5 Best Crepe Pan Reviews: Of Course Le Creuset Takes #1 Place

Is there anything better than waking up to the smell of fresh crepes and coffee from the kitchen? We provided you with the best cappuccino maker reviews, now it’s time we try to fry something with the best crepe pan comparison.

The best plate of breakfast pancakes with maple syrup simply needs the best crepe pan. I’m talking cast-iron here, the non-stick Teflon and even that French Le Creuset pan which makes making crepes a pure delight.

One thing to remember here is that making a great pancake is not the first step to making the best breakfast – it’s the most vital one.

Everybody can put some strawberries or blueberries on a crepe or smudge it with Nutella and cream (by the way, here are some ideas what to fill crepes with) but the crepe itself is the essential – the soft yummy delight if you will – is the basis.

If you can master how to make a good crepe, you can make someone smile even at 6 AM in the morning.

A master chef can make great crepes pretty much with any pan. I even once saw a chef made one of the best pancakes I ever tasted in a wokOf course, every chef’s dream is the Le Creuset crepe pan.

To become a master chef will take years of error-and-failure pancake making and nobody has time for that. But this is certain:

You don’t need to be a master crepe chef to make a great crepe. You just need the right equipment.

We’ll go into what the ‘right equipment’ for making pancakes means – albeit you’ve probably figured it out – its the crepe batter and the crepe pan.

We’ll cover the top crepe pans but if you need some solid pancake batter recipes, you can go right ahead and read how Martha Stewart does it.

By the way, she uses butter and non-stick crepe skillet to make those yummy things.

Top 5 Best Crepe Pan Reviews – What Do We Want? Non-Stick And Cast Iron!

Crepe Pan:Le Creuset Cast-Iron PanCuisinart 623-24 Crepe PanLodge L9OG3 Cast-Iron GriddleFutura Non-Stick GriddleMNK Crepe Pan
Size:10 and 2/3 inches10 inches10 inches11 inches10 inches
Material:Enameled Cast IronAnodized AluminumCast IronHard Anodized AluminumHard-Anodized Aluminum
Quality:4.9 out of 5 stars4.5 out of 5 stars4.2 out of 5 stars4 out of 5 stars3.7 out of 5 stars
Feature:Specialists Crepe PanHard-Anodized and Non-StickFor Crepes AND Pretty Much EverythingNon-Stick and Ultra-ThinCrepes, Omlettes, Tacos, etc.
Avg. Rating:4.8 out of 5 stars4.4 out of 5 stars4.2 out of 5 stars3.9 out of 5 stars3.9 out of 5 stars
Top5er status:For Crêpe ExpertsBest SellerBest Budget Makes Fastest PancakesBest For Whole Family
Availability: Check Price
Check Price
Check Price
Check Price
Check Price

Here are the individual best crepe pan reviews. We start with the pancakes pans that have the highest score on Amazon reviews – that kind of means that people bought and used the crepe pan are most happy with it.

No. 1 Crepe Pan Pick

1. Le Creuset Crepe Pan Review – French Pan For Crepe Experts

Le Creuset fantastique crepe pan is so French it comes in a cherry red color. Italians make the best coffee and the French make the best crepes, and for a very good reason:

They both cook with heart and, even more importantly, they have the best equipment on the planet.

When it comes to crepes, Le Creuset is the to-go pan if you want to really make those tasty crepes. It is hands down the best crepe pan in the world.

I’m not even kidding with this review of Le Creuset. Just look at it – this is no ordinary pancake pan:

Le Creuset crepe pan is used by the French crepe experts.

Where to start? It’s pretty much every chef’s dream to get one of these cast-iron Le Creuset pans in his kitchen. This is not really something you use to make your kid’s breakfast pancakes, to say the least.

The secret behind the fantastic pancakes made with Le Creuset pan is the enameled iron-cast surface. That’s iron-cast pan, with an added enameled surface. You can be pretty sure that nothing will stick to it.

If you think the French will let you stick this crepe pan in a dishwasher, you have another thing coming. Best way to clean this crepe pan is with soap and water – by hand. It is a delicate piece of kitchen art and should be treated as such.

It does make art-worthy pancakes if you know how to use it. Newsflash: you’ll need to master the wooden spreader that comes along with Le Creuset crepe pan.

This is not just another pan in your kitchen. It has tradition.

Now, you’ll rarely see a piece of kitchen dishware that people would ‘collect’.

Le Creuset is, hands-down, the finest crepe pan there is. Of course, it does cost a considerable amount more than ordinary crepe pans.

But you’re not buying an ordinary crepe pan if you go for Le Creuset. You’re buying an extraordinary experience and, possibly, a life-long or 4-or-more generation long passion for making crepes.

