Top 5 Best Leather Office Chairs In 2020

What an office can’t do without is a nice and comfortable office chair. If you can get a leather one, get a leather one. Genuine leather office chairs might be a bit more expensive than standard ones but we took the time to bring you the Top 5 best leather office chairs.

When setting up an office, we usually neglect the importance of having a solid and ergonomic office chair. Why?

Well, simply because there are so many other things to be concerned about. Buying a printer, setting up documentation, picking a secretary and so forth.

However, when we have an office for some time, we do realize that, yes, the printer did cost upwards of $1,000 but you only use it for 10 minutes per day. What do we do most of the time in the office? Sit on our office chairs. 

A glitch in a printer is much easier to repair than a pinch in your spine, and you can be sure that in 10 years, your printer will have to be fixed and, if you’re using an office chair without appropriate support, you’ll also have to fix your spine. Talk about painkillers and medical costs.

Choosing the right chair for the office is very important but we should not neglect how we sit on it – did you know there is a proper sitting posture of an office chair for typing away emails? Good posture is everything about combining a good office chair and the way we sit on it.

This is why when making the best genuine leather office chair reviews, we focus on more ergonomic ones. If you’re interested in chairs that inspire us and our business partners with credibility and power, you should check out Top 5 Best Executive Chairs.

After all, this is clear. The boss should be the boss and worry about business. Best office chairs are here so that a boss or an employee can worry about the task at hand and not about the back-pain because of having a non-ergonomic chair.

Best Leather Office Chair Reviews (Comparison)

Leather Office Chair:Serta Office ChairGates Executive ChairFlash Armless ChairAmazonBasics High-Back ChairAlera Neratoli Chair
Leather Quality:Bonded LeatherGenuine LeatherLeatherSoftBonded Leather Faux Leather
Back Support:Mid-Back High-Back Mid-BackHigh-BackMid-Back
Sort:Comfortable Office ChairExecutive ChairConference ChairExecutive ChairHigh-End Office Chair
Quality:5 out of 5 stars4.8 out of 5 stars4.7 out of 5 stars4.2 out of 5 stars4 out of 5 stars
Feature:BIM Active Lumbar SupportWaterfall Design (For Leg Fatigue)Armless (Core Training)2- To 3-times Cheaper Than Luxury BrandsWaterfall Design (For Leg Fatigue)
Avg. Rating:4.9 out of 5 stars4.8 out of 5 stars4.5 out of 5 stars4.1 out of 5 stars3.8 out of 5 stars
Top5er status:Best Overall Ergonomic ChairBest LuxuryOnly For Stylish And Active PeopleBest BudgetBest Style-For-Price
Availability: Check Price
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No. 1 Leather Office Chair Pick

1. Serta Office Chair Review – Best Overall Office Leather Chair For Comfortable Sitting

Serta is the best full grain leather desk chair and if you came here for some comfort, be comforted. Serta leather office chair is the most comfortable chair to have in the office.

Just look at that deep and layered padding:

serta black leather office chair review
Imagine sliding in in one of these Serta chairs.

Can you already feel how the leather embraces you from all sides? The downside is that it’s really hard to stay awake in this chair. It’s just so comfortable!

The added bonus with Serta leather office chair is the BIM active lumbar support. This is just a fancy working for saying superb lumbar support – wherever or however you move, the chair aligns perfectly with your spine and body. Be sure to check out this video about the dangers of having an ergonomically not sufficient chair. 

This leather home office chair is more about relaxing than work. It would be perfect for a home office, where nobody can see you sleep, actually.

Pretty much all Serta office chair reviews talk about how comfortable it is (by the way, you should check out our post about the comfiest gaming chairs if you’re a gamer). The negative scrutiny of Serta chair, however, speaks about being too comfortable. I’m not sure if that is a pro or con of Serta office seat.

Another bad thing about is that small people have problems with adjusting it to their size. If you’re under 5 feet, you should choose another chair.

