a cappuccino fast? Are you looking for a cheap cappuccino maker? Are you a cappuccino enthusiast and want to make a different cappuccino every time? Here are the individual best cappuccino maker reviews to help you find the best machine that suits your needs:

#1 Breville BES870XL Review – Perfect For Cappuccino Enthusiasts (Also Best-Rated)

Breville BES870XL is really a dream for cappuccino lovers who like to make their own coffee. With super-automatic machines, you just press a button but with Breville BES870XL you can try out some cool features to make your cappuccino better (the built-in coffee grinder is a BIG bonus here).

Here are some Breville BES870XL features you can try out:

  • Fresh Grinding – you can set grinding size and quantity. For best cappuccino try out the finest grinding.
  • Water Temperature – you can go up or down with water temperature for making cappuccino (Breville BES870XL allows you 1-2 degrees jumps). Higher the temp, the more thoroughly you extract the freshly-grinded coffee beans.
  • Single Or Double Shot – you never know when you’ll need a double shot espresso or cappuccino.
  • Milk Frothing – Breville BES870XL has a special milk steamer for ‘hands-on’ approach. That’s how you can make it more creamy or full or steamy foam – whichever way you like it.
breville bes870xl machine review
Breville BES870XL is a cappuccino-making dream machine.

It is a single boiler machine, but what gives Breville BES870XL cappuccino maker an edge is extra heat exchange feature (an upgrade from simple single boiler machines). It holds 67 oz. of water which is more than enough and boasts 1700W of power (creating full 15 bars of pressure for espresso extraction).

The Breville guy really explains in-depth what you can actually do with the BES870XL. You can check his video here.

Even the worst Breville BES870XL reviews are not bad at all. This is usually the fool-proof indication that this truly is one of the best cappuccino makers out there.

The Breville cappuccino maker is the priciest on our Top 5 list. If you’re a cappuccino enthusiast it’s well worth the price, especially because you get a coffee grinder free of charge with it (they can cost up to $200). You can check out the current Breville BES870XL price below:

Check Price Here

#2 Mr. Coffee ECMP1000 Review – The Absolute Best-Selling Cappuccino Maker

Mr. Coffee is the ‘Apple’ of espresso and cappuccino makers. ECMP1000 model of their cappuccino maker is their No. 1 selling machine and it’s easy to see why so many people make it their first choice.

Unlike Breville machines, it is super-automated. That means it has this neat principle of ‘press this one button and come back in a minute or so. Your cappuccino will be waiting for you’. It also accommodates the big travel mugs so you can get out of the door asap. If you have to make coffee on the move, do check out Top5er Top5 list of best travel kettles.

Do you want an espresso? A double espresso? Or double cappuccino?

No problem, just press the button and get a tasty coffee shop grade cappuccino. The point of Mr. Coffee ECMP1000 is its absolute simplicity and speed.

Simple and easy one-touch approach is perfect for a sleepy morning person.

The bonus here is the built-in milk frother. A decent milk frother costs $10 but getting it along with the Mr. Coffee ECMP1000 is just simpler and more convenient.

If you’ve ever waited for more than 5 minutes at Starbucks for a coffee, you can understand that excitement in the Mr. Coffee ECMP1000 review. ‘I can now magically create a cappuccino by myself!’

Joking aside, Mr. Coffee ECMP1000 is an affordable and reliable cappuccino maker that keeps on giving. If this is your first time buying an espresso/cappuccino maker, maybe you should start with this one – the majority of people do.

Check Price Here

#3 Mr. Coffee ECMP50 Review – Perfect For Company Of Two

When it comes to the best cappuccino makers, you’ll see that usually, you can make 1 cup at a time. Mr. Coffee ECMP50, however, is designed to make 2 cups at a time. This is very useful if you and your SO wake up at the same time and have to go to work at the same time. Why?

If you drink a cappuccino in the late afternoon, it’s no problem waiting for a cup. In the morning, however, speed is everything and making one cup after another is a waste of time. If you and your SO needs cappuccino or espresso at the same time, Mr. Coffee ECMP50 can help you out.