  • Finest crepe pan money can buy
  • ‘So French’ – in crepe-world, this is great
  • Cast-Iron + Enameled layer is the whole secret here
  • Ergonomic handle in ‘Cherry Red’ or ‘Marseille’ color (told you: tres french)
  • Includes wooden spreader
  • Perfect for expert crepe masters with passion
  • Not for standard workday breakfasts
  • Very expensive
  • Has to be clean by hand (soap and water)
  • Almost needs worship if you’re French
  • Thin but heavy (cast-iron story)
Positive vs. Negative Review Score
  • 87%

No. 2 Crepe Pan Pick

2. Cuisinart 623-24 Crepe Pan Review – Best Selling Crepe Pan This Moment

Most of us are not that demanding when it comes to making pancakes. Cuisinart classic pan is a solid and standard crepe pan that we can all use and make great pancakes with.

It’s not for a ‘best crepe in the world’ competition kind of frying pan. It’s more for people use just need to make quick and tasty pancakes for their family in the morning. How do we want them?

  • Simple to make.
  • Fluffy as angel hair.
  • Homemade with lots of love.

This is everything the Cuisinart standard crepe pan has to do, and it does it very well. No wonder it is by far the best selling pancake-making pan – who doesn’t want simple, fluffy and easy to make crepes for their breakfast?

The best-selling Cuisinart 623-24 standard crepe pan. A ‘must’ for every kitchen.

With this pancake pan, you get some very great perks as well. One of the most important things when using a crepe pan is that the crepes we’re making don’t stick. You don’t want to peel the pancake off the pan, it has to slide out of it when it’s just right.

Crepe pan makers coat the aluminum pans with a hard-anodized layer. This does a very good job making them not stick to the surface or the pan’s walls.

Mind you, it’s not as good and reliable as iron-cast crepe pans, but if you read through some of Cuisinart 623-24 crepe pan reviews you notice that people have rarely problems with pancakes sticking to the anodized surface layer.

In fact, most of Cuisinart crepe pan reviews are very upbeat and positive. It’s obvious that the majority of reviewers made some great pancakes before writing a review.

This one is interesting. Now, I use Cuisinart for crepes quite frequently and never had such a bad experience. I would think that the problem here is either too much milk in the pancake batter or too little butter on the surface.

In either case, however, we at Top5er find it important to point out the negative reviews of something like a crepe pan as well. We need to look at the good and the bad before really knowing which crepe pan is the best, right?

Let’s look at the pros and cons of the Cuisinart pancake griddle:

  • ‘Golden Standard’ crepe pan
  • Best-selling pan for crepes
  • Non-stick surface is pretty great
  • You can put it in 500F over
  • Great value for price (below $30)
  • Perfect for simple breakfast crepes
  • Nothing extraordinary about Cuisianart crepe pan
  • Not induction ready
  • Some people found problem with ‘non-stick’ surface
  • Can be easily scratched with metal (only use plastic or wood)
Positive vs. Negative Review Score
  • 90%

No. 3 Crepe Pan Pick

3. Lodge L9OG3 Crepe Griddle Review – Best Budget Pan For Pancakes (And Everything Else)

The majority of crepe pans are specially made to fry some crepes. However, Lodge L9OG3 goes in another direction entirely.

Made out of tough cast-iron, it was designed to be one of the most versatile (and cheap) pans out there. Yes, you can make tortillas and omelets, even grill some vegetables and beans with it. As a great extra – Lodge L9OG3 can also be used to make great pancakes.

Because you can use Lodge L9OG3 to fry such a variety of dishes, you don’t really need all those specialized pans. This saves you both kitchen space and, above all, money.

Lodge’s crepe griddle is the best-budget pan. You can use it not only for crepes – think omelets, tortillas and some fried veggies as well.

It comes with a lifetime warranty (no wonder since its cast-iron – you should never have problems with that).

The Lodge L9OG3 crepe pan can be cleaned in a dishwasher. This is quite neat since the cleaning of crepe pans can be challenging – Teflon coating, for example, must never be scraped with metal objects.

I don’t know about you but I think that a bossy Italian wife would have something very harsh to say in her review of Lodge crepe pan if anything were out of the ordinary.

Nonetheless, we have some negative reviews as well, but overall the positive vs. negative reviews on Amazon is 88%. So, in short, almost 9 people out of 10 who used Lodge crepe pan to actually make crepes were very satisfied with it.

  • Most Versatile Crepe Pan (Omelettes, Tortillas, Veggies)
  • Best-budget pan (probably best $12 you ever spend)
  • Cast-Iron is non-stick and tough
  • Lifetime warrantly
  • Dishwasher ready
  • Perfect for reasonable budgets
  • Handly is iron-cast as well (can heat up after 20th crepe)
  • It can rust over time (this is a problem)
  • Some non-even heating
  • It is heavier than aluminum (cause, you know, cast iron is heavy)
  • Some of Lodge’s pans were delivered cracked
Positive vs. Negative Review Score
  • 88%

No. 4 Crepe Pan Pick

4. Futura Q28 Crepe Tawa – Makes Fastest Pancakes (And Looks Cool)

If you like good crepes and want to look cool while doing it, Future Q28 crepe tava is the right choice.

