5 Best Cappuccino Maker Reviews That’ll Wake You Up Now!

“One cappuccino, please.”

This is what I would order the moment when I wake up. Unfortunately, without a cappuccino maker, most of us have to drink a regular black coffee upon waking up. It does taste awful but it also takes us some time to make. And it’s followed by a lengthy commute to work.

Mornings are not the best of times for most people, but with some small thing like a cappuccino maker, the whole morning experience can be a bit more cheerful. This prompted us to make a collection of best cappuccino machines. Why?

Well, cappuccino maker is very useful. Not only does it make a tasty cappuccino in a record time, it can also make your morning – and saves you $100/month in coffee shop bills. Every cappuccino maker can make espresso as well (this goes without saying).

morning-coffee and cappuccino
No morning is perfect without a good cup of coffee.

A cappuccino will give you a bit more focus on your commute (please do drink (coffee) and drive in the morning for your sake and the sake of other people). It will make you more upbeat and successful in the workplace.

We make a first impression to our coworkers and a boss every day. A good cappuccino is just a shortcut to a morning smile and smile is the best tool to make a good impression.

Top 5 Best Cappuccino Maker Reviews

We made a quick comparison of Top 5 cappuccino maker reviews so that you can see them side by side and compare for yourself. Below you’ll find reviews of each cappuccino maker as well.

Note: We limited our reviews on a single boiler cappuccino makers because, honestly, dual boiler cappuccino system tend to be very expensive are more used as a commercial cappuccino machine (the ones for big coffee shops (think Starbucks).

Cappuccino Maker:Breville BES870XL Mr. Coffee ECMP1000 Mr. Coffee ECMP50 Dual Shot DeLonghi EC155 The Keurig Rivo
No. Of Cups:1 Cup1 Cup2 Cups1 Cup1 Cup
Time needed:★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
Boiler Type:Single With Heat ExchangeSingleSingleSingleSingle
Feature:Built-in Coffee GrinderAutomatic Milk FrotherDual-Shot BrewingSupports PodsBrews Under 1 Minute
Avg. Rating:★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
Top5er status:Cappuccino ExpertsBest SellerBest For TwoBest BudgetThe Fastest
Availability:Check PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Everybody should choose a cappuccino machine that best suits their needs. Need a cappuccino fast? Are you looking for a cheap cappuccino maker? Are you a cappuccino enthusiast and want to make a different cappuccino every time? Here are the individual best cappuccino maker reviews to help you find the best machine that suits your needs:

#1 Breville BES870XL Review – Perfect For Cappuccino Enthusiasts (Also Best-Rated)

Breville BES870XL is really a dream for cappuccino lovers who like to make their own coffee. With super-automatic machines, you just press a button but with Breville BES870XL you can try out some cool features to make your cappuccino better (the built-in coffee grinder is a BIG bonus here).

Here are some Breville BES870XL features you can try out:

  • Fresh Grinding – you can set grinding size and quantity. For best cappuccino try out the finest grinding.
  • Water Temperature – you can go up or down with water temperature for making cappuccino (Breville BES870XL allows you 1-2 degrees jumps). Higher the temp, the more thoroughly you extract the freshly-grinded coffee beans.
  • Single Or Double Shot – you never know when you’ll need a double shot espresso or cappuccino.
  • Milk Frothing – Breville BES870XL has a special milk steamer for ‘hands-on’ approach. That’s how you can make it more creamy or full or steamy foam – whichever way you like it.
breville bes870xl machine review
Breville BES870XL is a cappuccino-making dream machine.

It is a single boiler machine, but what gives Breville BES870XL cappuccino maker an edge is extra heat exchange feature (an upgrade from simple single boiler machines). It holds 67 oz. of water which is more than enough and boasts 1700W of power (creating full 15 bars of pressure for espresso extraction).

The Breville guy really explains in-depth what you can actually do with the BES870XL. You can check his video here.

Even the worst Breville BES870XL reviews are not bad at all. This is usually the fool-proof indication that this truly is one of the best cappuccino makers out there.

The Breville cappuccino maker is the priciest on our Top 5 list. If you’re a cappuccino enthusiast it’s well worth the price, especially because you get a coffee grinder free of charge with it (they can cost up to $200). You can check out the current Breville BES870XL price below:

Check Price Here

#2 Mr. Coffee ECMP1000 Review – The Absolute Best-Selling Cappuccino Maker

Mr. Coffee is the ‘Apple’ of espresso and cappuccino makers. ECMP1000 model of their cappuccino maker is their No. 1 selling machine and it’s easy to see why so many people make it their first choice.