This will also relieve you of the argument ‘No, first cappuccino is mine, not yours. I’m more of a hurry than you’. Don’t let the love of cappuccino be a divider in a relationship. We all know that coffee is love.

Cappuccino for two.

Other than making two shots of cappuccino at the same time, Mr. Coffee ECMP50 has all the basics covered. It is super-automated for a single-button ‘make me some cappuccino’ push and has 15 bars of pressure to boot.

As usual with kitchen appliances, some noise is involved and as we see in this review of Mr. Coffee ECMP50 noise can be a significant con. The auto stop is another matter: you can set it yourself with the use of Mr. Coffee ECMP50 manual, or simply use bigger cups.

On the positive side, the price of Mr. Coffee ECMP50 is very affordable. In fact, this is one of the cheap cappuccino makers that you can just buy and try out and buy another one if this one doesn’t reach your expectations. There is also usually a discount on Mr. Coffee ECMP50 original price:

Check Price Here

#4 DeLonghi EC155 Review – Best Budget Cappucino Maker

DeLonghi EC155 is one of the best-known Italian cappuccino makers. The fact that it has more than 5000 Amazon reviews speaks volumes – it is a ‘golden standard’ of cappuccino makers.

Even though it is conveniently super-automated, it has the option of using pods. Personally, I prefer fresh ground coffee to pods, but using pods makes everything (including DeLonghi EC155 cleaning) easier. Pods are quite expensive, though, something like $1 per pod – you can check pod prices here.

delonghi cappuccino maker
DeLonghi EC155 – Italian espresso/cappuccino maker.

With such an abundance of DeLonghi EC155 reviews, it’s not hard to find the classic ‘yeah, I love it’ or ‘no, I hate’ reviews. By now there are more than 3500 positive reviews and more than 1700 negative reviews. Quick note: to understand this review of EC155, you have to assume the reviewer is making Italian hand gestures.

Overall, yes, there are some negative things about DeLonghi EC155 but if you’re looking for a cheap cappuccino maker, the EC155 is the best budget choice. I just hope it doesn’t break too quickly.

Check Price Here

#5 Keurig Rivo Review – The Fastest Cappuccino Maker For One

Keurig Rivo is actually quite a neat cappuccino maker. It’s not for two, because the Keurig is bound to only make single-serve coffee machines, but it is FAST. Like really fast.

Keurig Rivo brews a cappuccino in under 1 minute. That less than that it takes to brush your teeth in the morning.

This is absolutely for active people who want a lightning-fast cappuccino and be on their way asap.

Aside from being the fastest cappuccino maker, it can create a latte or even cold froth as well. Do notice that it uses pods, and not just any pods, to make a cappuccino. Keurig Rivo uses LavAzza pods which do cost about $1 per pod. You can check the latest pod prices here.

The fastest cappuccino maker in the world – Keurig Rivo.

What is really surprising about the Rivo model by Keurig is that Keurig Rivo reviews are not overly positive. Currently, the average Keurig Rivo review score stands at 3.7 out of 5. Why is this?

If you go through a few Keurig Rivo reviews, you notice that quality is lacking. Keurig Rivo is made more or less out of hard plastic and it does break more frequently than, say, stainless steel.

Nonetheless, it has no rival when it comes to speed and thus convenience. This is why many people who bought the Rivo and broke it in a few years, still go ahead and buy another Keurig Rivo, cappuccino maker. This is of course partly because of the affordable price:

Check Price Here

What Features To Look For When Buying The Best Cappuccino Maker?

Pretty much everybody agrees that a cappuccino in a coffee shop is better than the coffee we make at home. This is simply because in a coffee shop they have the best semi-automated cappuccino makers. And more experience making it.

However, if you can get the best cappuccino maker, you can make a great cappuccino as well. What is even more, with the best cappuccino machines you can rig the settings to make the best-tasting cappuccino especially for you (in coffee shops they usually have one default setting that brews ‘mainstream’ coffee – the kind everybody should love).