  • Most Comfortable Office Chair
  • BIM Active Lumbar Support
  • Super ergonomic for health and wellness
  • Perfect for people who want a own a relaxing office chair
  • Maybe too comfortable?
  • Doesn’t move around well
  • Not for small people (under 5 feet)

No. 2 Leather Office Chair Pick

2. Gates Executive Chair Review – Top Genuine Leather Chair For Active CEO (Or For People Who Want To Become CEO)

Do you know how hard it is to find a leather computer chair that would actually be made out of genuine white leather for $600? Well, it turns out it’s impossible.

However, if you’re prepared to spend a bit more, you can buy a genuine leather office chair. It’s called ‘Gates executive chair’ and this is how it looks like in white leather (you can also pick black, dark brown or cream version):

white leather office chair
The best $600 or so chair for the boss. You can even pick your color.

In addition to being made out of real white leather, the Gates chair (it’s made by Zuri Furniture) has distinct high-back support. You can also see that this white leather chair with a high back is sheltered from the right and the left, and there are even the arms there to rest your arms.

With back and arms covered, let’s go-to legs. A special feature of Gates leather office seat is the so-called ‘Waterfall design’ of the seating place. It is a bit of a cushion under your knees designed to elevate leg pain. Mind you, this will not help if you have some serious leg pain but if you are a morning runner or have a morning workout routine, the waterfall design will help soothe the leg muscles.

And what he says it’s true – you will hardly find a better value high-end office chair with a high back like this. There is a problem with leaning back a bit, but a CEO should always be on his or her toes, right?

  • Geniuene Italian leather (For $600!)
  • Excellent fine stiching
  • High-back and arms support
  • Even for very tall people
  • Relieves leg muscles (should matter if you do 5k before work)
  • Perfect for an executive or a CEO
  • It’s hard to lean back
  • Takes about 5 minutes to put it together

No. 3 Leather Office Chair Pick

3. Flash Furniture Armless Leather Office Chair Audit – For Stylish People Who Want To Get Noticed

This is a leather desk chair that your stylist would recommend. Flash Furniture chairs have a bit of design edge over convention chairs and their Flash Furniture leather office chair is a perfect example of this.

Do you like the minimalistic design? You can view the Flash Furniture armless chair for yourself:

Minimalistic design with black ribbed leather. A chair for the stylish person in the office.

Apart from the design, you’ll also notice that this is an armless black leather office chair. No arm support is quite a big deal -,, especially for your core.

Armless means that you will have to strengthen your core from time to time and train your abs. If you’re not an active person, better steer clear of the Flash Furniture office chair.

Nonetheless, you will get a little help with the mid-back support. But, mind you, only a little. There is a reason why they call mid-back support office chairs the “task chairs”. You will do your work while at the same time work on your core.

Looking good in the office is a vital part of this chair.

In short, it is very chic but you have to be able to handle it. Your whole posture should grow from this chair but you will have to put some work into it and people will notice!

However, what is better than everybody knowing how well-defined your core is and looking effortlessly chic at the same time?

  • Très chic!
  • Armless for core strength
  • Mid-back support for work efficiency
  • Very affordable price
  • No squeaking sound
  • Perfect for stylish people in the office
  • Not for passive people
  • Not appropriate for people who should be locked by ‘Fashion Police’
  • Not for very tall people

No. 4 Leather Office Chair Pick

4. AmazonBasics Executive Office Chair Review – Terrific Budget Choice

AmazonBasics has a line of office chairs that you don’t need the hustle over. The AmazonBasics high-back executive chair in black leather is a basic office chair made for a very reasonable price – you’re not paying for a luxury brand such as Zuri Furniture or Flash Furniture.

This leather work chair is all about the functionality and it actually is very comfortable to sit in, even for 1o hours or more. Here is how it looks like – it’s a black bonded leather office chair:

best leather office chair reviews
A standard and reasonably priced AmazonBasics office chair.

