Gaming Chair VS Office Chair – Which One To Pick?

gaming chair vs office chair

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

(Jack Nicholson, Shining)

Jack Nicholson didn’t go mad in Shining because of the chair he choose.

But he just might have if he would have to use his office chair to play video games (Tetris was big in 1980). But can you imagine having a gaming chair in the office? Should gaming chair be found only in your mom’s basements completed with a sick rig?

Simple fact: You can’t have a gaming chair in the office simply because everybody in the office will think you’re playing Counter Strike even if you’re looking at Excel spreadsheets 10+ hours a day. Nobody wants to be viewed as a complete nerd while sitting behind an office desk.

why its not appropriate to have a gaming chair in the office
This is how I imagine office mates would look at me if I parked a gaming chair behind my desk.

Gamers always have the dilemma of choosing a gaming chair VS office chair. Why?

Because we usually have some office chair that we sit on and we’re thinking:

“Those gaming chairs look awesome. Should I get a gaming chair and ditch the office chair? Will it be more comfortable and will I get an edge in gaming because I’m more relaxed and less tired even after hours of gaming?”

There is no such thing as a gaming office chair (unless you’re working at a really chill office with a Playstation – think start-up offices).

However, there is a simple formula when comparing gaming chairs versus office chair.

Simple Formula: Gaming Chair Versus Office Chair?

You don’t have to be an Einstein to figure out that the gaming chair is meant for playing video games and an office chair is for working. But can you combine the benefits of a gaming chair with the benefits of an office chair?

Yes, you can. We’ll go through some lists of best-mixed gaming office chairs that you can both use for gaming and office work. First of all, let’s establish the simple formula when it comes to contrasting between gaming and office chairs:

  • If your primary use of the chair is gaming, go for a gaming chair.
  • If you use a chair in a more conservative office, go for an office chair.
  • You want to use a chair both for gaming and office? We have some ideas for you.

Here is the summary of the best chair for each activity, with the best chair for both gaming and office included (in the middle):

How Does Gaming + Office Chair Looks Like?

Best Gaming ChairBest Mixed (Gaming + Office) ChairBest Office Chair
best gaming chair

WENSIX Gaming Chair
noblechairs ICON (Gaming Chair + Office Chair)
best office chair
Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair

  • Very comfortable, designed for hours of gameplay.
  • Can swivel for gaming, reading, watching movies.
  • The cheapest option.

  • Both comfortable and ergonomically designed.
  • Used for gaming AND office work. Conveys adequate office authority
  • Mid price range option.

  • Sturdy but ergonomically designed office chair.
  • Primary use: working behind the desk. Conveys authority.
  • The most expensive option.

Use only in your mom's basement or your room.Can be used in basement/room + office!Use only in office.

Can you imaging parking the WENSIX gaming chair behind your office desk? That would be seriously awkward. Of course, no one would flick if you brought the Herman Miller Aeron to work. Everybody would probably want to try it out.

BUT! If you have to choose a chair for both sitting comfortably in your basement for gaming and for sitting ergonomically 8+ hours in your office, the noblechairs ICON is the perfect mixed-chair. It doesn’t look unusual in the office (in fact, it’s quite a nice-looking office chair in itself). Is very comfortable for gaming.

What’s The Difference Between Gaming And Office Chair?

The differences are actually quite substantial. It’s less like Call Of Duty vs. Battlefield and more like, well, I don’t know, Call Of Duty and Civilization. Chairs that belong in the office are completely different than the chair that belongs in front of the PC gaming rig.

Here are the most striking differences when comparing gaming chair vs office chairs (we’ll dive into them later on):

  1. Chair design – how it looks like.
  2. Ergonomic properties – how bad for your back it is.
  3. Comfortability – how comfortable it is, duh.
  4. Included adjustments – swivel, chair height and so on.
  5. Materials – what’s it made out of.
  6. Cool features – in-built speakers, Bluetooth, RCA cables, compatibility with Xbox, PlayStation etc.

Difference Between Chair Designs

The first, the most striking and the most important difference that separated office chairs and gaming chairs is the design. One look at an office chair and you know it’s an office chair; the same goes for gaming chairs.

I mean, just look at the Ironman themed gaming chair. You don’t have to ask if it’s a gaming chair or office chair:

ironman gaming chair for video games
Ironman themed gaming chair. Nobody confuses it with an office chair.

Gaming chairs will feature striking colors and the design itself can be inspired by a particular game. You can have racing chairs, shooter game themed chairs or very comfy gaming chairs designed primarily for playing strategy games.