Automation, Speed, Boiler, And Price

Several factors that make the best cappuccino makers the best are important but none is more vital than the level of automation of the cappuccino machine. Here is a quick insight into what cappuccino makers differ on:

  • Level Of Automatic – is a cappuccino maker semi-automatic, super-automatic or does it just uses pods?
    • Pods: A cappuccino machine that uses pods is the simplest and the most consistent one – but it makes regular cappuccino. You might want to avoid that if you want to make a cappuccino with a decent taste. You will also have to buy the expensive pods, adding to the cost of using a cappuccino maker.
    • Semi-automatic: This is the one baristas use. It has a variety of different settings and you can play around with them to brew the coffee that best tastes to you. You can even froth your own milk. It’s like making your own brand of coffee! However, if you want something simple and easy, steer clear from semi-automatic cappuccino makers. They are perfect for cappuccino enthusiasts but if you want to grab a cappuccino in the morning in 2 minutes, go for super-automatic cappuccino machines.
    • Super-automatic: Push-one-button cappuccino makers. The best super-automated cappuccino machines are completely automated. Everything from fresh coffee grinding to milk frothing is taken care of. This is perfect for active people who want to grab a tasty cappuccino as quickly as possible and be out the door in minutes.
  • Speed – how quickly does a cappuccino machine make a cappuccino? A big thing about making coffee in the morning is that it is quick. The quicker it is, the longer you can sleep, right? The super fast cappuccino maker Keurig Rivo, for example, can easily make a cappuccino in less than a minute.
  • Boiler And Price – how much do cappuccino makers cost and what determines the price? Cappuccino machines can cost from under $100 to over $1.000. What makes the above $1.000 Breville BES920XL different from the best-selling cappuccino maker Mr. Coffee ECMP1000? Mainly, the boiler. The best single boiler cappuccino machines are reasonably priced and a majority of people will go for a single boiler. Dual boiler, on the other hand, can steam milk with one boiler and extract espresso (for cappuccino making) with the other. The downside? Dual boiler cappuccino makers are crazy expensive – usually above $1.000.

Do You Need A Cappuccino Maker (Alternatives)

Here is the section that kind of prevent impulsive buys. We at Top5er also ask you the question ‘do you really need this’?

This is not to say we don’t want you to choose one of many great cappuccino makers. If you drink coffee on a daily basis, that is a good idea, but if you just want to try cappuccino this one time or something, please go to the local coffee shop and order one. A nice barista will also show you how it’s made if you ask nicely.

Anyhow, here are some alternatives to buying a cappuccino maker:

  • Swap cappuccino for tea. If you’re drinking cappuccino for focus, black tea might be a solution. It is the one richest in caffeine and gives a hefty boost (it’s nothing like coffee but still).
  • Make a regular coffee and use milk thother for the cream. This is a cheap version of making a cappuccino. You won’t get a ‘real’ cappuccino but a milk frother doesn’t cost much.
  • Maybe you already have a cappuccino maker. Some people who own espresso makers fail to notice these same machines can also make a cappuccino. Yeah, it happens.
  • Stop drinking coffee altogether. Alright, this is a terrible idea.

Do You Have Experience With Cappuccino Makers?

If you own a cappuccino maker and would like to share some pros and cons, please go right ahead. We welcome every piece of advice that could help Top5er readers make a better decision.

Which cappuccino maker is your favorite?

5 Best Rain Shower Heads For ‘Waterfall In The Jungle’ Experience

best rain shower head

There are only so many simple things that bring joy to us every day. A yummy meal is one. A hot shower is another. We’re going to look at Top 5 best rain shower head reviews simply because standing under a shower and feeling the rain is magnificent.

Unfortunately, we can’t sing and dance in the rain every day, but with a very good rain shower head, we can come close to that.

And if your vocal cords are anything like mine, you would prefer your family being spared of listening to you sing under the shower. Nonetheless, we’ll look at some best rain shower heads and we hope they inspire you to sing under the shower.

What is a rainfall shower head?

Basically, a shower head that doesn’t need to be handheld and that feeling like rain falling on your body.

Top 5 Rain Shower Head Reviews

We created a quick comparison table for you to see some features of rainfall showerheads head-to-head (pun fully intended).

