Which Are The Best Toilets Brands?

When it comes to picking out the best toilet, we usually look for the main features like one-piece toilets or water-saving technology, but we don’t really give much consideration as far as toilet brands are concerned.

When picking out a family car, we pretty much start with a brand – Chevrolet, Toyota, etc. The brand of a toilet is not as important when picking the best toilet for your bathroom but picking a toilet with a well-known brand gives a few advantages such as safe warranty and well-thought-out support.

So which toilet brands are safe choices? Let’s start with the 3 big ones:

TOTO Toilets (Japanese High-End Toilets)

Probably the most well-known brand of toilets is a Japanese company TOTO. While two other best toilets producers KOHLER and American Standard focus is dispersed on a variety of products, TOTO is more of a specialist, especially for toilets.

The thought that Japan makes the best toilets is really all because of TOTO toilets. They have a 100-year tradition of making the best toilets in the world. You can check the best TOTO toilets of 2019 here.

They are usually the forerunner when it comes to toilet design and, even more important, toilet automation. The sleek Japanese design is integrated into each TOTO toilets and they are quite problem-free because of the good engineering.

Automation in toilets such as hands-free toilet seat and seat warmers is something TOTO is well known for.

The inclusion of electronics in toilets, however, does come with a bit of cost – building electronics into the toilets does present a greater probability for toilet fails. On top of that, when you have to fix electronics-rich TOTO toilet, you can hardly do it by yourself. A plumber is a must and in some cases, an electrician is needed as well.

KOHLER Toilets

KOHLER is a well-known American company that designs and produces one of the finest toilets on the planet. The heart of KOHLER is their engineering department and KOHLER toilets have a status of well-put-together toilets. When you think about the many ways toilets can break down, you might get a headache. The whole point of well-designed KOHLER toilets is to ease these concerns with the best-engineered toilets.

When it comes to the best flushing mechanisms, KOHLER is usually the company that invented the most-known ones such as dual flush.

Of course, KOHLER is a very diversified company and doesn’t focus exclusively on toilets as TOTO does. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a well-engineered American-made toilet, KOHLER is the perfect brand to choose from.

American Standard Toilets

The third biggest best toilet brand is American Standard. Despite being the only company behind the top 3 toilet brands with less than 100 years of tradition, you can see American Standard toilets in many restaurants and public places. Why?

Reliability. American Standard toilets are usually a safe bet even if you are a bit rough with them. As you might imagine, public toilets really need to be reliable and efficient. Of course, if you buy one of American Standard toilets, don’t flush all kinds of stuff down the toilet – here is a neat list of 11 things you shouldn’t flush down.

In fact, some of American Standard toilets are so reliable they come with a 15-year warranty which is way beyond the 1-year standard warranty for toilets sold in the US.

With American Standard newer toilets you can also see a few electronics being used to construct the toilets but they don’t go as far as TOTO when it comes to high-tech toilets.

Swiss Madison Toilets – Smaller Brand But Great Design

Swiss Madison is an up-and-coming company but it is really focused bathroom design, and boy, what a design it is! They offer toilets, sinks, showers, bathtubs and that’s it. Without the diversification bigger brands are known for, the Swiss Madison can concentrate on creating the best toilets easier.

swiss madison toilets
Swiss Madison design is edgy and modern – here are a wall-hung toilet and bidet.

Where this is most apparent is the exceptional toilet design. As you can see from the photo on the right, the design of Swiss Madison toilets is edgy and modern. In turn, this gives the whole bathroom a youthful look.

Their best-selling toilet is called Swiss Madison Ivy. It’s pretty much one of the most eco-friendly toilets; it implements dual Tornado flush in order to use as little water as possible.

What is more, it also has a dual flush which brings down GPF to 0.8/1.28. That means you’re using 50% less water with a small 0.8 gallon flush than you would with a standard 1.6-gallon flush. Oh, and it does look amazing, you can check out the Swiss Madison Ivy here.

Swiss Madison is definitely a brand of the future and a good choice if you don’t like the mainstream toilet design.

You can check a list of the best toilets from all brands here.

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