Does that mean that gaming chairs are better than office chairs? For gaming, sure. For the office, no way. The office setting is completely different. What is in the office is that:

  • Office chair should be ergonomically designed.
  • Office chair should convey some sort of aptitude, or authority.

When on a job, you don’t really want to communicate you play video games because it comes across as nerdy or even childish. An important difference that differentiates office chairs is that they look sturdy and designed for, well, grown-up people with jobs, taxes, credit scores and all that.

Are Office Chair More Ergonomic Than Gaming Chairs?

We can both sit on gaming and office chair for hours on end. But office chairs are usually designed to be more ergonomic than gaming chairs because people working in the office usually spend 30+ years sitting on them every single day.

Limelight reports that an average video gamer spends 6 hours per week playing video games. That’s A LOT less than 40h working weeks but for everybody who thinks working is more important than playing video games, I have this message:

how much time we spend playing videogames
We should also sit comfortably during that time, right?

The point I’m trying to make is that by default office chairs are more ergonomically shaped. However, we must differentiate between “ergonomic” and “comfortable”. Ergonomic means that they are good for your back and provide lumbar, high-back support and so on. Comfortable means that they are just very comfy. And here the gaming chair has an edge.

It is easier to spend an entire LAN party sitting on a gaming chair than an office chair because the gaming chair is more comfortable. Yes, it might not be as good for your back as an office chair, but who really thinks about the long-term effects of sitting on a chair: office people or gamers?

Included Adjustments (Gaming Chairs Are Better)

Gaming chairs are pretty versatile when it comes to chair adjustments. Everything from chair height to armrests, backrests and back-ward tilt can be adjusted considerably with ease. It is not uncommon for a PC chair to be as agile as WENSIX gaming chair:

adjustments advantage that gaming chair have over office chairs
WENSIX gaming chair can be adjusted from 90 to 180 degrees with ease.

This is something you just can’t do with an office chair. Chairs that belong in the office can be customized to a certain degree but that’s light years away from versatility and agility that gaming chairs can demonstrate. There are many benefits associated with office chairs vs gaming chairs but adjustability is certainly not one of them.

Are Office Chairs Of Better Quality Than Gaming Chairs?

As far as materials are concerned, office chairs are usually made out of much fancier materials than gaming chairs. Where gaming chairs are standardly made out of synthetic materials or ‘fake’ leather, the office chairs are made out of sturdy materials and real leather. One benefit that office chairs have over gaming chairs is that they are made to last.

Of course, the higher quality design of the office chair does come at a cost – quite literally. It is not uncommon for office chairs to be every 500$ more expensive than normal gaming chairs, and a lot of that has to do with sturdy materials that are designed to last.

Some low-quality gaming chairs (price range below $100) have a lot of synthetic materials and plastic parts. Eventually, they can’t keep up with wear and tear but at least they are very inexpensive and it’s not really costly to buy a new one.

Cool Features (In-built Speakers, Bluetooth, RCA cables, Compatibility With Xbox, PlayStation etc.)

The cool features, of course, are the speciality of gaming chairs. There are no gaming chairs with Xbox compatibility (and if they are, let me know, I’ll buy one for my office). The possibilities to add some gadgets on a gaming chair are endless. You have audio chairs, PS chairs, Xbox chairs, racer chairs and so on just based on the variety of cool features they come with.

So Which Is Better: Gaming Chair Or Office Chair?

It really depends on what you need. A chair for gaming? Go for a gaming chair. A chair for office? Go for an office chair.

But if you want to have a chair that can handle gaming as well as being in the office, you can go for noblechairs ICON which is kind of a perfect marriage of both worlds.

5 Most Comfortable Gaming Chair Reviews (2020 Edition)

gamer sitting in a comfortable gaming chair drinking mountain dew

The craziest thing about the so-called “most comfortable gaming chairs” is how uncomfortable they can be.

As you might have figured out, not every chair that is marketed as the most comfortable gaming chair is, well, comfortable.

That doesn’t mean there are no comfy gaming chairs; it just means that you have to cut out all the marketing comfy BS and focus on the parts that really make a gaming chair comfortable (which is what we did).

Moreover, the most comfortable gaming chairs can be much more snug (and cheaper) than ordinary office chairs. Here’s a Reddit comment that hit the nail on the head:

what makes the a gaming chair comfortable


Here we’ll focus on the comfortability of a gaming chair. You know what we’re talking about: the relaxing, enjoyable snugly gaming chair that envelops you for a cozy (and healthy) gaming experience.

Look at this comparison between two gaming chairs and tell me which looks more comfortable for you:

comparison of comfortable gaming chairs
#1 Best-Seller Homall gaming chair (left) vs. #2 Most Comfortable RESPAWN 110 gaming chair (right).