Shower Head:LORDEAR Ultra Thin 12''SUN RISE Luxury 12''HotelSpa Giant 10"ADKY Plastic 8''Koko Brand 16''
Dimensions:12'' x 12''
2.36'' thick
12'' x 12''
0.01'' thick
10'' x 14''
3'' thick
8'' x 8''
4'' thick
16'' x 16''
0.1'' thick
Color:Polished Chrome-3Polished ChromeChromeChromeChrome
Material:Stainless SteelPolished ChromeStainless SteelPlasticPolished Stainless Steel
Feature:Silicone Nozzles (Easy Clean)Air Tech For Low PressuresExtension ArmPlastic And CheapUltra Thin (0.1'')
Avg. Rating:★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
Top5er status:Best RatedBest Luxury'Golden Standard'Best BudgetThe Biggest
Availability: Check Price
Check Price
Check Price
Check Price
Check Price

As you can see, there are some major differences in shower head size and thickness of the nozzle. In Top5er tradition, we’ll go through all 5 best rain shower head reviews starting with the best-rated one (according to Amazon reviews):

No. 1 Rain Shower Head Pick

1. LORDEAR F01082CH Shower Head Review – Best-Rated Rain-Like Shower Head

It’s easy to see why LORDEAR F01082CH shower head is praised by all. It has everything a 1st-time buyer of rainfall shower head needs.

Polished chrome with 12” size is standard and, honestly, more than a majority of us need for an exuberating rainfall shower experience. You can go for 16” Koko Brand if you would like to feel like in a rain forest experiencing downpour.

Easy installation and maintenance are great as well. Of course, every rainfall shower head cleans you well enough, but how do you clean the shower head itself in return? Easily:

Cleaning 196 silicone nozzles of LORDEAR rain shower head is quite an easy task.

Well, even the worst rain shower head review is kind of good. I mean, 3-stars is not bad at all, and I’ve yet to see a shower head which wouldn’t have at least one review about ‘everything was crap, I ain’t buying this again, the only true rainfall shower is in under a rainfall’.

In short, if you need a rain experience every day for years on end, LORHEAD shower head does feel like rain falling on your body.

No. 2 Rain Shower Head Pick

2. SUN RISE Ultra Thin Rain Shower Head – Best Luxury Shower Head For Rainfall Experience

Let’s talk about the shower head technology with the Sun Rise shower head. To fully recreate the natural feeling of rain in your bathroom, we need some good tech. Rain is a natural occurrence but recreating it is not easy at all.

Sun Rise went above and beyond with the technology with their ultra-thin rain shower head (state-of-the-art tech actually enables it to be ultra thin in the first place).

We didn’t go into details about their air energy technology but you can look at what is the entire point of it:

  • Air sprays water droplets to mimic the rain
  • Full rainfall experience even with low water pressure (very important!)
Sun Rise shower head is ahead of time.

It’s quite unlike any showerhead you’ve ever used. And the best thing? Once it’s installed, you operate it as easily as a normal wall-mounted shower.

This review is not surprising at all. ‘Outperforms all other rain shower heads’ has a nice ring to it. This review was nothing extraordinary – of course, people love advanced air tech rainfall showerheads.

However, I was most impressed by the next review. The customer had a problem with the 1st Sun Rise shower head she bought. And with the 2nd! But she was so impressed by this rain shower head she went to out get the 3rd one and now loves it.

I mean, this is some dedication. But if you want to have a truly wonderful shower on a daily basis, the Sun Rise, when perfect, does provide you with it.

Oh, and the costs. All high tech products have a higher price tag and the best Sun Rise rain shower head is no different. The original price is a whopping $239.99. That makes it both luxurious and, well, overpriced.

If you want to get it much cheaper (every 75% off), make sure you buy it over Amazon because they have some serious discounts on it. That’s how you can buy a luxurious rain shower head for a fraction of the cost. Here you can check the current price of Sun Rise shower head:

No. 3 Rain Shower Head Pick

3. HotelSpa Giant Rain Shower Head – The ‘Golden Standard’ Of Rain Heads (But A Bit Outdated)

The word ‘Giant’ is really interesting here. Back in the day when HotelSpa rain shower head established itself as the new standard, it’s 10” x 14” dimensions were deemed ‘giant’.

