5 Travel Electric Kettle For Office Or Adventures [Review]

best travel kettle reviews

Have you ever woke up on a trip without the ability to make coffee? About 100% of people who love coffee pretty much hate having to wake up without one.

To make coffee (and tea if somebody from England might be reading this) we need boiling water. Like, you know, the kind of water we usually heat up with a kettle when at home. The worst that can happen when you’re buying a travel kettle is to get a faulty one.  

We went through 27 travel kettles to bring you the top 5 best travel cauldron choices; and our No. 1 choice is – not surprisingly – Gourmia GK320. That’s the small collapsable travel pot that the Adventure Travel Family recommends.

Gourmia GK320 requires the least amount of space – leaving you plenty of room in the backpack or suitcase. It’s also easy on the budget and quite fashionable. Pretty much everybody loves it because it’s, well, a perfect little travel kettle. Here it is, in all it’s collapsible convenience:

gourmia gk320 travel kettle
The best travel kettle of 2018 – Gourmia GK320.


How To Pick Best Travel Boiler Pot?

It doesn’t really matter where we are, we want to bring that piece of home-brewed coffee with us. The best mini electric kettle shouldn’t take a lot of space and should be light as possible. Nobody would use even the best kettles for travel in 2018 if they would take up half the suitcase, would they?

This foldable travel kettle is smaller than iPhone 7 Plus. Pocket-size?

Here is a quick list of travel water kettle features we considered when choosing the best travel kettles (5 of them to be exact, this is Top5er after all):

  • Size – how small travel kettle are we talking about? Most of best small kettles can boil about 0.5L of water. The smaller it is, the better (you can always heat water twice instead of leaving home with one too few knickers). Foldable kettles are great as well.
  • Weight – what is the weight of a travel pot? The suitcases and backpacks are usually heavy enough. Let’s lighten the load here with low-weight kettles.
  • Material – what is the travel kettle made out of? You can have stainless steel water heaters or ones made out of silicone. Stainless steel is more durable but silicon is lighter.
  • Voltage – what outlet can you plug your electric travel cauldron in? In the US, we have 120 V outlets. However, if you travel to the UK (the tea-drinking-people country) for example, they have 230 V outlets. 230 V does boil the water much quicker than 120 V in the US, but can travel electric kettle take that voltage?

Top 5 Travel Kettle Reviews

This is a comparison table of the best travel vessels of 2018 so that you quickly get an idea of what a good kettle should look like. Of course, you’re welcome to read the individual travel kettle reviews later on:

Travel Kettles:Gourmia Foldable Electric KettleFreshware Collapsible KettleBonavita 0.5L KettleUnold Travel KettleYzakka Foldable Electric Kettle
Size:144 inches3114 inches3245 inches3243 inches3200 inches3
Weight:0.9 pounds0.8 pounds1.3 pounds1.3 pounds1.7 pounds
Material:SiliconeSiliconeStainless SteelStainless SteelSilicone
Voltage:120V and 240VStovetop heater120V and 220V120V and 240V120V and 240V
Avg. Rating:★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
Top5er status:Best RatedCamping, Hiking'Golden Standard' Best High-End Overpriced

As you can see, a travel pot can be smaller than an iPhone and weighs less than 1 pound.

Also, if you check this rule in the table above:

  • Silicone = Foldable (Collapsible) Kettle
  • Stainless Steel = Non-foldable Kettle

Let us do the review of best travel kettles. Here at Top5er we always start with the #1 product based on average Amazon rating – cause it seems fair and smart to listen to the people:

#1 Gourmia GK320 Review – Best Travel Kettle In 2018

Gourmia travel cauldron is both one of the smallest and light-weight kettles out there. This is actually a perfect combination for taking it with you on a trip. But the main thing people love it is it’s, am, foldability.

It can be folded inside itself – making it a small electric travel kettle. When you bring it out, it expands from 4 inches in height to about 7-8 inches in total. Yeah, it kind of doubles in size, let me show you:

17 oz Gourmia kettle collapses into the most convenient size for trips.

This little kettle packs quite a power as well. 800 Watts is not a piece of cake. Even more importantly, you can plug it in 120V or 240V outlets. This means that if you go around the US, you’ll have no problems with it. Wanna go to Japan or Europe? The little Gourmia GK320 kettle goes with you!

Wanna go for a car trip across the US? Well, think again about this one. One drawback of Gourmia electric travel is that it cannot be used in a car. But luckily you can use it at any gas station, hotel, campsite and so on.

Peg is obviously a world traveler and here is her review – she took the Gourmia kettle to Myanmar (click to enlarge):


So not just for Myanmar and Guyana – you can also use this travel kettle in your office. And how does that look like?

That’s actually very important for the majority of people buying travel pots. It should look nice, right? It’s a small and little device that brings coffee to life – it should be absolutely adorable. Fortunately, it is:

best travel kettle reviews
That’s a Saturday morning coffee on a trip that’s well worth bringing a travel kettle with you.

All in all, this is generally the best medium-priced small travel pot according to the popular vote and it gets Top5er’s badge for being the highest rated travel kettle.
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#2 Freshware Collapsible Kettle Review – The Smallest (Mini) Travel Kettle Perfect For Hiking And Camping

What is really fascinating about the Freshware travel vessel is its sheer size – it’s the smallest travel kettle you can find (if somebody finds a smaller one, please do include it in the comments).

It is absurdly mini – only 114 inches3 – and it weighs less than a pound (0.8 pounds to be exact). This, of course, makes it perfect for hiking because the whole point of hiking kettles is being light-weight.

