5 Best Miseno Toilets Review: Up-And-Coming Affordable Toilet Brand

Miseno is an Italian-inspired American company that is quickly becoming the new big thing is the toilet world.

All Miseno toilets follow two very important directions:

  1. Achieving 1000/1000 MaP Rating. Maximum Performance Labs conduct toilet efficiency and waste disposal ratings and the best Miseno toilets get the highest possible scores.
  2. Toilet-In-A-Box system. Every single part you need to install a Miseno toilet comes all in one box. You don’t have to buy anything separately – seat, wax ring and bolt kit come with every Miseno toilet.

These toilets are becoming so popular because they get the highest efficiency marks and are less expensive than Kohler or TOTO toilets. On the other hand, it kind of does empower people because now there is finally a toilet that you can easily install yourself (you can still call a plumber, of course) because everything you need comes in a Miseno toilet box.

In our Top5er fashion, we sieved through all of the Miseno toilets to pick the 5 best ones. You can compare them below and read the individual Miseno toilet reviews:

Top Miseno Toilets Compared And Reviewed

Miseno Toilet:Miseno MNO240C Miseno MNO1503C Miseno MNO120C Miseno MNO490EC Miseno MNO370C
Photo:best miseno toilet for a classic bathroomone of the best miseno toilets that has elongated bowlthe only miseno one piece toiletmiseno dual flush toilet review of a toilet with low water usevery compact miseno toilets
Flush Volume:1.28 GPF1.28 GPFN/A1.1/1.6 GPFN/A
Quality:4.8 out of 5 stars4.8 out of 5 stars4.3 out of 5 stars4.1 out of 5 stars3.8 out of 5 stars
Rating:4.8 out of 5 stars4.5 out of 5 stars4.2 out of 5 stars4.2 out of 5 stars3.8 out of 5 stars
Certificates: Classic look
Elongated bowl
Includes seat and wax ring
Very reliable
Elongated bowl
Includes seat
Most affordable Miseno toilet
One-piece toilet!
Leisure height elongated bowl
Includes seat, wax ring and bolt kit
Elongated bowl
Dual flush
Includes seat and wax ring
Very compact (only 15'' wide)
Elongated bowl
Includes seat and wax ring
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#1 Miseno MNO240C Review (Best Miseno Toilet)

The MNO240C model combines everything that makes Miseno so appealing. This is a classic two-piece toilet that fits in any bathroom. It comes with the elongated bowl that is more than 1” longer than a standard bowl (all the guys know really well the advantage of that).

Compared to a Kohler or American Standard toilets, the Miseno MNO240C toilet is not only less expensive but it does come with the Toilet-In-A-Box system. This gives you an option to install the toilet yourself and save additional costs.

The remarkable thing about the Miseno toilets is that they get the top 1000/1000 MaP ratings while still using as little water as possible for a flush. This best Miseno toilet uses only 1.28 gallons per flush.

the best miseno toilet in a bathroom setting with a classic look
Miseno MNO240C is the best Miseno toilet. It combines everything we love about Miseno and has an elegant touch to it.

As you can see from the photo above, the Miseno MNO240C is made out of sparkling and top-quality vitreous china. The porcelain is covered with a non-stick glaze that enables the toilet to get that much-desired 1000/1000 MaP rating.

The big unknown about Miseno toilets is their reliability. They are modern toilets that aren’t around as long as Kohler toilets, for example, and we don’t really have 20+ years track record of how they perform. That being said, the Miseno MNO240C model is on the market for quite some time now and it has been prized as being very reliable.


  • Classic look with top-quality porcelain.
  • Incredible eco-friendly 1.28 GPF WaterSense flush.
  • Toilet-In-A-Box system brings you every single part you need for installation.
  • Has 1000/1000 MaP rating.
  • The most reliable Miseno toilet.


  • Doesn’t come with fancy high efficiency technology (it is a standard gravity toilet).
  • The most expensive Miseno toilet.

#2 Miseno MNO1503C Review (Best Budget Miseno Toilet)

The MNO1503C is all about the simple and minimalistic elegance. Having all the advantages of being a Miseno toilet, the MNO1503C model has one additional advantage over all other Miseno (and especially Kohler and American Standard toilets):

When plumbers are asking ‘Where did you buy this toilet’, you know you have the latest and best toilet in your bathroom.

Here’s how the MNO1503C model looks:

a small miseno toilet in white
The MNO1503C is the most affordable Miseno toilet. Even plumbers want to know where you’ve got it, it’s so nice.