With today standards, the dimensions of HotelSpa Giant rain shower head are quite of standard size. Nonetheless, this head remains as one of the best rain shower heads to this day. Admittedly, it is now a bit behind the newer silicone nozzles and advanced air technology that other modern rainfall showers have.

Back in this shower head prime days, the adjustable extension arm was the cutting-edge feature. HotelSpa rainfall head excelled exactly because of incredible ease their extension arm could be adjusted to fit pretty much everybody wanting a rainfall experience under the shower.

The famous adjustable extension arm in action.

Being around for longer than the other 4 best rain shower heads means it has been tested out more. It is the old-school design but HotelSpa is also durable and reliable – you won’t have to buy rain shower head after rain shower head to test them out. This one has been tested thoroughly, to say the least.

If you’re looking best solid rain shower head and don’t want to spend too much, the HotelSpa rainfall head is the well-tested choice.

No. 4 Rain Shower Head Pick

4. AKDY AZ-6021 Plastic Shower Head – Best Budget Rain Shower Head

Yes, all shower heads don’t have to be made out of stainless steel. The AKDY rain shower head is made out of plastic. With stainless steel, a lot has to be done to avoid corrosion (it has to be stainless), but with plastics, corrosion is not a problem at all.

This is a little 8” rain shower head that is installed in minutes and you need little to worry about it later as well.

The best part of being out of plastic is that it can be cheap. And it is! AKDY’s head is one of the cheapest rain shower heads around. Fortunately, cheap doesn’t mean ugly here, just look at it:

plastic rain shower head
Quite a beautiful rain shower head.

It is also the thickest of the Top 5 best rain shower heads. This has everything to do with being made out of plastic – steel is tougher than plastics, obviously, so you need more plastic to get the same strength.

The experience of showering with a small rain shower head is quite amazing according to Markies:


I would think that it is ideal for people buying rain shower head on a budget. A nice example are college students. I know that I would want a nice relaxing shower if it would cost as little like this one.

No. 5 Rain Shower Head Pick

5. Koko Brand Rain Shower Head – The Biggest Shower Head For A True Rainfall Experience

With Koko Brand shower head we come to the ‘the bigger it is, the better‘ statement. Why? Well, for one, you won’t find a lot of bigger rain shower heads than the one Koko Brand offers. It’s full 16 inches by 16 inches. To most of the people that is a bit excessive, even for a luxury shower.

However, if you have a big bathroom and want to test out how it feels like standing under a rainfall in your bathroom, you can go right ahead.

One piece of advice: Be sure not to care about the water bill with this one. The Koko Brand rain shower head rains down the water and the water consumption is what you would expect. For example, for the best 8” rainfall shower head you will pay 4 times less for water than with this one (if we assume the flow through the nozzles is the same).

huge rain shower head
Koko Brand is big and bulk – do you find it a bit excessive?

As you can see, the giant rain shower head is not wall-mounted. Instead, it is installed directly on the ceiling. This also means that rainfall shower head installation is not as easy as with the others.

The water pressure also has to be higher than with a standard head simply because Koko Brand requires that much more water.

All in all, this is a big expensive shower head. But it does throw the most water at you and it really feels like a downpour. It feels amazing if you can afford it.

How To Pick The Best Rain Shower Head?

Here is a quick list of best rain shower head features we considered when choosing the rain-effect shower heads:

  • Rain shower head size – ‘Size matters’. Well, at least for some. The bigger the shower head (more inches, god this is now embarrassing) the better the showering experience. Bigger showers heads are also pricier.
  • Weightheavier rain shower head means better quality. Simply put, durable and high-quality materials are heavier. Fortunately, these shower heads are mounted and you won’t have problems with your hand falling off like with some really heavy handheld showerheads.
  • Material – what is shower head made out of? In most cases, stainless steel. However, hard plastic is also a choice here – it is a lower quality material but it is light and it is cheap. If you’re looking to buy a rain shower head for $20, plastic shower head might not be a bad idea.

Do You Need A Rain Shower Head (Alternatives)

In the end, we at Top5er always want you to ask one question – ‘Do I really need a rain shower head?’.