The left chair is actually one of the best selling gaming chairs. But does it look cozy to you? If you look at the one on the right (RESPAWN 110), it’s pretty obvious it’s much more comfortable to play games in.

It has a thicker seat, wider shoulders, deeper padding, more ergonomic form, and even a footrest.

Most Comfy Gaming Chair Reviews – Top 5 List

We picked the top 5 comfortable gaming chairs—the ones with ample padding and customizable settings that will keep your body relaxed and focused on the game. Our max. budget: $200 per chair.

Comfy Chair:#1 NOKAXUS Gaming Chair#2 RESPAWN 110 Comfy Chair#3 Blue Whale 8239 Chair#4 HEALGEN Massage Chair#5 WENSIX Racing Chair
softest gaming chair by nokaxusthick padding gaming chair in blue and black with footrest for comfortable gamingmost comfortable gaming chair in 2019healgen chair with lumbar support massagepleasurable wensix stool for gaming
Support:+30% Thicker SeatLow + High BackMulti-Level SupportLumbar MassageLow + High Back
Padding:5 out of 5 stars4.8 out of 5 stars4.8 out of 5 stars4.7 out of 5 stars4.1 out of 5 stars
Quality:4.9 out of 5 stars4.7 out of 5 stars4.6 out of 5 stars4.3 out of 5 stars4.4 out of 5 stars
Rating:4.9 out of 5 stars4.7 out of 5 stars4.6 out of 5 stars4.5 out of 5 stars4.2 out of 5 stars
Top5er status:Cloud-Like ComfinessCushioned EverywhereBig Comfortable ChairComfy Massage ChairSnuggy Racing Chair
Availability: Check Price
Check Price
Check Price
Check Price
Check Price

1. NOKAXUS Gaming Chair With +30% Thicker Chair Seat (Most Comfy Chair For Gaming)

RPG games are usually not as intensive as shooter games. Playing World of Warcraft is less intense than Call of Duty, but you’re usually playing WoW for longer periods of time.

That means you have to be smart about conserving focus and strength, and the NOKAXUS chair can help you with that.

What you need if you play games for longer periods of time is a thick and comfy seat. NOKAXUS has one thick seat; in fact, it’s more than 30% thicker than a standard gaming chair seat. You can look at how deep it is here (hope you like pink):

thickly padded nokaxus gaming chair
NOKAXUS has a +30% thicker chair seat than a standard gaming chair. Makes for one comfy-ass seat. Don’t worry, the pink is not the only color NOKAXUS chair comes in.

That low-back padding in your kidney area is another feature that makes the NOKAXUS so comfortable.

The human spine can withstand a lot, but if you’re going to be sitting to game for more than 4-5 hours, you really need low-back support. The high-back support is great for shooter games but what the NOKAXUS chair specializes in is the long-running RPG games.

All the weight of your upper body is pushing down on the spine and muscles in your lower back, and that’s where you need most of the support for marathon sessions.

This comfortable gaming chair is also made out of higher-end materials like PU leather with carbon fiber accent, and it has a sturdy base. The framework is so strong it can support a 300-pound gamer with ease.

Oh, and by the way, don’t be afraid of the pink color. The NOKAXUS is available in 6 different colors but if you do like pink, I mean really like pink, you can check out where on the list of best pink gaming chairs you can find the NOKAXUS.

The downside is the smell when you unpack it. It may be comfy, but it has a leathery smell because of the PU leather. Fortunately, it does go away in a week or two.


  • Thick seat – more than 30% thicker than in regular chairs.
  • Low-back and high-back support.
  • High-end materials – premium PU leather.
  • Best for long-hours RPG games.


  • Leathery smell (goes away in a week or two).
  • Can be a little uncomfy if you’re below 5’6”.
No. 1 Most Comfortable Gaming Chair Pick

2. RESPAWN 110 (As Comfortable As Sitting On A Cloud)

RPG games are usually not that intensive as shooter games. I mean, playing World of Warcraft is less intensive as Call of Duty but you’re playing WoW for longer periods of time.  That means you have to be smart about conserving focus and strength, and the RESPAWN 110 can help you with that.

What you need if you play games for longer periods of time is low-back support and arguably RESPAWN 110 has the best low-back padding. Check it out:

comfortable respawn 110 in blue with a gaming background in a students room
Sitting on the RESPAWN 110 feels like sitting on a cloud.

The ergonomics of the RESPAWN 110 chair are insane. Usually, gaming chairs designed for comfort have one main support.

