5 Best Manual Coffee Grinder Reviews: Peugeot Takes #2 Place


Let me just start by saying that we decided to do the Top 5 best manual coffee grinder reviews just because I fell in love with my own grinder.

It’s not an ordinary hand coffee grinder mind you; it is an art piece of the kitchen. Even the hand crank is made out of cast iron and forged steel. This is actually the manual coffee grinder review from a nice lady (somebody’s aunt apparently) that made me buy the grinder in the first place (click to enlarge):

momo exclusive manual coffee grinder review

This is the whole point of best manual coffee grinders – we don’t get them because they grind the coffee more efficiently or are easier to clean (electric grinder is both of those things) – we get them because we like the experience of having a ‘hands-on’ approach of grinding our own coffee like a true gentleman.

Is manual coffee grinder old-school? Sure. Is it also a very very cool thing to have in your kitchen? For people with style, absolutely.

classic manual coffee grinder
A classic manual coffee grinder for men with exquisite style.

With an electric grinder, you pretty much just get some coffee beans and push the button. But using the manual coffee grinder is a new experience entirely.

You get to pick the best coffee beans and grind them bean by bean. Have you ever smelled the aroma of fresh hand ground coffee? You should.

When getting the best manual grinder for coffee there are some things to consider:

Some Features Of Best Manual Coffee Grinders

What is a makeup of the best hand coffee grinder? Well, it really depends on what kind you’re looking for. As for myself, for example, I love to hold the gritty cast iron crank of MoMa Exclusive grinder (that’s the air piece I was talking about).

Here are some features we used as the basis for Top5er best hand coffee grinder reviews:

  • Size – how much coffee would a coffee grinder ground if a coffee grinder could ground coffee? (hopefully you sang that one). Most of the hand coffee grinders grind up to 2-cups worth of coffee per setting. That is more than enough on a Saturday morning for you as your lady but grinding coffee on a workday can take away some minutes from your morning. If you want to have ground coffee prepared, you can use small grinder several times and make a coffee stock or use a bigger one once. Note: There is nothing quite like fresh ground coffee – choosing the smaller-sized manual coffee grinder is usually the smart choice here.
  • Weight – how much does a manual coffee grinder weight? If you want to take a coffee grinder on the plane, choose a lighter one. If, however, you are going to use it at home, pick the heavier one. Heavier ones are more reliable and robust; and you feel like a real man operating the crank of a heavy hand coffee grinder.
  • Nationality – Italians make the best coffee, right? Or is it the French? There is a whole philosophy about how coffee should be ground, depending on which country you’re in. Italians have their own way as well as the French (think espresso vs. French press here). The US is known for its superior production techniques and the Japanese are detail-oriented when it comes to design. This is also reflected in the design of manual coffee grinders.
  • Price – how much does a manual coffee grinder cost? Price range is anywhere between $20 and $300. It all comes down to the materials and quality of hand coffee grinder design – obviously cast iron or nickel brushing costs more than stainless steel or plastics. However, the pricier coffee grinders don’t only serve the function of grinding the coffee beans, they can also be used as vital pieces of interior design.

Top 5 Best Manual Coffee Grinder Reviews

In the spirit of Top5er, here are the best manual coffee grinder side-by-side so you can compare them for yourself.

Later on, we are going to review every manual coffee grinder and look at what some other hand coffee grinder users think about them:

Manual Coffee Grinder:MoMA ExclusiveJavaPresse Manual GrinderPeugeot Bresil Manual GrinderHario Skerton Coffee MillHandground Precision Grinder

Size:Big (4-6 cups)Extra Small (1 cup)Small (1-2 cups)Small (1-2 cups)Medium (2-4 cups)
Weight:15.2 pounds9.4 ounces2 pounds19.2 ounces1.7 pounds
Material:Cast Iron And Forged Steel With WoodStainless SteelStainless Steel And Walnut WoodCeramicGlass And Brushed Nickel
Avg. Rating:★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
Top5er status:Piece Of ArtBest Seller And Best BudgetBest For French PressMini Grinder For TravelingBest For Espresso
Availability:Check PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

We usually start with the top rated grinder according to Amazon rating. However, because I might be a bit biased about the MoMa Exclusive grinder and because majority of people who are looking for a manual coffee grinder would prefer to see the American best seller JavaPresse first, we’ll start with this one (it is also the best budget buy and the most reviewed manual coffee grinder around):

#1 JavaPresse Burr Manual Coffee Grinder Review – Best-Seller And Best-Budget Choice 

JavaPresse is the most well known modern American hand coffee grinder. It’s a neat and small piece that can do pretty much anything.