That is to say, we want everybody to make an informed and smart decision when buying anything, be it a shower head or an office chair or even a little thing such as a travel kettle.

That’s why we come up with few alternatives to buying a rain shower head:

  • Just use the regular shower head. If the point of showering is to get clean, a standard non-rain shower head will do as good a job as even the best rain shower head. However, if you’re in it for the experience – you know, coming home after work and wanting an exuberating shower – than a regular shower head is of little use.
  • Enjoy in the rain. This is by far the best experience and only the best rain shower head comes even close to that. From time to time it’s great to enjoy a true downpour but that doesn’t happen every day and you can’t actually use shampoo and soup while standing in the rain outside.
  • Anything else? You’re welcome to suggest below.

Your Suggestions For The Best Rain Shower Head

If you have some experience with any of these showers heads or even a different one, do us all a favor and describe it in the comments. We like to read about both positive and negative views to know what to watch for and what excited you about your pick.

To rain shower or not to rain shower, that is the question!

5 Best Travel Kettles That Weigh Less Than 2 Pounds [Review]

best travel kettle reviews

Have you ever woke up on a trip without the ability to make coffee? About 100% of people who love coffee pretty much hate having to wake up without one.

To make coffee (or tea) we need just one thing: boiling water. An electric travel kettle is designed to fulfill that singular purpose: to boil water.

In order to find the best way to bring water to a boil to enjoy that much needed morning coffee on the trip we had only one question to answer:

What is the best travel kettle to buy in 2020?

We went through a mountain of electric, stove, dual voltage, collapsible travel kettles to you the Top 5 best travel kettle choices; and the No. 1  pick is – not surprisingly – Gourmia GK320.

Gourmia is the most popular brand of electric kettles. Its GK320 dual voltage model can be folded and thus requires the least amount of space, leaving you plenty of room in the backpack or suitcase. Pretty much everybody loves it because it’s, well, a perfect little travel kettle.

way how gourmia gk320 travel kettle can be collapsed into a smaller dual voltage kettle
The best dual voltage travel kettle of 2019 – Gourmia GK320.

5 Best Travel Kettle Reviews

This is a comparison table of the best travel kettles so that you quickly get an idea of what a good kettle should look like. Of course, you’re welcome to read the individual travel kettle reviews later on:

Travel Kettles:Gourmia Foldable Electric KettleLoutytuo Ultrathin KettleBonavita 0.5L KettleCMDREAMS KettleLyty Pink Foldable Kettle
Gourmia-Foldable-Electric-Kettletravel kettle that can be squeezed togetherBonavita-0.5L-Kettle-for-travelcmdream electric water kettlepink travel kettle with dual voltage cables
Size:144 inches3186 inches3245 inches3258 inches3259 inches3
Weight:0.9 pounds2.1 pounds1.3 pounds1.8 pounds1.9 pounds
Material:SiliconeSiliconeStainless SteelStainless SteelSilicone
Voltage:120V and 240V110V and 220V120V and 220V110V110V and 240V
Quality:4.5 out of 5 stars4.8 out of 5 stars4.2 out of 5 stars4.2 out of 5 stars4.2 out of 5 stars
Avg. Rating:4.7 out of 5 stars4.7 out of 5 stars4.5 out of 5 stars4.5 out of 5 stars4.3 out of 5 stars
Top5er status:Best RatedPremiumGolden StandardStandard Steel KettleMost Girly
Availability: Check Price

Also, if you check this rule in the table above:

  • Silicone = Foldable (Collapsible) Kettle
  • Stainless Steel = Non-foldable Kettle

Let us do a review of the best travel kettles. Here at Top5er we always start with the #1 product based on average Amazon rating – cause it seems fair and smart to listen to the people:

No. 1 Travel Kettle Pick

1. Gourmia GK320 Review – Best Travel Kettle Of 2019

Gourmia dual voltage kettle for travel is both one of the smallest and light-weight kettles out there. This makes it perfect for taking it with you on a trip. But the main thing people love is the foldability.