If you look at the RESPAWN 110, however, you can see that it has:

  • Low-Back support (for long-hour games like RPG, Strategy)
  • High-Back support (for focused games like FPS, Racing)
  • Side support
  • Footrest

Unlike other gaming chairs, this one covers you from all sides and is sturdy enough to support a 275-pound gamer. AND you can pick your own color.

Pretty much every part of this relaxing gaming chair can be customized. If you want armrests a bit higher, no problem: just add an inch. If you want a little higher seat, you’ve got it!

The RESPAWN 110 is a comfortable chair that looks like most standard gaming chairs. With all the customization, deep padding and ergonomic support from all sides, it is one of the best gaming chairs overall.


  • 4D armrests
  • Every kind of support you can imagine.
  • Sturdy and solid base.
  • Everything can be customized.
  • +20% thicker padding on all sides.


  • Medium-end price.

No. 2 Most Comfortable Gaming Chair Pick

3. Blue Whale Gaming Chair (All Around Comfiness)

The Blue Whale is the textbook comfortable gaming chair. It combines all the elements that make a gaming chair pleasant to sit.

The two main things to look for when choosing a comfortable gaming chair both concern the padding (or sponge, if you will). It has to be:

  1. High-density. We’re talking about cold-cured memory foam.
  2. Thickness. The thicker the better.

The simple thick and high-density sponge that you see on the Blue Whale gaming chair is the basis for a pleasant chair. What makes the Blue Whale the most comfortable gaming chair are all the additional features you can see here:

one of the most comfortable gaming chair
Blue Whale is the most pleasant chair to game it. It comes with the perfect sponge, large lumbar pillow, 2D armrests and even a retractable footrest for maximum comfort.

When it all comes together, you won’t really notice the lumbar pillow or the 2D armrests. You’ll just feel coziness.  The Blue Whale is specifically designed as a textbook comfortable gaming chair.

It can also be used as a regular office chair if you’re not above 6’4”.

Pros and Cons of Blue Whale chair


  • Thick and high-density sponge.
  • Retractable footrest.
  • Built to last (from the top to bottom).
  • Textbook example of a comfortable gaming chair.
  • Affordable price.


  • Not appropriate for really tall people (6’4” or more)
  • Armrests are wide but not padded.

No. 3 Most Comfortable Gaming Chair Pick

4. HEALGEN Massage Chair For Pleasant Gaming

HEALGEN chair is generally well-known for being very comfortable. A lot of it has to do with its dense padding. That’s just the beginning though.

This ergonomically designed chair can offer even something that the Blue Whale (No. 1 pick) lacks: the padded armrests. In fact, the linkage armrests are one of the two things HEALGEN chair is famous for (the other being its coziness, of course).

HEALGEN relaxes the whole body and it takes special care for your arms. Why? Well, every action in the gaming world goes through your arm. Want to shoot an enemy? Sure, just quick scope it with your arms. Your arms need to be rested and that’s where the HEALGEN is the best. Here are some other comfy aspects as well:

6 features that make healgen one of the most comfortable gaming chairs in the world
HEALGEN relaxes your body and, most importantly, your arms. The padded linkage armrests are worth their weight in gold.

The thick lumbar pillow is also equipped with a massage function. However, it really needs to be said that the massage the HEALGEN has to offer is not all that great. Sounds great but it is about mediocre at best.

The thick padding, now, that is really what the HEALGEN chair does well. Having such high-quality padding with a higher than average density does make the HEALGEN one of the most comfortable gaming chairs around:


  • Padded linkage armrests.
  • Hugging effect.
  • Thick padding with thickened headrest.
  • Bonus: Retractable footrest.


  • Massage function is mediocre.
  • The whole is the backrest isn’t really there to increase breathability/reduce sweating.

No. 4 Most Comfortable Gaming Chair Pick

No. 5 Most Comfortable Gaming Chair Pick

5. WENSIX Racing Chair Review - The Most Comfortable Standard Gaming Chair

There's not much missing with the WENSIX, and that's why it's one of the most popular picks.

It gives you both high back and low back support. This gives you both the focus to play shooter games like Call of Duty or lets you relax to play strategy games like Civilization VI.

The extensive padding of the comfortable WENSIX gaming chair is immediately visible here:

comfortable chair for gaming
#2 Comfortable WENSIX chair is built like a cockpit. High back support (for focus) and low back support (for relaxation).

What really makes this the best comfortable gaming chair is the foam density of the padding. Usually, cheap gaming chairs will have a 'light' or less dense foam.

These just cave in and flatten quickly. The WENSIX chair has a super dense foam padding. This really adds to the comfy effect of a gaming chair.

What you need to do to get the most enjoyable position is play around with the settings.

You can adjust the height of the seat between 18.8'' and 22'', the incline and yes, even the big armrests can move up and down considerably.