The fine craftsmanship in this two-piece Miseno toilet is quite obvious. The chrome polished lever is quite a nice addition that breaks the minimalistic style a bit (in a positive way).

The great thing about all Miseno toilets is that when you buy it, you get every piece you need in a box – the seat, the wax ring, the bolt kit – everything!


  • Most affordable Miseno toilet (especially compared to Kohler and TOTO toilets).
  • Toilet-In-A-Box system brings you every single part you need for installation.
  • Water-saving 1.28 GPF that reduces water bill by about $110/year compared to 1.6 GPF toilet.
  • Simple and minimalistic stylish design.


  • Not tested 20+ years for reliability.
  • Your plumber might not be familar with it (but the installation is piece of cake).

#3 Review Of Miseno MNO120C (The Rare One-Piece Miseno Toilet)

Miseno toilets are quite classic. They are usually two-piece toilets that can be easier to install but can look a bit old-school.

The MNO120C model is one of the few Miseno one-piece toilets. That gives it the modern look and you don’t have to worry about how to clean that part where the bowl and the tank meet. You can read more about the differences between 1-piece and 2-piece toilet here.

You can compare the other Misero two-piece toilets on the list with this one-piece MNO120C model:

modern design of MNO120C misero toilet
The MNO120C is one of the few one-piece toilets Miseno sells. It gives it that modern sleek look and is easier to clean.

Of course, despite being a one-piece toilet, the MNO120C toilet comes with the perfect 1000/1000 MaP rating. Obviously, you also get this one in one box with everything you’ll need, including the toilet seat, bolt kit, and wax ring.

Being a one-piece toilet also means that it is heavier and a bit more difficult to put in the position. With the two-piece toilets, you can maneuver the bowl and the tank separately. For this Miseno one-piece toilets, you’ll need stronger hands.


  • One of the few one-piece Miseno toilets.
  • Modern sleek design.
  • Leisure height elongated bowl.
  • Easier to clean than a two-piece toilet.
  • You get everything you need to install the toilet in a box – Miseno style.


  • One-piece is more difficult to maneuver into the bathroom.
  • Miseno is a specialist for two-piece toilets, not one-piece toilets.

#4 Miseno MNO490EC Assesment (The Best Dual Flush Miseno Toilet)

Are you ready for the high-efficiency Miseno toilet? Well, here it is!

The Miseno MNO490EC is a dual flush toilet that finally completes what most Miseno toilets lack; that second flush option.

The dual flush makes the MNO490EC both eco-friendly as well as more efficient. The small 1.1 GPF flush will save as much water as possible. If, on the other hand, you went ‘Number 2’ and you see that it’ll need a big flush, you can use the bigger 1.6 GPF flush that is much more effective.

high efficency toilet by miseno with dual flush
MNO490EC is Miseno’s high-efficiency toilets with dual flush (1.1/1.6 GPF).

As an additional benefit, the Miseno MNO490EC does come with the SoftClose toilet seat (included in the Toilet-In-A-Box package). That means no more toilet seat slamming on the bowl.

All in all, the MNO490EC in one of the most equipped Miseno models which is a plus but the installation can be a bit lengthy and requires the services of a plumber.


  • High efficent toilet.
  • Dual flushing system – small flush (1.1 GPF) and big flush (1.6 GPF).
  • Comes with SoftClose toilet seat included.
  • Very equipped Miseno toilet.


  • Installation is a bit more difficult than with other Miseno toilets.
  • High efficiency toilets historically have more problems than standard gravity ones.

#5 Miseno MNO370C Review (The Best Miseno Toilet For Small Bathroom)

If you have a small bathroom, you are pretty much aware that every square inch matters. It only makes sense to look for a slim and small toilet; for this purpose, the Miseno created the MNO370C model that can fit in the smallest bathrooms.

For example, it’s one of the slimmest toilets in the world. Overall width from the farthest left point to the farthest right point is 15 inches in total. Here’s how slim it looks:

one of the smallest toilets made by miseno
MNO370C model is one of the smallest toilets made by Miseno. It can fit in any bathroom, no matter how small it is.

Additionally, this two-piece toilet has a concealed trapway which provides a smoother appearance. With such a small toilet, the design has to go out of its way to create a toilet that not only there as a utility; the design has to shine out how beautiful the toilet is.


  • Perfect for small bathrooms.
  • Total width is only 15 inches.
  • Minimalistic style.


  • Installation is a bit more difficult than with other Miseno toilets.

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