The dual-voltage electric travel kettle can be folded inside itself – making it a small electric travel kettle. When you bring it out, it expands from 4 inches in height to about 7-8 inches in total. It kind of doubles in size:

best small dual voltage kettle for travel that can also be folded
Gourmia GK320 is the best small dual voltage kettle for travel. It can be folded

This little kettle packs quite a lot of power as well. Even more importantly, you can plug it in 120V or 240V outlets. This means that if you go around the US, you’ll have no problems with it. Wanna go to Japan or Europe? The little Gourmia GK320 dual voltage kettle goes with you!

Wanna go for a car trip across the US?

Well, think again about this one. One drawback of Gourmia electric travel kettle is that it cannot be used in a car. But luckily you can use it at any gas station, hotel, campsite and so on.

That’s obviously very important for the majority of people buying travel pots. It should look nice, right? It’s a small and little device that brings coffee to life – it should be absolutely adorable. Fortunately, it is:

best travel kettle reviews
That’s a Saturday morning coffee on a trip that’s well worth bringing a travel kettle with you.

All in all, Gourmia GK320 is lives up to the reputation of being the best the small travel kettle:

No. 2 Travel Kettle Pick

2. Loutytuo Foldable Dual Voltage Travel Kettle (Premium Choice)

The Loutytuo is the most versatile high-end travel kettle. If you pick the blue-colored one, it can even be the thing in your backpack you’re most proud of. In short, it looks amazing and it is amazing:

best foldable electric kettle for travel with a sketch how to fold it
The Loutytuo travel kettle in blue. The blue color is really nice. All the cords are white.

Of course, with the dual voltage, you can use it both in the US (110 V) and in Europe/Asia (220V).

It is made out of safe food-grade protective silicone. What is more, the lid and the heating plate are made out of high-quality 304 stainless steel. The addition of steel and the beautiful design make this the best premium travel kettle.

However, the use of steel also makes the Loutytuo kettle a bit, well, heavy. It does weigh more than 2 pounds which is not ideal for a travel kettle you want to take with you hiking or backpacking.

It can be folded into such a small size that it will fit in your arm. The total volume of the folded kettle is 186 cubic inches; this is a surprisingly small volume for a kettle that can boil more than half a liter of water in one go.

All that beautiful design does come at a higher price. You can check the current price of Loutytuo kettle here:

No. 3 Travel Kettle Pick

3. Bonavita 0.5 L Kettle – ‘Golden Standard’ Stainless Steel Kettle

Bonavita kettle is a classic travel pot. If you’ve seen another traveler making coffee with a portable kettle, he or she has probably used Bonavita.

Everything about travel electric kettle by Bonavita is ‘standard’. Don’t think this is the same as ‘boring’. I mean, does it look boring?

Elegant and classic – Bonavita travel kettle.

Classic electric kettle only means that it is a very reliable travel kettle with pretty much everything you would expect a solid kettle to have:

  • Dual voltage.
  • Stainless steel makes it durable.
  • 700 W of energy is more than enough.

Honestly, if you are buying your first travel steamer and will use it in hotels, Bonavita is the smartest choice. It is a reliable choice, albeit it can be a bit boring.

It doesn’t have that ‘wow’ effect with other travelers because most of the travelers who have seen a travel kettle in action, it was the Bonviva 0.5L kettle.

No. 4 Travel Kettle Pick

4. CMDREAM Stainless Steel Kettle For Travel

The CMDREAM is not one of those crazy foldable, collapsible kettles that you have to squeeze together to make them smaller. This is a standard kettle that you already probably have at home; you can take it up, put water in it, plug in 110V and you’ll have boiling water in 3-5 minutes.

It has a capacity of 0.5 liters; however, the CMDREAM kettle is so mini not a single dimension extends beyond 7 inches. Here is how 6.5 x 6.1 x 6.5 inches kettle looks like:

standard non collapsible travel kettle made out of stainless steel in white color
A small and standard non-foldable CMDREAM travel kettle. No folding, no fuss; just add water, plug it in and you’ll drink coffee in 3-5 minutes.

With the 800W of power, this little travel kettle can boil half a liter of water in about 5 minutes. If you want just one cup, the boiling water will be ready in 3-4 minutes.