All in all, WENSIX is the best $200 gaming chair for comfort.

Pros and Cons of WENSIX Gaming Chair


  • High-density foam padding.
  • Both high and low back support.
  • Adjustable height, the incline, and even armrests.
  • Hands down, best overall gaming chair for less than $200.


  • You’ll need to screw a screw or two.
  • Doesn't look as badass as X Rocker chairs.

Selection Criteria: How Did We Pick Those Comfy Chairs For Gaming

How comfortable are these gaming chairs and what exactly does make them so cozy? Here are a few things we looked for when making these comfiest gaming chair picks:

  • Padding - How much padding does a gaming chair have? More padding usually means more comfort. X Rocker chairs are known for having deep padding. However, too much padding might be counterproductive. You don't want to be too snugly enveloped in the relaxing gaming chair because it can take your focus away from the game.
  • Support - Which part of the body does a comfortable chair for gaming support best? All chairs for gaming try to cover all your body, from your feet to your head. However, they primarily support either head, high or low back. People who have problems with pains in the lower back should go for low-back supported chairs. For increased focus, however, the high back and head support chairs are the best.
  • Gaming - Which chairs are best for your favorite gaming category? If you're into shooting games like FPS (and most gamers are - here are the gamer statistics), you should look for a chair with high back support (focus) and great audio settings (you want to hear every enemy step). On the other hand, strategy games and RPGs are a bit more relaxed and you should go for easy low back support for extended comfort.

Gaming chairs can be cheap, but for a comfortable one, you'll have to pay a bit more. The prices here start at about $150 and can go up to $500.

Additional Resources:

Gaming Chairz - a very comprehensive place for everything that has to do with gaming chairs. That includes all kinds of comfy gaming chairs as well as keyboards, headsets and PCs/laptops that enhance the gaming experience.

HighGround Gaming - a wonderful article on the 19 best PC gaming chairs and if you look at them closely, you'll see that some of them are very comfortable.

Ultimate Game Chair - they have an article about gaming chairs as well and introduce an exceptionally great difference between rocker-style chairs and standard gaming chairs.

Gaming Factors - it's a site that goes well beyond comfortable gaming chair but you'll find some good point about those as well.

5 Cheap Gaming Chairs Under $100 (Or Even Much Less)


When buying a sick gaming rig, the last thing on my mind is a gaming chair. I mean, who cares about what you sit on when playing Call of Duty? That’s why I always choose a dirt cheap gaming chair (saving for my next RAM upgrade)!

I’ve been called a n00b for as long as I can remember and there are things about my mom that 12-year old players told that I didn’t even know. Is my father even my father? Slim chance of that, according to those guys.

But thus far no one insulted my cheap gaming chair for less than $100. It seems like people don’t actually care even if you have the best gaming chair in the world.

I could be sitting on the Iron Throne of Westeros and people would still prefer to ask about which graphics card I’m using and how much RAM I’ve got in the junk. So in short:

“Nobody cares about your gaming chair.” (Me, a n00b)

That’s why I decided I’m going to get the cheapest gaming chair (that’s at least fairly decent – below are the Top 5 money-saving gaming chairs) for my computer. Why?

I could be getting $1000 gaming chair with a racing bucket and ergonomic pillows and all that. But you know what? I would much rather upgrade my computer setting with a Geforce GTX 11GB Waterforce graphics card for the same price.

That’s why we’ve decided to make a Top 5 list (as it is Top5er’s tradition) of gaming chairs for cheap.

Top 5 Best Cheap Gaming Chair Reviews (For Less Than $100)

The common denominator here is the price. Every gaming chair for PC costs less than $100 but, honestly, it’s everything between $50 and $100. Why?

For less than $50 can get squat. Quite literally. It would actually be easier to squat than to sit in one of those.

Here is a quick review of the best cheap gaming chairs for playing computer games (and console and other stuff, of course):

Gaming Chair:BestOffice Gaming ChairHomall Bucket Gaming ChairRacing White Gaming ChairCoavas Leather Gaming ChairMerax Devil's Eye Gaming Chair
chair-for-gaming-on-the-cheaphomall budget gaming chairbestoffice-high-back-gaming-chair-for-cheapwhite-cheap-gaming-chaircheap-merax-gaming-chair-for-sale
AKA:"Captain Kirk""Brienne The Beauty""Littlefinger""The Mountain""Meraxes"
Color:6 colorsWhite, Grey, BlackWhite, Red or BlueWhole Bunch of ColorsSame here, but Orange rocks
Quality:4.9 out of 5 stars4.5 out of 5 stars4.4 out of 5 stars4.2 out of 5 stars4.7 out of 5 stars
Avg. Rating:4.7 out of 5 stars4.5 out of 5 stars4.2 out of 5 stars4 out of 5 stars3.9 out of 5 stars
Top5er status:Best-Rated and Best-OverallBest Budget (but one ugly mo******)Best For Sleeping InFor Tall And Big GuysMost Stylish And Dragon-Like
Availability: Check Price
Check Price
Check Price
Check Price
Check Price