Do you need a manual grinder for camping? Do you need your coffee ground for espresso or Turkish coffee?

Javapresse is the easy and quick everyday grinder for espresso, Turkish coffee, Aeropress and basically every imaginable way of brewing coffee. It’s small enough to take it with you on a travel (weights less than 10 ounces!) and convenient enough to use it on workdays (especially useful is you have a small kitchen – it doesn’t take much space).

It’s actually quite of fun playing around with it. You don’t need to think too much with JavaPresse; after all, it has 18 different grinding settings that can be switched between with just a click.

javapresse bur grinder
The best-selling JavaPresse manual hand grinder.

Above all, JavaPresse is versatile and affordable. There are pretty much the main two reasons why JavaPresse is the best-selling manual hand coffee grinders.

Where it lacks compares with other hand coffee grinders is the quality. It is made out of stainless steel which is not as tough as brushed nickel or cast iron for example. But don’t worry about the burr – the JavaPresse burr is made out of high-quality ceramic. This is a new standard for all modern manual grinders because it is way sharper and durable than the classic stainless steel burr.

It also takes more time to ground coffee than other grinders. Why? Well, because it’s a small hand grinder, that’s why. And you have to be a bit more gentle with the crank not to break the whole thing apart.

Paisley made a simple Javapresse manual coffee grinder review that quickly sums up the pros and cons (Enlarge):javapresse burr grinder review

A bit crumbly, maybe, but there is not a handheld coffee grinder that even comes close to the coffee grinding functionally for such an affordable price.

This best-selling manual coffee grinder might not be a piece of art but it does the job of making a rough or fine coffee powder from coffee beans and does it well. If you are lucky enough to buy JavaPresse manual hand grinder on a sale, you’ll likely spend less than $50 for it:

Check Price Here

#2 Peugeot 19401765 Coffe Grinder Review – Best For French Press (Coarse Grind)

This is not about French cars. It is about French coffee.

The French are known to make everything with style, and yes, they like to grind their own coffee with style as well. Just one look at the Peugeot manual coffee grinder and you’ll see that they used a bit of what they knew about building cars into the design of this grinder.

The beautifully furnished exterior is made out of luxury woods. The prime examples are the Peugeot hand grinder constructed out of walnut wood, and even more the one from beech wood.

It is a timeless piece on the kitchen counter. It also grinds some good coffee too boost.

classic manual coffee grinder
“J’aime boire le café” or “I love coffee”. This grinder is so French it even wants to surrender to you.

It’s only natural that the French would make a hand grinder that makes the best coffee powder for French press. The trouble is that French press usually needs quite a lot of coffee to brew. For example, the best-selling French press made 34 oz of coffee per a single brew.

This is also the reason why Dan C. made the following Peugeot manual coffee grinder review (Enlarge):

peugeot manual coffee grinder

If you like French press coffee, this is an excellent gift. The grinding definitely has a way of connecting the family together on Sunday mornings. But, as stated by Dan, it is a bit of hard work to grind 10-cups worth of coffee. But then again, no one buys a manual coffee grinder instead of electric coffee grinder if he or she’s looking to make less effort at making coffee.

The Peugeot manual coffee mill is not so moderately priced; mostly because it is a beautiful piece of kitchen interior (in addition to grinding coffee, of course). It does, however, come with a lifelong warranty for the exterior wood and a 5-year warranty for the burr. I’m pretty sure this is the French boasting how long their grinders last, but fortunately this is actually not an empty boast at all.

Check Price Here

#3 Hario Skerton Manual Coffee Grinder Review – The Mini Grinder

コーヒー‘ is Japanese word for coffee and ‘Hario Skerton‘ is a Japanese word (actually two of them) for a coffee grinder.

Hario Skerton is a Japanese producer of coffee grinders and it’s best selling one is actually the smallest of the bunch.

Everything about Hario manual coffee grinder is easy. Want to clean it? It’s easy. Want to pack it in a suitcase? A piece of cake, you can put right next to a travel kettle. Never used a manual coffee grinder before and don’t know how to use it? Don’t worry, Hario’s mini grinder makes it easy for you.

Hario grinder is barely larger than an iPhone. Perfect for travels.

It is made out of durable plastic (making it extra-light) but don’t worry about the performance. The single most important piece is the burr and the Japanese put a state-of-the-art ceramic burr into the Hario hand grinder. The burr would be the very last thing to break, actually.