The AmazonBasics black office chair has all that you need to rotate or move around. 360-degree swivel? Check. Large no-nonsense rolling casters? Check. High-back support? Check. What else do you need?

It’s basically for someone who needs a new reliable chair. Period.

If you want to stay on the budget, the AmazonBasics leather office chair is a smart choice. If you want to show off big time, look at some luxury brand instead but be prepared to pay two- or threefold more for exactly the same kind of leather work chair.

  • Decent and reliable chair
  • All the basics covered (no hustle)
  • “What you see is what you get”
  • High-back support
  • 2x to 3x cheaper than luxury brands
  • Tools for setting it up included
  • Perfect for people who just need a new chair
  • Not for very stylish people
  • Not super-ergonomic
  • Not super-comfortable
  • Plastic wheels

No. 5 Leather Office Chair Pick

5. Alera Neratoli White Faux Leather Office Chair Review – Best Style-For-Price Office Chair

Alera Neratoli leather chair for office is the new chair on the block with a play on standard chair design. Translation: It is a standard leather computer chair. It looks modern. And it has the waterfall design for knee and legs relief.

What distinguished Alera chair from other outstanding leather office chairs is the combination of great style and low price tag. Why?

Well, style is expensive. Luxury brands invest heavily in a neat style which can bump a chair for $200 or more. Alera, on the other hand, just copies the style and creates a great piece of modern chair design for under $200. Total. Here is how Alera Neratoli white leather chair for office looks like:

alera white office leather chair
Luxury brands will charge you for the style. Not Alera – this is the best style-per-dollar office chair.

There are some issues with quality, however. The chrome on the arms is not a durable as we would like it to be.

  • ‘Drop dead gorgeous’
  • Low price for great style
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Mid-back support
  • Perfect for stylish people searching for a great deal
  • Creaking sound when moving on a chair
  • Doesn’t recline well
  • Not the most comfortable of chairs

What We Based Our Leather Task Chair Analysis On

There are several things that distinguish good office chairs from great office chairs. In this best real leather office armchair review selection, the focus was primarily on:

  • Back Support – what can of back support does an office chair offer? There is a story between mid-back vs high-back support chairs. Mid-back support office chairs are known as “task chairs” and most appropriate for younger people in the office. High-back support chairs offer more relaxed sitting and give an essence of power. A CEO will always sit on a high-back support executive chair.
  • Leather Quality – what kind of leather does leather job armchair have? Genuine leather would the best. Durability, credibility and the sense of power are all intertwined is what kind of leather is used to make the chair. Note: Genuine leather computer chairs cost upwards of at least $600. In this best genuine leather office chair reviews, we focused on chairs that cost below $600 – but still, we found one that is out of genuine leather (check the table below).
  • Sort Of Chair – is the chair best suited for executives, for a conference room or for standard office needs? You know what you’ll use the leather desk chair you’re buying. We try to give you some variety and, more importantly, make sure you don’t buy a standard office chair for your boss!
  • Price – how much does a leather office chair cost? The prices of leather job chairs start at $100 for the best budget office chairs but can also range up to $10,000 or more. We focused on budget-friendly and best value leather chairs for the office.

Price Comparison Of Best Leather Office Chairs

We wanted to stay within the $600 budget for a leather office chair. One chair we reviewed was above that price range but, in general, leather office chairs are not that expensive if you don’t go for genuine leather. If you have a limited budget, you might look at our article about office chair vs gaming chair. If you have a home office or a cool start-up office, you might consider buying a gaming chair which is both ergonomically designed and moderately priced.

What Office Chair Do You Currently Sit On?

If you have a favorite office chair (maybe the one you’re sitting on just this moment) and would like to share some insight about it, you’re welcome to do so in the comments.

You can talk a bit about why do you think your chair is the best leather office chair, about the features and price.

Oh, and if you have an opinion to share about an office chair from Top5er editorial selection, go right ahead as well!

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