Alright, let’s start with some reviews:

No. 1 Cheap Gaming Chair Pick

1. BestOffice Black And White Review – Best-Overall Cheap Gaming Chair For Less Than $70

The BestOffice chair is the best among the cheapest gaming chairs on the planet. If literally has everything the more expensive chairs can offer, such as:

  • Double back support (high-back and lumbar support)
  • Adjustable armrests.
  • Sturdy and durable design.
  • Easy installation.
  • Above all else, comfort! 

The BestOffice chair for gaming is the best rated and best overall cheap gaming chair. And, what’s more, it even looks a bit like Captain Kirk’s chair on Enterprise:

best cheapest gaming chair to buy when you're on budget
BestOffice gaming chair is the #1 cheap gaming chair under $100. Feels like the Star Trek chair on Enterprise.

With this chair for gaming, you can’t go wrong. We’ll go into a bit of detail about the characteristics of the gaming chair but the three most important things here are:

  • Looks great.
  • Is under $100 (even under $70!).
  • …will leave you some money to spend on a new processor, RAM or graphics card.

Ok, a bit of detail – with any chair, gaming or not, we’re talking about ergonomics of it. People usually sit on chairs quite often and for hours on end.

Do you know how long does a single game of Civilization V lasts? Yeah, I would be worried about my back as much as Attila or Shaka backstabbing me.

I would say that chair ergonomics is as important in gaming chairs as much as with the office chairs (if you like office chairs (and a bit of leather), you should check out the Best Leather Office Chair reviews).

The difference? Office people care more about their backs – because they sit for 8 hours per day, etc.. Well, guess what, I’ve been known to play games for more than 8 hours and for now, I don’t concern myself with the posture and back but…

there will come a time when I’ll want to have a LAN party in a retirement home. And I know that my spine will be working better if I’ll be gaming on one of the ergonomic gaming chairs.

To cut to the chase, BestOffice cheap gaming chair has a really well developed ergonomic profile. High-back support and the bucket seat style is something that office people dream of, and Racing Car chair has both.


If you’re spending $30,000+ on student loans, you are quite happy to get a good gaming station and getting an extra expensive chair with it is a bit redundant. Who knows what will happen to your gaming chair? It’s college, things get puked upon all over the time.

Having a cheap gaming chair that’s also easy to assemble and appropriate for guys over 6 feet is great as well (I bet all those tall guys play ‘dwarfs’ in World of Warcraft).

Here is a quick summary of pros and cons of buying this cheapest chair for gaming:

  • Best-Overall gaming chair 
  • Way cheaper than a decent graphics card
  • Looks like Kirk’s chair on Enterprise
  • Great ergonomic support with high-back and bucket style seat
  • Best price performance
  • Built from high-quality durable materials
  • Easy to assemble
  • Even appropriate for tall people (‘The Mountain loves this chair’)
  • No racing pedals for racing games
  • No real leather (but hey, is less than 100 bucks)
  • If you sweat, you’ll stick to it
  • Can take a stain (maybe important for college guys?)
Positive vs. Negative Review Score

  • 86%

No. 2 Cheap Gaming Chair Pick

2. Homall Swivel Gaming Chair Review – Best Budget Overall (Closest To $50)

The Homall chair has this problem of not knowing if it’s a chair for gaming or for office.

However, one thing about this chair is for sure:

Homall gaming chair has the lowest price. And it’s pretty decent (especially for that price).

If you’re looking for the best budget gaming chair, you’ve found it. Nonetheless, you should know that making so cheap gaming chairs does involve some cutting-corners.

The Homall is overall a fine chair, but it is built from lower-quality materials (that’s not genuine leather if you’re wondering that). The cushioning and the back support are pretty basic as well.

This is a prime example of a chair a guy who doesn’t care about how his or hers (we have female gamers as well) gaming chair looks like.

Think curtains shut and leftover pizza boxes in the corner – feels like home. Nobody will question you on the aesthetics of the chair, because honestly, it doesn’t look like the most beautiful gaming chair out there:

the cheapest gaming chair homall has ever produced in black pu leather
The cheapest Homall chair is the ‘Brienne The Beauty’ of cheap gaming chairs. Save some of your sapphires on this one.