Just be careful about one this – we all know that great Japanese products are many cloned by companies that use lower quality materials. One Hario hand grinder review by PatC talks about ‘beware of the clones’ – and it’s not a Star Wars reference (enlarge):


If you go through some more reviews of Hairo manual coffee grinder, you’ll see PatC is not the only one who got duped with a fake Hairo.

The price of this hand grinder is very affordable but please do make sure you are buying the grinder from a reputable source like Amazon or Hairo company. Below you can check the price on Amazon (just make sure you buy a new one, not one by a reseller cause reseller might have a fake Hairo grinder):

Check Price Here

#4 Handground Precision Coffee Grinder Review – Best For Espresso

Italians make the best espresso, right? Well, yeah, but Americans make the best manual coffee grinder for espresso.

The Handground Precision grinder is loved above all by espresso lovers. They are the ones who understand the importance of fine grind for espresso.

Espresso makers all operate with 15 or so bars of pressure. This means that you can (and should!) grind the beans into a fine powder through which espresso machines push the hot water and extract the flavor. By the way, espresso machines are actually the same as cappuccino makers and you can check out the list of Top 5 cappuccino makers here to get some insight.

Where does Handground Precision manual grinder come in in all of this? Well, it is made out of brushed nickel for a reason. There is not a grinder that would make better fine grind than Handground Precision hand grinder.

Its burr is designed to completely crush and fine grind the coffee beans.

handground precision hand crank grinder
Stylish Handground Precision grinder for the best espresso grind you will ever grind by your hand.

What I really like about it is the modern design with the old-school aroma. The glass and nickel are a perfect combination and the fact that you can see in the manual coffee grinder is amazing. You can literally observe the fruits of your grinding efforts in real time!

What do grinders think of it? J. White made this review of Handground Precision hand coffee mill (enlarge):

Of course, when you look at electric grinder vs hand grinder, the electric is more efficient one. Nothing beats the ‘hands-on’ approach of grinding your own coffee, however.

The price of Handground Precision is a bit high but you get some extras like the Brew Magnet which makes the cleaning of manual coffee grinder a pleasure. Either way, if you like to grind your own beans and drink a handmade espresso, this is the best hand coffee grinder choice:

Check Price Here

#5 MoMa Exclusive Manual Coffee Grinder – A Piece Of Art For Gentlemen

As I’ve promised you, I left the best for last. The MoMa Exclusive hand grinder is the reason for writing the Top 5 best manual coffee grinder reviews in the first place.

But I won’t review the MoMa exclusive grinder. You just have to see it for yourself.

big manual coffee grinder
MoMa grinder is, simply put, a gentleman’s pleasure.

Is MoMa grinder the best hand coffee grinder in the universe? Probably not. MoMa is not even specialized in making coffee grinders. They are an elite Italian company making all sorts of fancy things and this is also the whole point of this manual grinder.

It looks like something the coffee God uses to grind his celestial coffee. Turning the crank is like turning the levers of power to control the coffee universe.

I just can’t describe it. It’s the reason why I wake up and make coffee for my wife. There, I described it in a way it deserves. 

Don’t check the price lightly. I got it for around $300 and for me it’s well worth the price:

Check Price Here

Price Comparison Of Best Manual Coffee Grinders (With The Exception Of The Gentleman’s MoMa Grinder)

With few exceptions, the price of best manual coffee grinders is between $20 and $100. If you look at the price of manual grinders vs electric grinders, you will see the electric grinders are even cheaper.

However, gripping that crank in the morning and making yourself a fresh grind is worth something. According to the reviews, here is how much the best hand coffee grinders cost:

Do You Need A Manual Coffee Grinder (Alternatives)

Ok, let’s ask ourselves ‘Do I really need a manual coffee grinder?’.

If the answer is ‘yes’, you know what to do. If it’s a ‘no’, you know what not to do. If you’re somewhere in between, here are some manual coffee grinder alternatives to ponder upon:

  • Use pre-grinded coffee. Every store sells it and, in fact, it is the most mainstream way of buying coffee. Grinding your coffee is a luxury but, damn, it does feel nice!
  • Use an electric coffee grinder. The electric is definitely more efficient and faster. It will give you the same aroma of freshly ground coffee but will it give you the same satisfaction as cranking one off yourself in the morning? I doubt it.
  • Drink tea instead. No grinding there. Less satisfaction almost guaranteed as well.

What Manual Coffee Grinder Do You Guys Use?

Everybody is bound to have a preference as far as coffee grinders go. Give us some insight in what you think is the best hand coffee grinder, what kind of coffee do you enjoy and what kind of grind do you make for yourself.

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