5 Types Of Portable Toilets (For Campers, Camping, Hiking, RVs, Boats)

There are several varieties of portable toilets. Usually, you can’t get a portable toilet specifically for camper of a camping toilet designed only for boats.

Nonetheless, you can narrow down your choices by knowing which features you’re probably going to need for a specific use.

For example, if you’re going hiking, you don’t want to carry the biggest portable toilet there is. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a portable toilet for campers, you would probably want a bigger and more comfortable toilet with a big water and waste tank.

In any case, we usually don’t decide on a toilet because it has a big water tank, for example. We base our choice of what it need it for; be it if you want to know which is the best portable toilet for RVs or camping. Below you’ll find some rough features that are desirable for a specific outdoor activity.

Types Of Portable Toilets

Portable Toilet For:Camper ToiletRV ToiletHiking ToiletCamping ToiletBoat Toilet
Weight:Above 10 lbsAbove 10 lbsBelow 8 lbs8-12 lbs8-12 lbs
Dimensions:Above 15x15x15Above 15x15x15Below 15x15x15Above 15x15x1514x14x14 - 16x16x16
Water Tank:>3 gallons>3 gallonsNo water tank2-4 gallons2-4 gallons
Waste Tank:>5 gallons>5 gallons<5 gallons4-6 gallons<5 gallons
Special Features:ComfortableComfortableEasy To CarryEasy-Carry, ComfortableSmall And Compact
Perfect Choice:Porta Potti Toilet
portable toilet for camper and rvs
Porta Potti Toilet
portable toilet for camper and rvs
Lightweight Toilet
portable toilet for hiking
SereneLife Toilet
portable toilet for camping
Zimmer Comfort Toilet
portable toilet for boat

Portable Toilets For Campers

Campers can be quite amazing but what’s usually not amazing about campers is a lack of a toilet. While some RVs have a toilet, almost none of the campers have one. It doesn’t really matter if we talk about travel trailer or popup camper – usually one of the luxury ones come with microwaves and toilets.

By now you see why camping toilets are a great idea for campers. What should be the features of a portable toilet for campers?

First, it should be big and comfortable. Chances are you’re going to use it every day for longer periods of time and you want for the toilet to be comfortable and to have big tanks so you don’t have to clean the portable toilet or refill it with water all the time. This is all about comfortable living; on the other hand, if you go hiking, you just want to do your business and move on.

The perfect portable toilet for camper should have dimensions above 15x15x15 inches and with a big waste tank (more than 5 gallons) and considerable water tank (at least 3 gallons). That will probably bring its weight up to more than 10 lbs but a camping toilet for campers is meant to be a bit more stationary as let’s say a hiking toilet.

There are two things you want to make sure when buying a camper toilet:

  1. Should be comfortable (you’re going to use it daily for weeks on end).
  2. Where are you going to dispose of portable toilet waste? Make sure to notice the ‘black box’ for emptying an outdoor toilet when you park your camper at a camper park.

You can check the list of top 5 portable toilets here.

RVs And Toilets – Some Have Them, Others Need An Extra Toilet

Unlike campers, some RVs, even not the most deluxe ones, come with a toilet and you don’t need to buy an additional portable toilet. On the other hand, there are also some RVs that come without a toilet. In some cases that makes sense – a toilet, after all, can be unhygienic and contribute to an unsavory smell in the RV.

The specifications of a perfect portable toilet for RVs are pretty much the same as for campers. Just make sure it’s big and comfortable enough; you don’t want to clean it too frequently and it should feel you’re doing your business in the bucket.

Also, make sure to notice the ‘black boxes’ on RV camps. Sooner or later you’ll have to ask where to empty the portable toilet waste – the ‘black boxes’ are the designated containers for portable toilet waste

Hiking Portable Toilets

Portable toilets for hiking are a completely different matter. Whereas you could afford to get a heavier toilet for camping or RVs, toilets that are best for hiking are small and, above all, lightweight.

When you go hiking, you pretty much have two options as far as your toilet needs are concerned: either bring a portable toilet or do your thing in the woods. Admittedly, more often than not hikers don’t want to be dragging a hiking toilet along. Chances are sooner or later you’ll find a toilet or just do your business in the woods.

ideal toilet for hiking
The Portable lightweight self-contained toilet is ideal for hiking. It weighs only 5 pounds and is one of the smallest portable toilets.

The hikes where a portable toilet would come in useful are usually the ones where you camp on the way. It makes little sense to drag a toilet with you on a one-day hike. However, if you’re going to be in the wild for a few days and have a tent with you, a portable toilet for hiking could be a viable option.

Common sense says such a toilet should be light (under 10 lbs) and small (below 15x15x15 inches). The smaller and lighter portable toilet the better. Oh, and you usually don’t want a portable toilet with a water tank and fancy flushing system – that comes with a considerable addition to the weight you don’t want to carry on a hike.

Outdoor Toilet For Camping

What is really interesting about camping toilets for camping is that you can see pretty much the same kind of camping toilet on camping sites. No one really comes with just a bucket or the fancy flush portable toilets; everybody has a nice and decent, not too big and not too small, toilet.

Here are some requirements that an outdoor toilet for camping should have:

  1. Light enough to be easily carried around.
  2. Comfortable enough to not drive you nuts even after a week of camping.
  3. Large enough water tank (2-4 gallons) so you don’t have to refill it all the time.
  4. Big enough capacity or waste tank (4-6 gallons) so you don’t have to empty the portable toilet too frequently.

What is the best tip for buying a portable toilet for camping? 

Stay away from the small ones and stay away from the big ones. Everything in between is fair game. The average price of a camping toilet for camping is about $100. If you’re looking at a toilet with a price tag $150, you’re probably looking at a toilet more appropriate for campers or RVs.

Do You Even Need A Toilet On A Boat?

It’s easy to imagine why you don’t need a toilet on a boat. Being surrounded by water in all directions gives you at least a few options where to do your thing and flung it over the boat. But in some cases, a portable toilet for a boat is a smart idea.

The first thing is simple – you don’t really want everybody on the beach or a riverbank to look at you while you’re trying to enjoy some privacy. Of course, if you’re in the middle of the ocean, the need for a boat toilet because this becomes less apparent.

The second thing is that you want some privacy and that includes the people on the boat. It doesn’t matter is there are only 2 people or 100 people on the boat; if you’re squatting over the water, chances are people will see you. It can also be a bit indecent.

In such cases, a camping toilet for a boat is a good idea. Usually, the preference is for a small and compact kind of portable toilet for small boats. However, if you have a big boat that has a lot of space, you can also choose a more comfortable boating toilet.

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