Just like Brienne, however, the Homall chair has some positive qualities. It won’t help you find and defend Sansa Stark, mind you, but it will partly look after your back when you’re gaming.

For how cheap the Homall chair for gaming is, it does roll quite nicely around the office. That’s very useful when rage-quitting. You don’t want to get stuck in your place behind the computer desk when a camper! quick-scopes your ass.

It even has the 360-degree swivel wheels, enabling you to roll to the fridge and back if you feel able (and unable to stand up).

The price and the looks of it are ok, but what Mr. Heem points out is true – for a guy over 6 feet, this is not the best cheap chair.

The Mountain would hate this chair. Too small for a man who can squeeze Red Viper’s soul out of his eyes.

If you’re not like The Mountain, however, and are looking for short-term cheap gaming chairs, the Homall is the cheapest choice.

  • Best Budget chair (almost as low as $50)
  • Nice and functional wheels
  • Some back support and cushioning
  • Easy to assemble
  • Perfect for college guys with slim budget
  • Lower-quality materials (needless to say, leather is not genuine)
  • Is ugly
  • No real leather (but hey, is less than 100 bucks)
  • Not appropriate for tall people (over 6 feet)
Positive vs. Negative Review Score

  • 77%

No. 3 Cheap Gaming Chair Pick

3. Racing White Gaming Chair Review – Best Cheap Chair For Sleeping In

I’m going to call this one ‘Bran Stark’. BestOffice white gaming chair is great for gaming but you can also lie in it.

It’s actually difficult to find a branded name for all these cheap gaming chairs, so let’s call this one the ‘Racing car style gaming chair’.

The name is ‘racing’, yes, but that doesn’t mean you can only play Need For Speed: Most Wanted on it. Far from it. Almost every gaming chair, especially the cheap ones, can be used to play any kind of game (you get the racing pedals and other nonsense with the expensive gaming chairs anyway).

On the other thought… let’s call it ‘Littlefinger‘. Because you can lie in it. Get it? So, if you want to lie like Littlefinger, this would be the Iron Throne of your choosing.

What am I talking about? Let me show you:

The racing white chair is the “Littlefinger” gaming chair. Just set it up and lie in it as comfortably as Littlefinger lies.

Other than taking a nap it in, you can also do some hardcore gaming.

The racing chair may be cheap but it’s not cheaply built. The cushioning is especially well designed and durable. This is a chair you buy once and don’t have to think about getting another for the next 5 years.

Above all, the racing gaming chair was designed for stability. You can have it at a 90-degree position (unholding pose like Ned Stark), the 180-degree position (lying position or ‘The Littlefinger) and anything in between.

Because sometimes there is a bit of movement when things don’t go your way in Call of Duty or GTA, the chair, albeit being cheap, has to take care of all the movements. And even though you are between 90 and 180 degrees, it does that stability test well enough.

Sturdy is the name of the game here. The high-quality makes this cheap gaming chair durable for years on end. This is obviously great because the computer components are evolving very quickly and if you’re a serious gamer you have to get some new gear every year.

It’s great that the ergonomic chair technology doesn’t evolve that quickly. If you get one like the ‘Littlefinger’ here, you can be assured that in 5 years’ time, you will still be able to use it without a problem. Imagine using a 5-year-old graphics card – lag would literally kill you.

Here is a summary of pros and cons for buying the racing’s cheap gaming chair:

  • High-quality materials
  • It’s actually quite stylish gaming chair for this price
  • You can lie in it like Littlefinger
  • Great ergonomic support with high-back and bucket style seat
  • Apropriate for tall people 
  • Gaming chair does cost $99.99 – below $100 but barely
  • The chair is not very wide
  • Some reviewers report low-quality materials (especially arm rests)
  • Not designed to be as comfortable as other cheap gaming chairs
Positive vs. Negative Review Score

  • 72%

No. 4 Cheap Gaming Chair Pick

4. Coavas Leather Gaming Chair Review – Best Cheap Gaming Chair For Tall And Big People

The Coava chair is similar to the one by BestOffice. It even has a white and black leather look. There is one big difference:

It is bigger.

Most of the gaming chairs for cheap have a capacity of 250 pounds. With all the flexible adjustments, you can be a bit taller than 6 feet and you’ll have no problem setting up a comfortable gaming position.

Nonetheless, what if you’re 8 feet tall like The Mountain? Well, and 7 feet tall as well. And what if 250-pound gaming chair weight capacity isn’t enough? But you still want to pay no more than $100 for a gaming chair.

