Unold Dual Voltage Travel Kettle Review: 120V And 240V

Unold kettle is pretty much the same size and design as Bonavita kettle but with a style to boot.

When people think about buying the best travel pot, the first thing on our mind is a small size and weight. However, the design of a travel kettle is actually more important if you use it frequently enough, and here is where the Unold travel kettle dominates.

unold small kettle review
The classiest travel kettle? You’ll be the judge.

If you travel a lot or even use a travel water heater in the office, you will pretty much see it on the table every day and it should look beautiful. Yes, being smaller than a classic electric kettle is nice and all, but aesthetics plays an important role.

Unold Travel Kettle Review – Best High-End Electric Kettle For Travel?

Everybody is their own judge when it comes to a design of a travel kettle so here is a quick look at Unold electric kettle to see how it looks like. You can also compare it to other kettles for travel to see which one is the best looking:

The beautiful design of Unold water heater is the main reason why it lands in the high-end kettle category. Don’t worry about the price – it’s not above $50 or anything. Oh, and it has 1000 W of power. This makes it the most powerful electric kettle for travel around (translation: you’ll get your coffee or tea about 10-20 seconds quicker than with other kettles).

Deciding for Unold kettle is pretty easy and it does like this – if you like it, you get it. Being high-end means you’ll probably spend $10 more for a kettle but it will be solid, durable and look beautiful (again, here you are the last judge).

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