Oh, have I mentioned it doesn’t need electricity? When you’re out in the wild, there is no electricity. Freshware travel kettle is heated up on a stovetop. Stovetop is probably something you have with you already when camping or hiking.

Review by Kelli Perkins says it all (click to expand):


Is this mini travel kettle for making anything above espresso size? You betcha! Here is where the collapsible travel steamer design comes into play (it can actually make 5 small cups of coffee in one sitting):


Despite being such a mini travel kettle, it is durable and affordable.

Just an important reminder: Freshware kettle is almost exclusively used for camping and hiking. Basically to help you get out of the tent in the morning and up the hill.

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#3 Bonavita 0.5 L Kettle – ‘Golden Standard’ Stainless Steel Kettle

Bonavita kettle is a classic travel pot. If you’ve seen another traveler making coffee with a portable kettle, he or she probably used Bonavita.

Everything about travel electric kettle by Bonavita is ‘standard’. Please don’t think this is the same as ‘boring’. I mean, does it look boring?

Elegant and classic – Bonavita travel kettle.

Classic electric kettle only means that it is a very reliable travel kettle with pretty much everything you would expect a solid kettle to have:

  • Dual voltage
  • Stainless steel makes it durable
  • 700 W of energy is more than enough

However, according to a review by V.R. Cann the detachable lid may be a problem if you’re a green tea person:


Honestly, if you are buying your first travel steamer and will use it in hotels, Bonavita is the smartest choice. It is a reliable choice, albeit it can be a bit boring. It doesn’t have that ‘wow’ effect with other travelers because most of the travelers who have seen a travel kettle in action, it was the Bonviva 0.5L kettle.

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#4 Unold Travel Kettle – Best High-End Electric Kettle For Travel

Unold kettle is pretty much the same size and design as Bonvita kettle but with a style to boot.

When people think about buying the best travel pot, the first thing on our mind is small size and lightweight. However, the design of a travel kettle is actually more important if you use it frequently enough, and here is where the Unold travel kettle dominates.

If you travel a lot or even use a travel water heater in the office, you will pretty much see it on the table every day and it should look beautiful. Yes, being smaller than a classic electric kettle is nice and all, but aesthetics plays an important role.

Everybody is their own judge when it comes to a design of a travel kettle so here is a quick look at Unold electric kettle to see how it looks like. You can also compare it to other kettles for travel to see which one is the best looking:

unold small kettle review
The classiest travel kettle? You’ll be the judge.

The beautiful design of Unold water heater is the main reason why it lands in high-end kettle category. Don’t worry about the price – it’s not above $50 or anything. Oh, and it has 1000 W of power. This makes it the most powerful electric kettle for travel around (translation: you’ll get your coffee or tea about 10-20 second quicker than with other kettles).

In the end, what really matters if you enjoy how the Untold electric kettle looks like. I really like that Stella added a photo of the Unold kettle in this review:


Deciding for Unold kettle is pretty easy and it does like this – if you like it, you get it. Being high-end means you’ll probably spend $10 more for a kettle but it will be solid, durable and look beautiful (again, here you are the last judge).

Check Price Here

#5 Yzakka Foldable Electric Kettle

The last on our Top5er list is Yzakka kettle. This one is built on what they call an ‘easy fold’ technique, here’s how it should go:

Folding process of Yzakka mini kettle.

There is a little problem: it’s not easy to fold it. The 3-step technique here seems simple enough but wiggling it in real life is not a piece of cake. Here is a review revealing how difficult it is to fold:


As pointed out in the Yzakka review, it is also expensive. Currently the price is reduced from $60 to about $35 but for $35 you can get stylish Unold Kettle.

It also has only 750W of power and is by far the heaviest (almost 2 pounds).

All in all, Yzakka kettle is a nice idea but you the first 4 travel kettles are just that much better.

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Price Comparison Of Travel Kettles

Here is the quick Top 4 Kettles price comparison. Prices can change but these ones below are taken directly from Amazon. Check if there are any sales right now:

Do You Need A Travel Kettle (Alternatives)

Of course you also have to consider some alternatives to buying a kettle for travel. Here at Top5er we also encourage you to think about ‘do I really need this’.

One this is abundantly certain:
Coffee is life. (we also try to be funny on occasion)

In any case, here are some alternatives to investing in travel vessels:

  • Don’t drink coffee or tea. Admittedly, this is not always possible because we’re all pretty much caffeine addicts, but wouldn’t it be nice if we wouldn’t be? Nonetheless, when hiking, additional caffeine improves focus so we don’t fall off the mountain.
  • Check if your hotel has a kettle already. Some hotels also provide you with a kettle in your room – you can quickly check this by finding your hotel at Booking (check detailed description of your hotel suite). Yes, this will make a hotel room more expensive, but if the kettle is already there, there is little point to buy a travel one. Note: Don’t invest in travel kettle for a just 1-time trip.
  • Just get somebody else to bring a kettle. If you go on a trip with a bunch of people, there are chances somebody has a travel electric kettle already. Check before going with the group so you won’t bring two of them. You obviously only need one. Bonus note: If you share this Top5er list on FB or Twitter, some of your friends will get one and you won’t have to buy it yourself. Just sayin’. 

Your Suggestions Of Kettles For Travel

We hope that this Top 5 list gave you enough insight into what the best kettle features are and which one is best for you.

If you have any comments or ideas about travel kettles, you’re welcome to share them in the comments.

You can share a good or bad experience (and fun ones) with this or that kettle and even talk about where did you go on your vacation (with the kettle, obviously). We want everybody to be involved in these reviews in order to share experiences and good practices about, well, all interesting things.

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