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straight shower arm

5 Reliable Shower Arms That Will Hold Up Any Showerhead

Do you know which is one of the most overlooked bathroom parts? You guessed it - the shower arm. The ...
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best dual shower head reviews

5 Best Dual Shower Head Reviews: Low Water Pressure Problems?

Here is the deal about the dual shower head: you're probably already using one even though you only have a ...
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5 Best Small Writing Desk Reviews: Ready To Get Creative?

Whenever you need to write something, you need at least a few things. A desk and laptop, maybe a comfortable ...
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waffle makers

5 Belgian Waffle Maker Reviews – Can You Impress Anthony Bourdain?

What kind of waffle maker should you use to impress even a world-class food critic like Anthony Bourdain? Waffles are ...
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5 Best Crepe Pan Reviews: Don’t Ruin Another Fluffy Pancake!

Is there anything better than waking up to the smell of fresh crepes and coffee from the kitchen? We provided ...
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Top 5 Best Cheap Gaming Chairs Under $100

When buying a gaming station, the last thing on my mind is a gaming chair. I mean, who cares about ...
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faux office chair reviews

Top 5 Best Leather Office Chair Reviews Under $500

What an office can't do with is a nice and comfortable office chair. If you can get a leather one, ...
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5 Best Manual Coffee Grinder Reviews: Are You Missing Out?

Let me just start by saying that we decided to do the Top 5 best manual coffee grinder reviews just ...
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best cappuccino makers

5 Best Cappuccino Maker Reviews That’ll Wake You Up Now!

"One cappuccino, please." This is what I would order the moment when I wake up. Unfortunately, without a cappuccino maker, ...
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best rain shower head

5 Best Rain Shower Head Reviews – Will Rainfall Shock You?

There are only so many simple things that bring joy to us every day. A yummy meal is one. A ...
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