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air conditioner cover reviews

15 Best Air Conditioner Covers For Winter (Outdoors, Indoors, Wall)

As the Starks from the Game of Thrones series always say "Winter is coming". They say it as a warning ...
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gaming chair vs office chair

Gaming Chair VS Office Chair – Which One To Pick?

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. (Jack Nicholson, Shining) Jack Nicholson didn't go mad in Shining ...
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window seal for ac

5 Best Window Seals For Portable AC (For Easy DIY)

Are you still duct taping your portable air conditioner's vent out of the window? Don't get me wrong - it is ...
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best executive chairs

5 Best High-End Executive Office Chairs That Inspire Authority (2020)

Picking a high-end executive office chair has a lot more to do with the 'executive' than with the 'chair'. How ...
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5 Best Portable Camping Toilets: SereneLife Toilet Takes #1 Place

Have you ever been camping in the woods? It's all fun and games until you find yourself in need of ...
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5 Best Toilet Reviews 2021: Swiss Madison Takes #1 Place

We can all agree that picking the best toilet doesn't seem to be the most important task in the world ...
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gamer sitting in a comfortable gaming chair drinking mountain dew

5 Most Comfortable Gaming Chair Reviews (2020 Edition)

The craziest thing about the so-called “most comfortable gaming chairs” is how uncomfortable they can be. As you might have ...
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straight shower arm

5 Best Shower Arm Reviews: Looking For Gooseneck Or Straight?

Do you know which is one of the most overlooked bathroom parts? You guessed it - the shower arm. The ...
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best dual shower head reviews

5 Best Dual Shower Head Reviews: 2-In-1 Shower Heads (2020)

Here is the deal about the dual shower head: you're probably already using one even though you only have a ...
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5 Best Writing Desks Strong Enough To Break Writers Block

Whenever you need to write something, you need at least a few things. A desk and laptop, maybe a comfortable ...
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waffle makers

5 Best Waffle Makers Your Family Will Absolutely Love

What kind of waffle maker should you use to impress even a world-class food critic like Anthony Bourdain? Waffles are ...
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5 Best Crepe Pan Reviews: Of Course Le Creuset Takes #1 Place

Is there anything better than waking up to the smell of fresh crepes and coffee from the kitchen? We provided ...
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5 Cheap Gaming Chairs Under $100 (Or Even Much Less)

When buying a sick gaming rig, the last thing on my mind is a gaming chair. I mean, who cares ...
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a row of leather chairs behind an office desk

Top 5 Best Leather Office Chairs In 2020

What an office can't do without is a nice and comfortable office chair. If you can get a leather one, ...
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5 Best Manual Coffee Grinder Reviews: Italian Bialetti Takes #1 Place

Let me just start by saying that we decided to do the Top 5 best manual coffee grinder reviews just ...
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best cappuccino makers

5 Best Cappuccino Maker Reviews That’ll Wake You Up Now!

"One cappuccino, please." This is what I would order the moment when I wake up. Unfortunately, without a cappuccino maker, ...
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best rain shower head

5 Best Rain Shower Heads For ‘Waterfall In The Jungle’ Experience

There are only so many simple things that bring joy to us every day. A yummy meal is one. A ...
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best travel kettle reviews

5 Best Travel Kettles That Weigh Less Than 2 Pounds [Review]

Have you ever woke up on a trip without the ability to make coffee? About 100% of people who love ...
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