Unlike Breville machines, it is super-automated. That means it has this neat principle of ‘press this one button and come back in a minute or so. Your cappuccino will be waiting for you’. It also accommodates the big travel mugs so you can get out of the door asap. If you have to make coffee on the move, do check out Top5er Top5 list of best travel kettles.

Do you want an espresso? A double espresso? Or double cappuccino?

No problem, just press the button and get a tasty coffee shop grade cappuccino. The point of Mr. Coffee ECMP1000 is its absolute simplicity and speed.

Simple and easy one-touch approach is perfect for a sleepy morning person.

The bonus here is the built-in milk frother. A decent milk frother costs $10 but getting it along with the Mr. Coffee ECMP1000 is just simpler and more convenient.

If you’ve ever waited for more than 5 minutes at Starbucks for a coffee, you can understand that excitement in the Mr. Coffee ECMP1000 review. ‘I can now magically create a cappuccino by myself!’

Joking aside, Mr. Coffee ECMP1000 is an affordable and reliable cappuccino maker that keeps on giving. If this is your first time buying an espresso/cappuccino maker, maybe you should start with this one – the majority of people do.

Check Price Here

#3 Mr. Coffee ECMP50 Review – Perfect For Company Of Two

When it comes to the best cappuccino makers, you’ll see that usually, you can make 1 cup at a time. Mr. Coffee ECMP50, however, is designed to make 2 cups at a time. This is very useful if you and your SO wake up at the same time and have to go to work at the same time. Why?

If you drink a cappuccino in the late afternoon, it’s no problem waiting for a cup. In the morning, however, speed is everything and making one cup after another is a waste of time. If you and your SO needs cappuccino or espresso at the same time, Mr. Coffee ECMP50 can help you out.

This will also relieve you of the argument ‘No, first cappuccino is mine, not yours. I’m more of a hurry than you’. Don’t let the love of cappuccino be a divider in a relationship. We all know that coffee is love.

Cappuccino for two.

Other than making two shots of cappuccino at the same time, Mr. Coffee ECMP50 has all the basics covered. It is super-automated for a single-button ‘make me some cappuccino’ push and has 15 bars of pressure to boot.

As usual with kitchen appliances, some noise is involved and as we see in this review of Mr. Coffee ECMP50 noise can be a significant con. The auto stop is another matter: you can set it yourself with the use of Mr. Coffee ECMP50 manual, or simply use bigger cups.

On the positive side, the price of Mr. Coffee ECMP50 is very affordable. In fact, this is one of the cheap cappuccino makers that you can just buy and try out and buy another one if this one doesn’t reach your expectations. There is also usually a discount on Mr. Coffee ECMP50 original price:

Check Price Here

#4 DeLonghi EC155 Review – Best Budget Cappucino Maker

DeLonghi EC155 is one of the best-known Italian cappuccino makers. The fact that it has more than 5000 Amazon reviews speaks volumes – it is a ‘golden standard’ of cappuccino makers.

Even though it is conveniently super-automated, it has the option of using pods. Personally, I prefer fresh ground coffee to pods, but using pods makes everything (including DeLonghi EC155 cleaning) easier. Pods are quite expensive, though, something like $1 per pod – you can check pod prices here.

delonghi cappuccino maker
DeLonghi EC155 – Italian espresso/cappuccino maker.

With such an abundance of DeLonghi EC155 reviews, it’s not hard to find the classic ‘yeah, I love it’ or ‘no, I hate’ reviews. By now there are more than 3500 positive reviews and more than 1700 negative reviews. Quick note: to understand this review of EC155, you have to assume the reviewer is making Italian hand gestures.

Overall, yes, there are some negative things about DeLonghi EC155 but if you’re looking for a cheap cappuccino maker, the EC155 is the best budget choice. I just hope it doesn’t break too quickly.

Check Price Here

#5 Keurig Rivo Review – The Fastest Cappuccino Maker For One

Keurig Rivo is actually quite a neat cappuccino maker. It’s not for two, because the Keurig is bound to only make single-serve coffee machines, but it is FAST. Like really fast.

Keurig Rivo brews a cappuccino in under 1 minute. That less than that it takes to brush your teeth in the morning.

This is absolutely for active people who want a lightning-fast cappuccino and be on their way asap.

Aside from being the fastest cappuccino maker, it can create a latte or even cold froth as well. Do notice that it uses pods, and not just any pods, to make a cappuccino. Keurig Rivo uses LavAzza pods which do cost about $1 per pod. You can check the latest pod prices here.