It’s lightning-fast in making pancakes because it is so very cool.

Mind you, this is not a pan, it’s tawa (is this spelled with a ‘v’ or ‘w’?). Is there some difference between crepe pan and tawa? Sure there is but a very small one. However, people who like to use Futura Q28 are very into ‘tawa’ – because it sounds, um, well, hipster I guess.

Futura Q28 makes pancakes in record time. Why? Look how thin it is.

One thing about Futura Q28 is actually phenomenal – just look how very thin it is.

4.88mm thickness. That’s 1/6 of an inch. So cool, right?

Well, to be honest, Futura Q28 crepe pan is very cool. Like, cold, you know? Because it’s so very thin it dissipates heat very efficiently and will become hot and cool down in record time.

It’s actually quite impressive to see – iron-cast crepe pan will need minutes to heat up mainly because you’re heating up, well, a pound of iron.

Futura Q28 will heat up in under 1 minute. 

Because it’s so thin, it requires a considerably smaller amount of energy to heat up to pancake-making temperature. 

A downside is that, well, there are no edges to it – literally.

You’ll need some skills handling this crepe pan but if you can manage it, you’ll have pancakes made in under 5 minutes.

  • Heats up in under 1 minute (thinnest crepe pan)
  • Breakfast ready in 5 minutes
  • Looks (somewhat) cool
  • Absorbs and dissipates heat with lightning speed
  • Stay-cool handle
  • Perfect for people who want to be out of the door quickly
  • No edges – some skill needed to make a pancake with this
  • More expensive that ordinary crepe pans 
  • Too non-stick (a crepe may slip off – no edges, remember?)
  • Thin but heavy (cast-iron story)
Positive vs. Negative Review Score
  • 80%

No. 5 Crepe Pan Pick

5. MNK Crepe Pan Review – Best Crepe Pan For The Whole Family

This one is as simple as a piece of crepe.

MNK (just short for Maxi Nature Kitchenware) crepe pan is a homely pan that makes decent pancakes as well as everything else you can think about.

It is a large crepe pan that kids will lovebecause the bigger the pancakes, the better, right? You can fill it all with veggies as well from time to time to make a healthy and hearty meal.

Large MNK crepe pan for the whole family. Hint: switch maple syrup for honey – a healthier choice for the kids.

All in all, if you need a reliable and not out of the extraordinary crepe pan, this is a good choice. Your kids will love crepes and you’ll love how easy it is to clean it – and how cheap it is.

  • Standard and reliable crepe pan
  • Very easy to clean (dishwasher-friendly)
  • Try with honey instead of maple syrup and veggies for healther meals
  • Nice price for value crepe pan
  • Perfect for the whole family
  • Not really special crepe pan
  • Non-stick surface is somewhat sticky
  • Bad heat dissipation
  • Difficult to make thinner pancakes
Positive vs. Negative Review Score
  • 75%

How To Choose The Best Crepe Pan?

When picking the best crepe pan, we have to look out for several factors – this should work as the best crepe pan’s buyer’s guide. In this best crepe pan reviews, we focus on the following factors:

  • Material (determines quality) – out of which material is a crepe pan made out of? This is the main thing that separates crepe pans – lower quality ones are made out of aluminum (very light material). Aluminum is usually anodized which in simple terms just means that it a non-stick design. The higher quality crepe pans are made out of cast iron – they are heavy and hard, and when you pick it up, you can feel the quality. Cast iron is notoriously non-stick (no need to anodize it or anything).
  • Size – what is the size of the best crepe pan? 10 inches. Yeah, this one is pretty much simple. Standard pancakes are made with 10-inch crepe pans. If you want some sort of micro-pancakes or giant ones, you’ll need another set of tools. Giant ones – which can have more than 2000 kcal (look at the size of this crepe!) – are usually made with rice cookers. Don’t worry, all five best crepe pans in our review are 10-inches or very close to that.
  • Price – how much does a crepe pan cost? The best ones can cost anything between $14 and $140. The high-end crepe pans are the ones used by master crepe chefs.
  • For crepes only – can you make an omelet or tortillas in a crepe pan? With every crepe pan, you can make crepes, that makes sense, right? But with some, you can also make other things that are great for breakfast like omelets. That’s great if you want to keep the cost of pans down or if you don’t have anywhere to put them (better use 2-in-1 crepe pan for crepes AND omelets).

Back To You Guys – Which Is The Best Crepe Pan For You?

You’re welcome to share some experiences with your favorite crepe pans.

If you have an interesting story about that one time that you ate so many crepes you almost ‘creped’ all over yourself, share it in the comments as well.


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