Well, this ergonomic gaming chair for cheap is for you. I call it ‘The Mountain’:

“The Mountain” chair is for taller and bigger guys who like defending Queen Cersei (First of Her Name, yada yada yada…).

The Coavas leather gaming chair has a weight capacity of 280lbs. Now, mind you, that is not significantly higher than 250lbs other chairs have but it was built to accommodate bigger men.

This means that no matter how cheap the gaming chair is, it still will be able to hold quite a lot of weight. The high back support is great as well.

If you ever wanted to buy a leather gaming chair, this might be the one.

The important thing to notice is that get the neck support with the Coavas chair. In fact, there are several reviews that tell the same story – this gaming chair is not really for the tallest of people.

I do hope this is because they don’t use the extended neck support. On the other hand, I’m rethinking about renaming it from ‘The Mountain‘ to ‘Sandor Clegane‘.

What is more, the armrests are not adjustable as well. If you’re a little fellow and want to flex the chair to your liking, you’ll find problems with that.

All in all, I have to say that Coavas gaming chair is cheap and ergonomic but for very tall people? I think you should go look for another chair, with an already built-in neck support.

  • A 280lbs weight capacity
  • A bit taller than other cheap computer chairs
  • Great ergonomics support with high-back
  • White and black leather are quite stylish
  • Not as tall that we would have hoped for
  • Arm rests are not adjustable
  • Can start wobbling over time
  • Not exactly comfortable
Positive vs. Negative Review Score

  • 78%

No. 5 Cheap Gaming Chair Pick

5. Merax Devil’s Eye Gaming Chair Review – Most awesome Of Cheap Gaming Chairs For Dragon-minded Gamers

I want to say ‘the best for last’ because, honestly, Merax gaming chair looks pretty much the best out of all 5 cheap gaming chairs.

It is named “Meraxes”. Meraxes was one of the biggest Targaryen’s dragons. The Merax Devil’s Eye gaming chair does look like something a dragonlord gamer would sit on:

“Meraxes” gamers chair is the best looking one of the bunch.

And style is not the end of the story with this cheap gaming chair.

Do you see the extra padded armrests? That’s a great feature that none of the previously reviewed cheap gaming chairs had. If you’re gaming all night long, some padded armrests might do your hand good.

The seat height is also fully adjustable – full 4 inches up or down- so it’s appropriate for tall as well as short gamers. The base is sturdy, to say the least. This is one compact and a well-looking gaming chair for cheaps.

The cover is PU leather – this is basically a standard with all low-priced gaming chairs – and if you don’t like the orange color, you can check out other colors as well (here’s one in pink for the gaming ladies).

Yeah, this is my opinion exactly.

If I had to buy a cheap gaming chair right now, I would choose the Merax’s chair in violet color (Made Windu fan right here!) because it just looks so good!

But in the end, the choice is yours.

  • Looks damn good!
  • Fully adjustable with 4 inches up and down 
  • Extra padded arm rests for longer gaming
  • Several colors to choose from
  • Great price for performance
  • Perfect for people who are really into cool cheap gaming chairs
  • Not the best quality
  • Difficult to install the chair
  • Missing screws here and there
  • Some reviews report a bit weird smell
Positive vs. Negative Review Score

  • 77%

Why $100 Cheap Gaming Chairs?

An affordable gaming chair for $100 will have as much effect on my Call of Duty lag as a gaming chair with a $1,000 price tag. Absolutely none!

How much should you spend on a gaming chair if you’re looking for a cheap version?

I decided I’m not going to spend $1.000 on a gaming chair. Even $500 is too much money for something I just sit on while gaming. $200 sounded about right, but hey, if I’m buying a gaming chair for cheap, I’m not spending more than $100.

The budget for a reasonably priced gaming chair should be $100. And you should STILL keep $20 or more bucks from that (and spend it to upgrade your station cause lag sucks).

A friend once bought GeForce GTX 1060 3GB graphics card (the one with double fans) for $100 from Craigslist. Haggled it from $150. So I decided $100 should be the line.

If a cheap gaming chair costs more than a 3GB GTC card, it is not one of the cheap gaming chairs at all and it’s not worth buying.

I like my computer to purr, I don’t care much about my ass. I only care about handling the asses of those 12-year olds who talk sh*t about my mother (gosh, that sounded weird, I meant in a game, you know, flash those campers and show them what’s what).

Any Other Ideas About Which Gaming Chairs To Buy On The Cheap?

Here’s where you gamers come in. Share some experiences in the comments.

If you’re a college student and you have a ‘someone puked on my gaming chair’ story, go right ahead.

Just don’t brag about your graphics cards or Call of Duty streaks.

I hope you enjoyed the review. Oh, if you would want something else reviewed, let us know!