The fastest cappuccino maker in the world – Keurig Rivo.

What is really surprising about the Rivo model by Keurig is that Keurig Rivo reviews are not overly positive. Currently, the average Keurig Rivo review score stands at 3.7 out of 5. Why is this?

If you go through a few Keurig Rivo reviews, you notice that quality is lacking. Keurig Rivo is made more or less out of hard plastic and it does break more frequently than, say, stainless steel.

Nonetheless, it has no rival when it comes to speed and thus convenience. This is why many people who bought the Rivo and broke it in a few years, still go ahead and buy another Keurig Rivo, cappuccino maker. This is of course partly because of the affordable price:

Check Price Here

What Features To Look For When Buying The Best Cappuccino Maker?

Pretty much everybody agrees that a cappuccino in a coffee shop is better than the coffee we make at home. This is simply because in a coffee shop they have the best semi-automated cappuccino makers. And more experience making it.

However, if you can get the best cappuccino maker, you can make a great cappuccino as well. What is even more, with the best cappuccino machines you can rig the settings to make the best-tasting cappuccino especially for you (in coffee shops they usually have one default setting that brews ‘mainstream’ coffee – the kind everybody should love).

Automation, Speed, Boiler, And Price

Several factors that make the best cappuccino makers the best are important but none is more vital than the level of automation of the cappuccino machine. Here is a quick insight into what cappuccino makers differ on:

  • Level Of Automatic – is a cappuccino maker semi-automatic, super-automatic or does it just uses pods?
    • Pods: A cappuccino machine that uses pods is the simplest and the most consistent one – but it makes regular cappuccino. You might want to avoid that if you want to make a cappuccino with a decent taste. You will also have to buy the expensive pods, adding to the cost of using a cappuccino maker.
    • Semi-automatic: This is the one baristas use. It has a variety of different settings and you can play around with them to brew the coffee that best tastes to you. You can even froth your own milk. It’s like making your own brand of coffee! However, if you want something simple and easy, steer clear from semi-automatic cappuccino makers. They are perfect for cappuccino enthusiasts but if you want to grab a cappuccino in the morning in 2 minutes, go for super-automatic cappuccino machines.
    • Super-automatic: Push-one-button cappuccino makers. The best super-automated cappuccino machines are completely automated. Everything from fresh coffee grinding to milk frothing is taken care of. This is perfect for active people who want to grab a tasty cappuccino as quickly as possible and be out the door in minutes.
  • Speed – how quickly does a cappuccino machine make a cappuccino? A big thing about making coffee in the morning is that it is quick. The quicker it is, the longer you can sleep, right? The super fast cappuccino maker Keurig Rivo, for example, can easily make a cappuccino in less than a minute.
  • Boiler And Price – how much do cappuccino makers cost and what determines the price? Cappuccino machines can cost from under $100 to over $1.000. What makes the above $1.000 Breville BES920XL different from the best-selling cappuccino maker Mr. Coffee ECMP1000? Mainly, the boiler. The best single boiler cappuccino machines are reasonably priced and a majority of people will go for a single boiler. Dual boiler, on the other hand, can steam milk with one boiler and extract espresso (for cappuccino making) with the other. The downside? Dual boiler cappuccino makers are crazy expensive – usually above $1.000.

Do You Need A Cappuccino Maker (Alternatives)

Here is the section that kind of prevent impulsive buys. We at Top5er also ask you the question ‘do you really need this’?

This is not to say we don’t want you to choose one of many great cappuccino makers. If you drink coffee on a daily basis, that is a good idea, but if you just want to try cappuccino this one time or something, please go to the local coffee shop and order one. A nice barista will also show you how it’s made if you ask nicely.

Anyhow, here are some alternatives to buying a cappuccino maker:

  • Swap cappuccino for tea. If you’re drinking cappuccino for focus, black tea might be a solution. It is the one richest in caffeine and gives a hefty boost (it’s nothing like coffee but still).
  • Make a regular coffee and use milk thother for the cream. This is a cheap version of making a cappuccino. You won’t get a ‘real’ cappuccino but a milk frother doesn’t cost much.
  • Maybe you already have a cappuccino maker. Some people who own espresso makers fail to notice these same machines can also make a cappuccino. Yeah, it happens.
  • Stop drinking coffee altogether. Alright, this is a terrible idea.

Do You Have Experience With Cappuccino Makers?

If you own a cappuccino maker and would like to share some pros and cons, please go right ahead. We welcome every piece of advice that could help Top5er readers make a better decision.

Which cappuccino maker is your favorite?

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