Freshware Collapsible Travel Kettle Review: For Hiking And Camping

freshware silicone kettle review
Freshware kettle can collapse in a teeny-tiny travel kettle; perfect for backpacking and camping.

What is really fascinating about the Freshware PT-100 travel kettle is its sheer size – it’s the smallest travel kettle you can find (if somebody finds a smaller one, please do include it in the comments). You can check out the best travel kettle list here.

It is absurdly mini – only 114 inches3 – and it weighs less than a pound (0.8 pounds to be exact). This, of course, makes it perfect for hiking because the whole point of hiking kettles is being light-weight.

Oh, have I mentioned it doesn’t need electricity? When you’re out in the wild, there is no electricity. Freshware travel kettle is heated up on a stovetop. A stovetop is probably something you have with you already when camping or hiking.

Freshware Collapsible Kettle Review – The Smallest (Mini) Travel Kettle Perfect For Hiking And Camping

Is this mini travel kettle for making anything above espresso size? You betcha!

Here is where the collapsible travel steamer design comes into play (it can actually make 5 small cups of coffee in one sitting):


Despite being such a mini travel kettle, it is durable and affordable.

Just an important reminder: Freshware kettle is almost exclusively used for camping and hiking. Basically to help you get out of the tent in the morning and up the hill.


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