5 Things To Consider When Buying A Toilet For Camping Or RVs

Portable toilets are quite different than normal indoor toilets. We’ve already written about what to look for when picking the best toilet but the outdoor toilets are another story. We don’t have to decide between one-piece and two-piece toilet because all portable toilets are one-piece; it’s just more convenient. However, when picking an outdoor toilet, […]

5 Best Miseno Toilets Review: Up-And-Coming Affordable Toilet Brand

Miseno is an Italian-inspired American company that is quickly becoming the new big thing is the toilet world. All Miseno toilets follow two very important directions: Achieving 1000/1000 MaP Rating. Maximum Performance Labs conduct toilet efficiency and waste disposal ratings and the best Miseno toilets get the highest possible scores. Toilet-In-A-Box system. Every single part […]

3 Basic Problems With Toilets (And How To Fix Them)

Problems with toilets can be quite annoying but usually there is a quick way how to fix non-functional toilets. If you look around the web about how to fix problems with toilets, you’ll find some great instructions at dengarden that include a lot of photos (useful when DIY fixing a clogged toilet for example). Just […]

Which Are The Best Toilets Brands?

When it comes to picking out the best toilet, we usually look for the main features like one-piece toilets or water-saving technology, but we don’t really give much consideration as far as toilet brands are concerned. So which toilet brands are safe choices? Let’s start with the 3 big ones: TOTO Toilets (Japanese High-End Toilets) […]

5 Best Low Flow Toilets 2020 (Less Than 1.3 GPF)

Did you know using a low flush toilet has a bigger positive effect on the environment than not using Starbuck straws? With the invention of new flushing systems like E-Max and Dynamax Tornado the modern low flow toilets can use water much more efficiently. Using less water to flush down your shi…business, you can: Save […]