However, it has one big drawback; it only works in the US. The CMDREAM can only use 110V plugs which are the US standard. If you are travel to Europe or Asia, picking a dual voltage kettle is a better option.

If you’re traveling in the US and need some old-fashioned no-fuss travel kettle, you can get CMDREAMS kettle here:

No. 5 Travel Kettle Pick

#5 Lyty Pink Foldable Travel Kettle For Boiling Water, Coffee And Milk

The Lyty foldable travel kettle is a bit special. And it’s not just that it’s pink. It’s kind of high-tech as well.

Do you know those standard kettles that heat water? The Lyty kettle does heat water, of course. But it also has two additional settings. It can heat water for coffee (for a perfect coffee, you should heat water about 10 degrees F below the boiling temperature) and it can heat water to baby-milk temperature.

You can see the three different settings for heating up water on the bottom of the kettle:

girly travel kettle with the setting for different water temperatures
On the bottom of the Lyfy kettle you can see 3 settings: 1) Boil, 2) Coffee, 3) Milk.

The Lyfy weighs less than 2 pounds, is dual voltage and you can get it here:

How To Pick Best Travel Kettle?

It doesn’t really matter where we are, we want to bring that piece of home-brewed coffee with us. The best mini electric kettle shouldn’t take a lot of space and should be as light as possible. Nobody would use even the best kettles for travel in 2018 if they would take up half the suitcase, would they?

This foldable travel kettle is smaller than iPhone 7 Plus. Pocket-size?

Here is a quick list of travel water kettle features we considered when choosing the best travel kettles (5 of them to be exact, this is Top5er after all):

  • Size – how small travel kettle are we talking about? Most of the best small kettles can boil about 0.5L of water. The smaller it is, the better (you can always heat water twice instead of leaving home with one too few knickers). Foldable kettles are great as well.
  • Weight – what is the weight of a travel pot? The suitcases and backpacks are usually heavy enough. Let’s lighten the load here with low-weight kettles.
  • Material – what is the travel kettle made out of? You can have stainless steel water heaters or ones made out of silicone. Stainless steel is more durable but silicon is lighter.
  • Voltage – what outlet can you plug your electric travel cauldron in? In the US, we have 120 V outlets. However, if you travel to the UK (the tea-drinking-people country) for example, they have 230 V outlets. 230 V does boil the water much quicker than 120 V in the US, but can travel electric kettle take that voltage?

Do You Need A Travel Kettle (Alternatives)

Of course, you also have to consider some alternatives to buying a kettle for travel. Here at Top5er we also encourage you to think about ‘do I really need this’.

One this is abundantly certain:
Coffee is life. (we also try to be funny on occasion)

In any case, here are some alternatives to investing in travel vessels:

  • Don’t drink coffee or tea. Admittedly, this is not always possible because we’re all pretty much caffeine addicts, but wouldn’t it be nice if we wouldn’t be? Nonetheless, when hiking, additional caffeine improves focus so we don’t fall off the mountain.
  • Check if your hotel has a kettle already. Some hotels also provide you with a kettle in your room – you can quickly check this by finding your hotel at Booking (check the detailed description of your hotel suite). Yes, this will make a hotel room more expensive, but if the kettle is already there, there is little point to buy a travel one. Note: Don’t invest in travel kettle for a just 1-time trip.
  • Just get somebody else to bring a kettle. If you go on a trip with a bunch of people, there are chances somebody has a travel electric kettle already. Check before going with the group so you won’t bring two of them. You obviously only need one. Bonus note: If you share this Top5er list on FB or Twitter, some of your friends will get one and you won’t have to buy it yourself. Just sayin’. 

Your Suggestions Of Kettles For Travel

We hope that this Top 5 list gave you enough insight into what the best kettle features are and which one is best for you.

If you have any comments or ideas about travel kettles, you’re welcome to share them in the comments.

You can share a good or bad experience (and fun ones) with this or that kettle and even talk about where did you go on your vacation (with the kettle, obviously). We want everybody to be involved in these reviews in order to share experiences and good practices about, well, all interesting things.